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Two days after suffering a right knee injury against Team Germany, Alex Ovechkin resurfaced at Minsk Arena today to watch Team Russia play Belarus in their final preliminary game of the World Championships.

Ovechkin, looking steely, I guess, sat with team officials and some guy wearing an Ovi Caps jersey as a scarf. Europeans.

Since Sunday, not much new information has come out about Ovechkin’s injury. Vladislav Tretiak told Slava Malamud that the “diagnosis didn’t reveal a serious ligament damage.” So that kind of confirms it is a ligament injury. On Monday night, the Capitals sent out an email saying Ovechkin had a “leg injury,” which required “rest.” The team said they are “confident that Alex will be completely healthy prior to the start of training camp.”

Tuesday, Sportbox.ru’s Denis Petrov reported that the Team Russia medical staff has ordered a custom-made knee brace for Ovechkin. That seems to indicate that the Russian machine will try to play this week. Russia’s first playoff game is Thursday. The World Championships end on Sunday.

“Sasha is undergoing medical rehabilitation,” Team Russia GM Andrei Safronov said on TV Tuesday during the Belarus game. “I think everything’s going to be fine. We’ll see him again at this tournament.”

4:50 PM Update: Ovechkin will play on Thursday.

Translation by Fedor Fedin.

  • Sarah

    I’m kind of concerned about the guy sitting all alone in the suite behind them with a legion of wine glasses.
    I thought my life was sad.

  • This news is my “victory loaf.”

  • yv

    Looks like, in solidarity(?!) Grabo has been also in press-box in Rus-BRus game. He probably taking a break after pushing the host team into playoffs. Rus won 2:1 and will play France, while BRus will play Sweden in QF. Russia preparing for revenge after historic loss to France during last year WC.

  • Not sure historic is the word. Haha.

  • Dcsportsfan85

    Really Russia? I love Ovechkin’s passion and pride in representing his country, but he really needs to make his LT and Short Term health a priority. This isn’t the olympics and most of the other top hockey countries (US, Canada, SWE) aren’t even sporting their “A” teams and for some probably not even their “B” teams.

    The Capitals have been very accommodating to all their players wanting to play in international tournaments, but the Capitals have paid him a lot of money and still have a significant investment in Ovechkin and IMO Ovechkin owes it to Washington and their fans to sit out until he’s back to 100%. Especially if coming back too soon puts him at risk to do further ligament damage.

  • yv

    It was for the first time Russia lost to France, usually +(3-5 goals) wins, and on National holiday (for France also?), V-day May 9th, so my fingers cant type the other h word (humiliating))

  • Sarah

    Well, we really don’t know anything about the injury, nor how much of this is his desire versus the team’s, so I’d reserve judgment. Mind you, if my country did to me what his did to him when his father had that heart attack, I would go nuclear. Like passport in the trash can, stuff the lot of you nuclear. That was inhuman.

  • Lawrence

    Before I forget again, I just wanted to mention how much I love that RMNB puts links of past articles in the page. So fun going back and reading stuff from 1 – whatever years ago and remembering a different time or reading something I missed. So thanks for that guys!

  • Igor Kleyner

    Just to add a little bit of content here… The guy immediately to Ovechkin’s right (no tie) is none other than Alexander Maltsev (former Dynamo Moscow and USSR great and Ovi’s childhood hero). On the other side of Ovi (red striped tie) is Valery Fesyuk, FHR Executive Director, who was just released from the hospital today after a bout with pneumonia… Come to think of it – STAY AWAY FROM HIM OVI!!! The guy may still be contagious!

  • Igor Kleyner

    Also, it appears what Znarok said during presser about Ovi participation in quarterfinal is less definitive than “will be playing”

  • Custom knee brace. That’s some RG3 stuff. Do not like.

  • Igor Kleyner

    *Belorussian* knee brace. For some reason I keep thinking Lisa Simpson’s braces

  • Doublenickelporn

    Just stupid if he comes back and plays.

  • Eric Schulz

    Will play in World Quarterfinals: Russian Machine Bend but don’t Break.

  • IafrateNoGhosts

    If Ovechkin had shown any heart during the Olympics or regular season, he wouldn’t be in this positition. -Milbury.

  • Sarah

    My point, which I thought was pretty clear, was to register my disgust at what they did to him, not to criticize his response in any way.