Our friends at Maple Leafs Hot Stove reached out to us last night to ask about a worrisome rumor. Darren Dreger reported yesterday that Adam Oates is being considered for a position as assistant coach in Toronto. We’re still unsure there’s any substance to the rumor, but I shared my thoughts on what that might mean for the Maple Leafs. Call it my last chance to go to the well. Now here’s an absurdly large link:

Five Questions on Maple Leafs Assistant Coach candidate Adam Oates

Thanks to the guys at MLHS for having me again.

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  • Shaun Phillips

    I’ve had “Adam Oates, Adios” stuck in my head for 24 hrs. Seeing it linked on the MLHS site just ensured it’ll be there for at least another 24. Be afraid Toronto, be very afraid.

  • VeggieTart

    So is it pretty much a given that Oates really should not have a job in a coaching capacity ever again?

  • Sarah

    Hey, they included your video! Georgia is famous!

  • Owen Johnson

    #fancystats denialist? He’ll fit right in in Toronto.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Fits perfectly with them as they too love being routinely outshot as it’s always “from the outside”