While Team Russia won 3-1 over Sweden on Saturday, they may be advancing to the gold medal game without their head coach.

The reason: Alex Ovechkin’s KHL coach at Dynamo Moscow, Oleg Znarok, made a throat-slash gesture to Swedish assistant coach Rikard Gronborg. Oooooo, Russian drama!

In the third period with Sweden’s goalie pulled, Russia’s Sergei Plotnikov — who had scored earlier in the game — blocked a Swedish shot from the point, which injured his right leg. As another Russian player shot at Sweden’s empty net, Mikael Backlund decided that this was a perfect time to take a pot shot at Plotnikov struggling to Russia’s bench.

It appeared Team Russia didn’t like that too much. First, Egor Yakovlev skated over to Backlund and tried to attack him. Then Znarok made a series of extremely inappropriate gestures towards Gronborg including the throat-slash. This coach-on-coach disagreement was less shove-y and more mime-y.

Backlund was given a game misconduct for charging.

After the game Znarok gave a completely reasonable explanation to sportbox.ru for why he made the gesture. “I just had a sore throat,” Znarok said reasonably. “It’s cold around here and we have very thin suits.”

I’m not so sure the IIHF bought that because they are looking into the matter. According to their own rulebook, he should be suspended one game for threatening another player or coach and miss the gold medal game.

  • Lawrence

    Meh, I don’t see how what Znarok did could be judged any differently than what the Swedish coach was doing. Is doing the death sign that much worse than saying “I’m gonna beeping kill you”? Seems pretty much the same to me haha.

    Funny, I thought we would be having these posts when Dale Hunter was our coach, boy was I wrong about that. Sign Znarok up for our head coach list, the way he has his players playing, so fun to watch.

  • Robert Mattsson

    As a finn I’m really looking forward on IIHF banning Znarok from the finals like what they did to Bäckström in Sochi finals this February.

  • yv

    Future Lucic as a coach.

  • Graham Dumas

    Thing is, Russia’s just INCREDIBLY AGGRESSIVE towards countries that fly blue-and-yellow flags. You’re going down, Palau!

  • Igor

    Is this sports or Russia’s way towards the world? Banned for at least 2-3 years !!!

  • Sarah

    I don’t see how it’s a problem. Gillette is their sponsor, after all.

  • Sarah

    I love how Anisimov looks like he’s rolling his eyes at the whole thing in the bottom right of the last gif. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Bilal

    that dude on the left’s got a switzerland scarf 😀

  • Lawrence

    And is that MoJo with the shades!!??

  • Ash

    Sore throat is the new sensitive skin, no?

  • Jake Ettawakapow

    Well he probably have sensitive skin, no?

  • Napoleon Eriksson

    The Russian Coach Is probably use to his homeland way of being, after all his boss is Vladimir Put(in)a. In the Russian Hockey League KHL its probably common to send death threats to each other.

  • TJ

    Maybe he should use some Zyrtec to help with the sore throat.

  • Виктор

    you’re fucking retarded