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After failing to medal in the Sochi Olympics, Alex Ovechkin and the rest of Team Russia wanted redemption in the 2014 World Championship. In front of President Putin at Minsk Arena, Russia beat Finland 5-2 to win gold. They went undefeated, winning 10 consecutive games in the tournament.

Ovechkin, who served as the Russian team captain for the first time since his junior days, scored a goal in the gold medal game, his fourth of the tournament.

Below, Ovechkin and his Caps teammate Evgeny Kuznetsov celebrate their 2014 World Championship win.

It’s no Stanley Cup, but what an awesome moment for Ovi.

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Photo: championat.com


Photo: championat.com


Photo: championat.com


Photo: championat.com


Photo: championat.com


Photo: championat.com


Photo: championat.com


Photo: Andre Ringuette


Photo: Andre Ringuette


Photo: Andre Ringuette

2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

Photo: Andre Ringuette

2014 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

Photo: Andre Ringuette


Photo: Andre Ringuette

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Video on the bus from Ovi’s Instagram

  • Ternesti

    My favorite part after the game was when Ovi was teasing Znarok with the trophy and Znarok faked an elbow punch. Both of them were so freaking happy that it made my day even though Finland lost.

  • Jack Conness

    Wow! This is all awesome! It is so cool seeing Ovi kick ass and love and enjoy the game of hockey. He just looks so happy here. It makes me feel happy haha. He’s been missing this in Washington, especially this season. I think that had a lot to do with coaching. I am as excited as ever for next season. I hope one day he can raise the Stanley Cup over his head. He would be more jacked than ever, and so would I! The hockey world would lose it! Have a great offseason Alex Ovechkin!

  • Alisin Wonderland

    Hear, hear. It may be “only” a world championship, but anything that gives him confidence in his ability to compete and lead is going to be a bonus for us (as long as his knee is ok!)

  • Matt Lauer

    Totally. Though I was a little dismayed to hear that Kuzya didn’t get any ice time. Seems like he couldn’t shake the Oates bug…

  • Lawrence

    Great pics. Can’t tell you how happy this whole tournament has made me. So fun to watch Ovi loving hockey again. Ovi deserves this success at the NHL level. If hockey were a 1 man show, he would have multiple rings by now. Ovi has carried this franchise on his back since his rookie year. He bleeds for the logo on his jersey. Time for the caps management to get their stuff together and bleed for him for a change. Get this man in the right system with the right players and even Pilsbury himself couldn’t say a bad thing about him (maybe that’s a stretch). Greatest player of this generation. In 20 years, people will ask who was better. Crosby or Ovi? I hope team awards doesn’t hold back his legacy.

  • Amykins

    Suck it, Milbury. Hahahahahaha Best)))))

  • Lawrence

    Here it is! Ala Maria,


  • Ternesti

    Hahaah best))))

  • Glenn Havinoviski

    Looks like Malkin got into the fun too. I didn’t think him and Ovi got along (even beyond the NHL rivalry)….

  • OlietheGoalie

    Maybe this will get a monkey off of his back so we can stop hearing the “he’s never won anything of importance” debate. Next stop: Lord Stanley’s.

  • Rob W.

    A normal human being wouldnt survive the party that they will be having tonight

  • Bilal

    that song……..was one of the most majestic sound I have ever let my ears hear ever.

  • Sarah

    I’m putting it all down to the #VictoryLoaf. Seriously, though, woo hoo Ovi!

  • Chip

    seeing this just rallies me to how much Ovi DESERVES to hoist a Stanley Cup. Can you imagine his celebration for that?

  • yv

    Great win for Russia, Ovi and Kuzya (and Orly who is recovering somewhere).
    Will not object if this celebrations would be the only one for them in the years to come and we will see Ovis and Kuzyas triumph for the Team Russia wins at WC only from theirs tweeters and instagrams from DC!?!


  • I cannot even imagine what mine would be.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Does it involve spandex?

  • JenniferH

    I am so happy for Ovi, and I can tell you absolutely seeing these pics and gifs and vids that when the Caps and Ovi do win the Stanley Cup because it WILL happen, I will most definitely cry. DEFINITELY!

  • Owen Johnson
  • Eric Schulz

    “Anything of importance” is a yardstick that will continue to be moved; now that Ovechkin has won it, it is not “anything of importance.”

  • Sandra Dee Lee

    They didn’t like each other when they were younger (because of a girl thing, because of course) but if I recall The Story correctly — Sergei Gonchar sat them both down and told them to stop being such dumbasses as two of the best and the brightest from Russia today and try to get along. So now when they play international tournaments and are together, you can tell while it’s not at the bro level of Kovalchuk & Ovi (or Sasha & Sasha), it’s still pretty bro-rific.

  • sara

    Wait, it was over a girl!? I thought it was because their agents punched each other and then Kovalchuk told them to get over their selves, but it’s funnier to imagine Gonch scolding them for fighting over a girl so I’m going to believe that lol.

  • Sandra Dee Lee

    hahaha oh god, I forgot about that! Yes. I’m like pretty sure it was after the girl thing because Malkin’s got his lady who he’s been on and off with for years and Ovi has The Greatest Fiancee Ever now. I do love that their friendship goes through such great and terrible “I HATE YOU…. DAMMIT I GUESS I LIKE YOU” things.

  • Fedor

    It’s his 3rd Worlds gold though.

  • Jonah

    and its because “crosby, stamkos, toews etc didn’t play with canada” and because “a real player is fighting for the cup or working out this off season for the start of training camp”
    NBC/TSN hacks won’t give him any credit for this.

  • OlietheGoalie

    I know this. You know this. The media ignores this.