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Alex Ovechkin and Team Russia have won the IIHF World Championship. The Russians defeated Finland 5-2 in the gold medal game to win their fourth title since 2008. Russian captain Alex Ovechkin scored the game-tying goal. Nashville’ goaltender Pekka Rinne kept the Finns competitive, but the Russians feasted on the power play, scoring four of their five goals when a man up.

Sergei Shirokov (Avangard Omsk) and Iiro Pakarinen (HIFK of SM-liiga) each scored in the first period to keep the game tied. Finland went up in the second thanks to Ollio Palola (Tappara of SM-liiga), but Alex Ovechkin answered Finland’s go-ahead goal by tying it up soon after.

It was an uncommon Ovi goal– moving laterally in front of the goal mouth, the kind of thing you don’t often see from a scoring winger.

Evgeni Malkin put the Russians up with a power play goal of his own a few minutes later. Ovechkin liked it evidently.

Danis Zaripov (Metallurg Magnitogorsk) and Viktor Tikhonov ( SKA St. Petersburg/Coyotes prospect) compounded the lead with even more power play goals in the third period.

Russian coach Oleg Znarok was not on the bench, suspended for making a throat-slash gesture towards Sweden’s coaches in the semifinals. Znarok could be seen talking to… someone on a microphone during the game. Malkin’s goal seemed cathartic for him.

Caps forward Evgeny Kuznetsov did not get ice time in the game. Caps defender Dmitry Orlov missed the game with a broken arm.

Nashville goalie Pekka Rinne stopped 34 shots in the losing effort. Columbus’ Sergei Bobrovsky allowed just two goals in win.

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  • Lawrence

    Awesome tourney from Ovi. Played the best defensive + offensive combination I have ever seen from him. He was engaged on both sides of the ice the entire game. Funny, with a competent coach and system its amazing just how good Ovi looks and how good his team looks.

    Enjoy the win Ovi, well deserved. Now rest that knee. Visit your buddy Semin and get him to rejoin the caps. Get married. Record some awesome vids for your instagram. And get ready to chase that cup next year.

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  • W

    Can’t we get Oļegs Znaroks as coach?

  • (((((((((

    Why no ice time for Kuzy?

  • Lawrence

    Haha, would be nice, especially if he could speak English well enough.

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  • Lawrence

    The games he played, I thought he did alright. He wasn’t given much ice time during those games, so I am not exactly sure as to what they did/didn’t like from him. I think it may be because he was much less aggressive on the fore-check than the rest of the team. From watching him on the caps and during this tourney, he plays a very passive, calm puck control game and needs good players with him on his line. Since he wasn’t slotted into that type of a role on this team (1-2 line) he wasn’t very noticeable.

  • shemy rock

    third times the charm!!!

  • shemy rock

    so happy for you!!!!

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  • serpent

    Beautiful! Thanks! Total Ovi there.

  • serpent

    Putin doesn’t appear exactly ecstatic, does he? Lemon puss.

  • serpent

    Awesome!! I wish he could do that with Lord Stanley’s Cup,too.

  • serpent

    S’ok, Igor could translate.

  • Bilal

    congrats Ovechkin! Wished Orlov and Kuzya were playing too, but hey, I wins a win

  • yv

    Great dominant tournament by team Russia. 10 games, 10 wins, 42GF-9GA.
    Ovi has played one of the key roles in the win both as a player and as a captain. 4g, 7 a, 11 p, +7 in 9 games played, 52 shots, including 10! in the final game.
    Kuzya and Orly also with gold medals. Kuzya a little out of luck and favor. As a forward from NHL he has to be a superstar to be permanent player in this national team. He is not there yet, but hopefully in years to come he would be the one.

  • Ternesti

    How come the Oleg Znarok fake punch to ovi hasn’t been giffed yet

  • I love this. Via @AWennstrm

  • j

    Ruskies took gold medal the same way as they took krim 😀 Wonder what was the price?

  • Rossineri

    Yep you are spot on. Kuznetsov are playing an old style of russian hockey really,when did you see guys like Kovalev,Bure fore-check hard? But these new young russian players like Tihkonov and Plotnikov really bring something new,they are great on the fore-check..That has allways been something the russians have been really poor at in the past

  • Lawrence

    I was so impressed with both Tihkonov and Plotnikov. I think Tihk had a short stint in the NHL right? He was absolutely a star in this tournament and I think he should of been tourny MVP over Rinne. Plotnikov is going to be pursued by many NHL teams this summer, if he hasn’t already.

    On Kuz, you think his game is effective on a top line in the NHL? He has so many tools that could make him a star. To me he has a mix of datsyukian dekes and smarts of a player like federov. What is your opinion on him?

  • JenniferH

    Yay for Ovi!!!! (And Kuzya and Orlov!)

  • JenniferH

    Man, I wanna see Ovi and the Stanley Cup too. But, this is nice. He looks so happy!

  • Robert Mattsson

    Dear Peter and fellow RMNB followers! I don’t know if you followed the game yesterday or not but before you go through this please take off your Ovie / hurray for russia glasses and look from a neutral perspective on this.

    I’m from Finland and a caps fan (hell I even own a Ovie jersey!) and yes I supported my team Finland in this WC final vs team Russia. I’m very aware of the fact that team Finland drew alot of penalties early on in the tournament but especially in this last one. Which was not solely their fault but due to horrible referees who made calls that favored team Russia, who further more deliberately dived which enhanced these bad calls. Even Ovie did this in later part of the 3rd periord while skating through center. Malkin x-checking Erik Haula (Wild) to the head. NO CALL! Dive by Russia 🙂 Call for Finland Dadonov dives. Call for Finland! Another easy call against Finland

    These are just the tip of the iceberg

    This case with Russian head coach Oleg Znarok being banned from the final game after showing unsportmanship conduct in the semi final game vs Sweden is also very questionable.
    His penalty was bypassed as easily as squashing an ant! The annoucement of his penalty was postponed to the next day after it happened because Vladislav Tretjak probably used his powers in the IIHF to favor his Russia as he is the president of the russian Ice Hockey Federation. Which allowed Znarok to hold the morning skate for his team which should haven been impossible. Further more he used a microphone up in the stands to communicate with the assistant coach on the Russian bench. I have heard this is OK in the IIHF games but not in NHL, Finnish League etc…

    As we all know Russia possess players with superior individual skill. Familiar fellows such as Ovie, Malkin, Anisimov, Bobrovsky etc. These guys can surely capitalize on any chance given especially Ovie on powerplay. Which they also did as expected

    While the finnish roster consisted only of 3 NHL players: Rinne (NSH), Jokinen (WPG) and Haula (MIN) the rest being medicore KHL and finnish league guys who put up a good fight early on. Finland was even leading early in the 2nd 2 to 1, ’til the questionable calls started coming in which gave Russia lots of PP opportunities which they scored on even if Rinne made alot of spectacular saves and stood on his head. Further questionable penalties increased the Finnish misery even more which allowed Russia to outscore Finland and ultimately win the game for Russia under his majesty Putin’s watchful eye who sat in the VIP stand.

    I couldn’t agree more that Russia was indeed the better team in this case simply because they outscored Finland on mainly powerplay. But they way the got these PP chances is so questionable / pathetic that it disgusts me! I can’t believe this kind of poor officiating can be acceptable at this level of international ice hockey. I truly hope no politics were involved but it can’t neither be denied in these circumstances.

    I strongly wish this kind of BS refeeres won’t haunt the worlds anymore or otherwise I will do the North American thing and completly ignore this annaul B-class tournament. Bettman could kickstart the good ol’ World Cup of Ice Hockey with NHL referees which will guarantee proper officiating.

    Hopefully this made any sense.

    P.s I have a hard time calling Cindy a diver anymore after my favorite Capital does these same tricks in international games 🙁

  • I think it was a poorly called game, totally..

    Also, please don’t turn a girl’s name into an insult.

  • Bear

    Oh my God. We will all IMMEDIATELY stop feeling happy ad celebrating that players we like had a victory after a long, hard year, and start sitting here and very seriously thinking about how hard life is for Finland.
    Look. I’m not going to argue that the game was the best reffed. But, well, do you know how often that happens? ALL THE TIME. You can find examples of biased, one-sided, or egregious reffing in the Olympics, the Worlds, in the Cup playoffs, in the KHL regular season, and in regular season NHL games. It happens. And sometimes it happens against your team. And sometimes your team is the one getting the calls or doing the offenses. Finland is not exempt from that. (And Finland has had plenty of success against Russia– let’s say that most of it was even probably well-earned with the likelihood that maybe you got some questionable calls in your favor on the way– in the past for you take comfort in.)
    Sometimes a country has more or less professional players at a championship just by virtue of the current time of year (Stanley Cup playoffs) or because of the way their country is represented within the sport (is it fair to moan and groan about how Canada can basically afford to ice the most powerful team at the Olympics because they have a greater range of professional players to pick from?)
    So, yes. Sometimes life isn’t fair. But pissing in everyone else’s Cheerios and whining about it won’t really change anyone’s mind that you have any kind of legit complaint. Good luck next year.

  • Bugs Fire

    I have not seen the game but did watch the gifs you provide links for.

    I understand your frustration.

    However, here are the two facts.

    1. The game was officiated by a German and a US referee. Linesmen were another German and a Canadian. Are you suggesting that two Germans, American and a Canadian have conspired to help Russia? With all due respect, that is hard to imagine.

    2. Penalty minutes do look lopsided at a first glance – Russia 12, Finland 28. But let’s take a closer look. Out of 28 minutes, 10 are misconduct to Salomaki with 4 minutes to go in the game. We can also subtract matching roughing minors for Burmistrov/Salomaki at 1:45 mark. So this leaves us with Russia taking 5 minor penalties and Finland 8. Two of the Finland’s 8 minor penalties were called with less than 5 minutes left in the third and Russia already up 4-1. You could probably agree that these were somewhat inconsequential to the outcome, which leaves us with Russia 5/Finland 6 penalty calls outside of game misconducts, matching roughing minors and garbage time penalties. Hardly lopsided.

    PS. Please stop referring to Sidney Crosby this way. He has his shortcomings, but he is not particularly egregious diver. And could you please explain why you are calling him Cindy? I’ve seen people do that and it’d be a great service if you could explain why. The only guess I have is not particularly flattering, so I’d like you to have a chance to explain.

  • Robert Mattsson

    Sorry I shouldn’t ever write stuff while frustrated. Too embarrasing the next day.

    1. I don’t want to invent any conspiracy theories so never mind.


    How was it possible for Russia to provide a headset for their headcoach in stands and have a meeting between him and the assistant coach in the intermission outside the arena? Even if it was forbidden in the penalty given after the game vs Sweden. This shows true disrespect towards rules & regulations and I find it very arrogant and pathetic.

    2. The misconduct penalties in the end for indeed done in pure frustration as the game was already lost . Not a proud moment afterwards to injure someone on purpose.

    3. Childish Philly antics, sorry.

  • Robert Mattsson

    Sorry I didn’t form my moaning properly. I didn’t mean to hinder anybody’s cheering or feel sorry for anything.

    Thx for the reminder. Now I’m aware of the fact that life isn’t always fair and square. But I still find it very funny that this was the second game in the tournament vs Russia where there was inconsistency present in the reffing. First being a preliminary round game vs Russia where a finnish player suffered a concussion from a late elbow hit to the head and there wasn’t any penalty called on the ice. Luckily after the game it was put under review and the russian player received a 3 game suspension. In the NHL with it’s strict policy towards hits to the head it would’ve surely been an instant 5 minute major penalty feat. multi game suspension.

    I’m also aware of the annual collision with the NHL playoffs and the Worlds and the problems with getting NHL players there and their motivation after an exhausting 82+ game season . But that’s something russian players excel in especially pre-sochi. They would always join asap the national team at the Worlds once they got eliminated from the NHL playoffs. I really admire that and I wish that would be a trait in every finnish player as well.

    Lesson learned & I rest my case ’til proper evidence surfaces.

  • Rossineri

    Yes in the Coyotes but had tough time there.No i think Rinne was MVP because he was awesome in the medal round and saved Finland against Canada,Tihkonov slowed down in the Playoffs. Interesting to see if Tihkonov and Plotnikov will come over, i hope so. Nope Kuznetsov no not yet on a top line but he is not effective in a 3rd or 4th line, i think on a 2nd line with som good players..But Kuznetsov has star quality for sure, he just have to learn the defensive part of the game..

  • Claude Giroux

    He looks like an idiot the way he celebrates winning a grade B tournament. Washington will never win a cup with him. What a loser

  • Russiasucks

    Russians are cheats. How many dives went through. And no penalty for breaking Haula’s jaw. Shitter Malkin!