Minutes after Russia won the 2014 World Championship, suspended head coach Oleg Znarok made his way down to the ice to celebrate with his team. Znarok, who coached Alex Ovechkin in Dynamo Moscow, was immediately greeted by the Russian team captain. Ovechkin, grinning from ear to eat ear, waved over his teammates.

This is a nice moment.

A few seconds later, the celebration turned dangerous.

Ovechkin, along with his teammates, picked the 51-year-old Znarok up and started tossing him in the air.

The tradition of coach-tossing started in Europe. After winning the Champions League recently, Bayern Munich and Barcelona did so.

In last season’s KHL playoffs, Barys Astana dropped top-scorer Talgat Zhaylauov at the airport after the team won in their first round series– the first in the team’s history. Zhaylauov’s head bounced off the floor, and he missed the second round with a concussion.

Unlike in 2012 when Semyon Varlamov and Alex Semin injured themselves celebrating, it appears Znarok and the rest of Team Russia have escaped unscathed. So far.

  • Lawrence

    Boy if I didn’t know any better I would say Znarok is Ovi’s dad…uncanny…

    In the first picture – Is that girl from Narnia holding the bread prize???

  • Marcus Walker

    After playing with many Russians in Prince William, Ashburn and Arlington this is a 2/10 of the level of danger they like to take in on their fun. Awesome guys to party with but you might need to wear a cup lol

  • drew

    wish i could see this sort of joy/heart in his eyes while playing for the caps..and i love the man..

  • Darla

    grinning ear to eat, guys? (C’mon, you *knew* I was gonna catch that one!)

  • yv

    These are gold medals for the referees of the game.

  • Darla

    Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes!