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Photos by Chris Gordon

When Adam Oates was introduced as the new Capitals head coach in 2012, the press conference was held in the basement of the Verizon Center. The arena’s interview room is a dingy space that brings to mind a Soviet office building. That was fitting for Oates’s tenure. On a hot Tuesday afternoon in May, Washington introduced the replacement administration. This time, they chose a more auspicious location. After being served a buffet of tilapia and oatmeal raisin cookies, media members sat down in nice padded chairs in the Acela Club to listen to Ted Leonsis, Dick Patrick, Barry Trotz, and Brian MacLellan talk about the future. I’ll have more on that later, but for now, here are my photos of the presser.

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  • Rhino40

    Looks like the HoltBeast™ may have mastered the Smith Brothers’ look . #prehensilebeard

  • dylan wheatley
  • Rob W.

    Ted has to own a tanning bed, that tan is almost scary. I liked a lot of the things that have been said today by GMac (im not calling him GMBM). Developing players better and having a better relationship with agents will be a nice change

  • Myan

    Let’s hold off on tearing GMac apart until at least the 15-20% mark of next season. I’m sure he’s going to change the organization’s policy regarding agents and I’m interested to see if the changes will make DC attractive to the Keslers and Subbans of the world. It always drove me crazy that under GMGM, we were NEVER part of the conversation when a big name FA was available. I’m sure a lot of that had to do with cap space but it also seemed like the big players didn’t want to come here…Katie Carrera’s piece on Oates & GMGM really shined a light on why players don’t want to come here.

    I hoped that Ted would get our GM from Boston or Detroit but it is what it is and we should give GMac the benefit of the doubt. Let’s wait and judge him based on what he does and doesn’t do.

  • sausaged

    Hey Barry…You’re short.

  • Stevarooni

    Ize thinking he’s morphing into Mr. Tumnus, who by coincidence has an actual tail #prehensilethat When the transformation is complete:
    Holtby = Mr. Tumnus = James McAvoy = Professor X = mutant mental powers beyond comprehensile tales

    It’s all very scientific

  • Sarah

    Actually he’s 5’9, which is average height for a Canadian man; Big Mac is very tall. It was just a stroke of genius to put them side by side so they look like Mutt and Jeff. Extra credit for Big Mac’s head winding up in front of the Caps logos, giving him the appearance of head wings.
    (Face in hands) I am on your side, Caps management. I believe in these people. HELP ME… HELP YOU!

  • Shaun Phillips
  • Bilal

    Literally as time goes on, im starting to like Gmac/GMBM/Mac (or what ever name we come up with) a bit. I mean he’s saying the right things, like how the D needs bolstering, and how Wilson he thinks Wilson needs more ice time and other things. While im not completely sold on him just yet, I think he does have what it takes to really help this team. But again, not gonna judge until at least the off season or through the first couple weeks of the season

  • Shaun Phillips

    Dallas and TB already raided Detroit the past few years with Yzerman and Nill. Need to give Holland a few more years to train up his new asst GMs before they’re ready for their own shows. Would’ve loved to have gotten Benning, but I’m willing to give GMac a chance. He’s got the institutional knowledge and seems to have correctly identified many of the team’s problems (defense!, agent friendliness, etc; not goaltending) unlike GMGM.

  • pixiestix

    I’m a little alarmed by those photos. Does Ted need a tanorexia intervention?

  • Red

    And once again, I am hopelessly optimistic.

  • yv

    According to photos, looks like Laich and Holtby are the happiest guys on the team with the new management. Considering that B&B have stated that Laich would be fine in the team, so no buyout even if he ‘ll pass physical, and that Halak had been quickly traded away, it is understandable why. Plus more defense would mean less work for Holtby?

  • Shaun Phillips

    And now it’s hopefully in your head too.

  • Shaun Phillips

    That is a magnificent beard. Holtby’s already in late season form with that thing. Zetterberg better look out.

  • Fred Merc

    “tilapia and oatmeal raisin cookies” – Those cookies sound really gross.

  • Fred Merc

    You know, it is a good place to be…
    It is always more fun to be around the guy who thinks every new beer he is served is the coldest and best tasting of his life, and flirts a little with the waitress, than to be around the guy who thinks every beer sucks and the waitress is a c***.

  • Fred Merc

    Strap him down and shave it off!!! (Think scene from “Youngblood”.)
    He has no right to a playoff beard!

  • Ash

    “It always drove me crazy that under GMGM, we were NEVER part of the conversation when a big name FA was available,”

    Maybe recently, but I’d say that’s not been true forever. GMGM had to work under the constraints of having two major contracts and a salary cap, and he still managed to get solid signings, if not superstars. (Knuble, Vokoun, Fedorov, even Grabo?) My gut feeling is once the Caps got burned by Jagr (even though he was a trade), they stopped going for the big splashy FAs.They’re tough to afford, and it’s hard for me to really definitely identify a huge FA trade or signing who would have gotten the Caps to the Cup.

  • Sarah

    I have to agree with the shaving, although not the reason. I’ve never understood why handsome men grow any facial hair. You have a nice jaw, so why cover it up? #PetPeeve

  • Fred Merc

    You just want to hold him down!!!

  • JenniferH

    My reaction to that first picture: OMG! Barry is sooo cute!

    My reaction to the last picture: Braden, you do know the Caps didn’t make the playoffs, right? You didn’t have to grow the beard, dude.

    I can’t help, you guys, I’m excited! 😀

  • Sarah

    LOL! Well played. Actually, though, I’m not a total Holtbeast fan girl, I just think he’s a very good, underappreciated goalie and I’m weirdly fascinated with his hair.

  • JenniferH

    Wow, I thought he was short too, 5.9 is not short. Those other dudes be TALL!

  • JenniferH

    I do not blame her. Hehehehehe.

  • JenniferH

    Nothing weird about it. Great flow.

  • Sarah

    Probably not. As Fred points out, they were serving tilapia and oatmeal cookies, so who can blame Ted if he refused to eat?

  • Sarah

    Good point. I just can’t remember the last time I was so in love with a guy’s hair, without having a massive crush on the rest of him as well.

  • Myan

    I probably should have clarified what I meant was that we never seem to be contenders to get a star from free agency or through trades.

    I’ve only watched hockey & the Capitals since 2010/2011 so my experience with GMGM & FAs is limited. However, I’ve become quite obsessed in that short amount of time…I’m actually watching my boyfriend play at KCI as I write this 🙂 From the past 3 seasons, it just seemed like we were never even mentioned in a conversation about where a team could send one of their stars. With a team like Boston or even Philly, it just seemed like they had the possibility to land anyone and that really disappointed me. I didn’t understand why there were never rumors linking us to guys like Iginla and Gaborik. NBC Washington said tonight that GMac’s interview was him breaking down how poorly run the Caps organization was. Ted giving him the job gives me hope that GMac has at least recognized the problems and has some sort of plan to fix them. Let’s hope that he’s successful!

  • Sarah

    I know the last time I showered you with praise I was being a rotten troll, Chris, but truly, those are great pictures. I feel like I was there, without sweltering or being force fed nasty cookies. Thanks!

  • Ash

    Heh, gotcha. I guess it depends on needs– you have to think about about who would play where and how it would work with the salary cap. And over the last couple years, the Caps just haven’t had that much room to play around with the salary space that many of the big splashy guys would require. Their main needs– elite centers and defensemen– just don’t grow on trees or become available for less than a big ransom. (GMGM talked about Anaheim’s asking price for Pronger back in 2009: it would have been Neuvy or Varly, Carlson, one of the roster players, and something else that could have been picks– it’s easier to see why GM’s might hesitate to pull the trigger on a big deal like that.)

    So, the Caps don’t get linked to rumors about elite wingers because we have a lot of wingers already, and GMGM is on record as believing on building from within the draft. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though of course good teams would ideally build with both good homegrown drafting and timely trades.

    I don’t think GMGM was a terrible GM; in fact I think he was at least average to above average. But he’d had enough time to get it right and he didn’t, so it was time to try a new option. I’m with you on hoping that BMac can build on some of the positive things GMGM established, and improve in the areas GMGM was weakest in!

  • Fred Merc

    Yeah, I think we now know the secret to his weight loss. (shudders)

    Seriously though, I think he looks great. He is probably right around his ideal weight, maybe even a pound or 2 over, but everyone is so used to seeing heavy people if you are normal weight and not all muscled up people think you look too skinny. NO one ever said anything to me when I was a 270 lb. couch potato and had my own cardiologist in my 40’s and on 4 different meds, but I go plant based and drop down to 185, lose the cardiologist and the meds and am more active and healthier than ever (running, cycling, rowing) and suddenly people are coming out of the wood work to tell me they are worried… SO good for Ted! I hope he feels great as well. IMO he looks like the healthiest guy on that stage for quality of life and longevity..

    The tan, I live in Tucson now, so he looks normal there too. Gets his Vitamin D!

  • Fred Merc

    If Trotz looks dead on (not with head turned slightly in either direction) you cannot see his ears at all. I don’t think I have seen anyone with that facial structure before, unless it was in a Sci-fi flic.

  • Sarah

    Hey, good for you! I know what you mean about unsolicited feedback, I’ve been on the smaller end of things ever since I was a kid and the school sent letters home to my parents to feed me more. They did, of course, not that it made any difference. I get the adult version from everybody now and am just used to playing along. Thank God for BMI charts to tell me I’m actually OK. It’s gotten kind of hard to eyeball normal.
    Agree, Ted looks fine the way he is. As for his decisions with his club, we’ll have to see, although it sounds like he *was* willing to listen to criticism. Credit due for that.

  • pixiestix

    tanorexia = addiction to tanning.

  • rotating-earth

    GMBM GMBM GMBM GMBM GMBM GMBM – who cares? those are the appropriate initials. General Manager Brian MacLellan.

  • Ian

    GMac is only 6’3″ according the data I can find. It seems like more though. perhaps the angle