The topic of Alex Ovechkin naturally came up at Tuesday’s press conference introducing new GM Brian MacLellan and new head coach Barry Trotz.

“I’m going to have a conversation with Ovi on his role with the group and how I would like to play,” Trotz said, before admitting he had some problems communicating with the Russian machine. “I haven’t really discussed that with him [though]. Actually, I talked to him when he was over in Russia and they won the World Championships, and he was at Mr. Putin’s house — I believe, or somewhere like that — so it wasn’t the proper time to really sit down and do that.”

If the Kremlin counts as “Putin’s house,” then yes Ovechkin was totally there yesterday.

Two days after hugging Putin and then helping him down a shot out of the World Championship trophy, Ovechkin — along with the rest of his Russian teammates — had a parade down the streets of Moscow in a party bus. After they waved to their adoring fans, the players entered the Kremlin to be honored by the president on their championship win.

Each player was given a state award called the Insignia of Honor by Putin.

Here’s Evgeny Kuznetsov getting pinned by the Russian President. He seems nervous.

A few minutes later, Ovechkin was called up to the stage. Notice the swagger. Ovechkin’s jacket’s unbuttoned. He isn’t wearing a tie; his hair’s uncombed. He makes some small talk. This is clearly not a big deal for him.

Then he shakes Putin’s hand and chucks some deuces in the official Kremlin photo between the two.

Wait, what?

Can we slow this down? Take a look at Putin’s face when he notices what Ovechkin did. This blows my mind.

Things just went downhill from there. Even Evgeni Malkin joined in on the fun.


Later Ovechkin presented Putin with a Team Russia jersey which said “Champion” on the back.


Photo: Kremlin.ru

Then they all took a photo together.


Photo: Kremlin.ru

Finally, after the ceremony Putin revealed one detail of his conversation with Ovechkin. Ovi asked the president to give each player a car.

“The award for the World Champs is the same as the Olympic champions got,” he said.

You can’t knock Ovechkin for trying.

Photos From Parade

All photos by championat.com







View the entire photo gallery (which is awesome) on championat.com

Translation by Fedor Fedin.

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  • Malkin’s face cracks me up

  • standarsh

    Can’t wait for him to win a cup

  • joycelyn

    genos face gets me every time hahaha
    and im surprised putin was ok with them doing that XDD

  • Rando

    That was a “V for victory” sign, not a “Peace” sign… the Peace sign has down fingers facing forward, Victory sign has knuckles forward…

  • Uh oh. A peace sign for Putin? Fist coach killer and now dictator killer?

  • Lawrence

    Haha, this might just be my favorite post of all time.

  • Guest

    Geno’s photo with Putin:

  • Andrew Pang

    Kuzy is lucky his jacket button didn’t give up and fly across the room. Damn!

  • Funny, I thought about this before I posted.

    I used the words “peace sign” intentionally in the title because I think that’s the way 95% of our readers will identify and remember what he did. If people search for the GIF, I thought they were going to search for it with the keywords: “Ovechkin peace sign.”

    I think there’s literally no meaning behind what he did – he was just having fun. You could very well be right, but please notice in my article, I intentionally didn’t talk about meaning or identify his intention because there’s likely none, and if there is, he’s the only one who knows.

  • Igor Kleyner

    Two Ovis better than one! #Mirrorvechkin

  • Red

    Is it me or does that medal look suspiciously like a poker chip?
    Ovi/Kuzya/Malkin combo make for a big tasty goofball. The shot of Ovi waving from the bus is fantastic. His body forms a red V for victory with his reflection. Geno FTW though.

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    I’m pretty sure LLcoolJ Has certainly built the precedent that this is a cool way of doing the peace sign (on the side knuckles out).

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    LW Ovi and RW Ovi!

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    Putin Ovi reminds me of Nixon Elvis.

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    OviPutin eminds me of ElvisNixon.

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    Agreed. This is a good example.

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    oopsy double posty

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    Well, he was told to bulk up for NHL…

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    Ovi’s “peace sign” means “fuck you” in the UK. This will go viral

  • In much of the civilized world, that is the equivalent of flipping someone off.

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    I couldn’t resist making this dancing Malkin: http://fuldans.se/?v=genmilisej