Photo: @Nationals

On Sunday afternoon, Washington Capitals John Carlson and Steve Oleksy joined Tyson Strachan at Nationals Park to help promote Strachan Strays, a program started by the minor league defenseman to raise awareness for dog adoption. And really, any charity that inspires photos like this I totally support.

Carlson, Oleksy, and Strachan signed autographs and posed photos with fans. I think they went on the field too. Beyond that, I’m not sure, so let’s check the Twitter machine.


This photo makes Carlson look like Godzilla.



Photos: @ClaireHenline



They even signed a Slapshot stuffed animal for reader Caroline M.

  • Amanda Mencik

    It’s almost more exciting to discover that you used my tweet in the post. 🙂 I didn’t post it on twitter, but since you have the cool things they signed on here – they also signed my Caps piggy bank haha

  • Awesome! Haha. Though An Oriole Bird bank would be cooler to me.

  • JenniferH

    Aww, that’s cool! I love our guys!

  • Ash

    I feel like this could have been such a goldmine for Beagle jokes. Dammit, Jay. Where were you?

  • swhirly

    All 3 were awesome…

  • Jayleigh

    As a long-time pet shelter volunteer and advocate for pet adoption, I CANNOT love this charity or Strachan, Oleksy and Carly more for this! My adopted mutt pups thank them for going the distance for their brethren in need, too.