Grabovski’s player ID from the Belarusian Football Federation. (Photo:

Early Monday, the television channel Belarus-1 reported news that I’m not sure any of us were expecting. Unrestricted free agent Mikhail Grabovski has signed a new deal, but it’s not with a hockey team. It’s with the Krumkachy Minsk (Minsk Ravens), a soccer club in Belarus’ Second League.

Ravens chairman Denis Shunto announced the news on TV, saying that Grabovski will suit up for the team in late July. For those of you beginning to worry, we have been assured that while Grabo will indeed play for the Ravens, it’s intended more as a summer workout for next year’s hockey season than a change in career.

Grabovski would have already suited up for the Ravens if not for the injury he suffered at the World Championships a few weeks ago, which kept him out of the final games against Russia and Sweden. Shunto said that Grabovski “has a real desire” to play for his club.

Despite their amateur status, the Ravens currently lead Group B (Western) of Belarus’ third and lowest tier of professional soccer, the Second League. This is Krumkachy’s first season in the professional ranks. The club was founded by members of the message board on, Belarus’ biggest sports site.

Additional reporting by Fedor Fedin.

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  • Alex Kahn

    He just wanted to get better at the pre-NHL game soccer ball games

  • Lawrence
  • BPThomas

    Grabo to play for the Ravens 2014 confirmed.

  • Bilal

    oh jeez i threw up in my mouth a little

  • OlietheGoalie


  • wikipuff

    Please send someone over to watch the game and find a way to make jerseys and sell them! also a recap of how grabo did playing the worlds game would be nice too.

  • Ken

    No excuses now, better kill it in sewer ball next season

  • Alex

    Of all the weird things I’ve seen and/or read this week…

  • Red

    O_o! You be playin’ wit mah emotionz RMNB!

  • Jonah

    to everyone freaking out when they first saw this. NHL free agency doesn’t begin until July 1st. he can only resign with the caps up until then, only after July 1st he can go to anyone he wants.

  • mike

    a player the leafs should have kept. But they trade away all there players to be. Never give them time.

  • scott

    this most likely means he will be a capital. he’s signing away his offseason to deal with the free market.