Happy Friday (and D-Day), everybody! Ian and I got together last night to catch up on all things hockey. That was the intention at least. Instead we talked a lot about burritos, Ian’s upcoming wedding, and the best stuff we got back from the RMNB survey yesterday.

On the actual hockey front, we share our– reserved– opinions about Trotz and Maclellan, possible trade bait on the Caps roster, who we like in the Cup Finals, and hockey things like that. We also perused your questions on the #DearRMNB hashtag, so thanks for all your tweets. Check it out!

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  • Brouwer Rangers

    You mean the first dance at Ian’s wedding won’t be

    Or has Peter already called dibs on it?

  • Rob W.

    Team Rego till the day I die

  • It won’t be this either…

  • what is this

    is this new

    did you just film this

    seems cool

    it could catch on

  • P.S. I’d love it if you could give us a review on iTunes

  • Kelsey

    This was entertaining at work. Also – I used to love Chipotle but I’ve been leaning towards Qdoba more. I think I’m right in the middle on this one.

  • Sara

    No lie- It hurt my heart a little to hear you ask who Marty McFly is…

  • indeed

  • starsandbeyond

    If Landeskog moved to DC, the Scarlet Caps would spontaneously combust. But sadly, the closest we’d get is Paul Stastny.

  • hahahah

  • Guys: I made the podcast a 32k, mono MP3. Usually I go for 64k stereo. Let me know if you notice the difference or have any other feedback.

  • starsandbeyond

    Stastny : hockey player :: Landeskog : Disney prince

  • The best Michael J. Fox movie by a mile.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Your answer was about as far as I’ve got as well. Love the podcasts #rego

  • chans

    Are you recording each microphone as two separate tracks? If so it might be cool to go back to stereo and slightly pan each voice in its own direction. After a few minutes I lose track of who is who – it wasn’t until you started going on about Aliens and Predators that I was able to get it straight again.

  • Bilal


  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    And there goes Bylsma

  • Lawrence

    34:22 when Ian talks about dancing with the stars. This is how I pictured Peter:!.gif

  • I record in stereo, and when the mixdown is stereo I pan us like 15-30% in opposite directions.

    I might offer a high-quality MP3 in addition to the low-res one or something.

  • this is correct

    also hello jennifer lawrence you look lovely today

  • Lawrence

    Amen brothern, amen.

  • Red

    More Semin coverage? Yessss! I didn’t even realize that was an option. The only downside is the unavoidable influx of the oh-so-witty name-variation jokes. But even those are occasionally entertaining when I spot one I hadn’t seen before.
    Down Georgia!

  • GregV

    I feel like the pop culture references have to continue, just to get Ian up to speed. No “Aliens?” No “Back to the Future?” We can’t leave a man behind.

  • GregV

    The sound quality was really good — I mean, I could hear your dog breathing. At least I hope that was your dog.

  • Myan

    Great podcast!

    Also, I LOVE the wood paneling in your room!

  • Sarah

    I love Peter to pieces and I really, really want Rego to be a thing if that will make him smile. I’m just… (sigh) I’m afraid it’s not going to work. Peter, it sounds like cheap pasta sauce. And that’s not going to go away. I’m telling you this because I care.

  • Owen Johnson

    2C for the Caps = Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Nice, we signed Alan Rickman? Score.

  • Owen Johnson

    Not until year 6. He teaches Potions (plays left wing) until then.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Personally I just hope his role here is more of Hans Gruber or Sheriff of Nottingham for us. We need that toughness & grit. Not that love sick puppy Snape.

  • Steve M

    Bylsma really got screwed by the Pens…only available jobs now VAN, CAR, FL right?? Have fun over there…

    I feel like a lot of teams would love to pick up this available combo pack. They did get a Cup despite the recent post-season struggles (As a Caps fan – not that I’m happy about that!!)

  • Owen Johnson

    I mostly meant that our 2C position is a constant revolving door of either incompetance, or rentals. And I’d love Grabo to be permanant, but he’s probably a werewolf or something.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Yes I know. I was just poking fun. I like Grabbo too, but would prefer him at 3C.

  • Sarah

    Yeah, slim pickins out there. Honestly, Tallon should just fire his next coach now to save time.

  • Amykins

    Oh boooo. Holtby has it all over that guy in the looks department, but I’ll still take him on the roster.

  • Amykins

    You guys rock. I was one of the people in the survey who actually wants more podcasting, but I guess it was just me. And Tom Haverford.

  • Yeah, I’m totally cool with doing more things on him. He will always be a Capital in my book.

  • Going up the steps is hard for me.

  • To be fair: Ashley is the one who actually watches Dancing With The Stars. I’m just aware of the happenings because she tells me about it (and makes me watch dvr’d episodes while we play with the ferrets).

  • Anthony Elworthy

    I gave podcasting a 5 on the likert scale! RECOARD MOAR PODCASTS!

  • mspeer

    Sorry fellas. I really love RMNB but I’ll have to pass on the podcast if I can’t listen with my kids. Get rid of the explicit tag and you’ll have another family listening.

  • JH

    You guys kind of dismissed Orpik – wouldn’t he be a good addition?

  • Les

    I’ll be an old person here and tell you the correct reference to make is 2C for the Caps = Spinal Tap drummer. Full of Groinsploisions and near-blindings.

  • Totally fair.

    For the record, this one does not include any explicit content, but one time Ian dropped an S-bomb and I had to add the tag.

  • Catherine__M

    I’m not the District Taco person but they raise a good point. I haven’t been to their new location in DC but their Arlington location had a taco truck parked outside of my old office building. And they had breakfast tacos for something like $2 each with free toppings and these toppings included chorizo and bacon and things like that.

    One day, I hate nothing but tacos (having gone to Chipotle for dinner). I regret nothing.

  • My bad. I’ll keep that in mind, mspeer.

  • Shaun Phillips

    That’s painful. My wife introduced me to the Caps and RMNB. #Winning

  • mspeer

    Truth told, I’m listening to it now without kids. I’ll probably still listen but part of the fun of being a caps fan is indoctrinating my kids to love them as well so an entertaining caps podcast would just help that cause. Still, love the site and keep up the great work.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Caps have had enough groinsploisions the last few years to last a while. AFAIK, Rickman was never in Spinal Tap. I may be mistaken, but couldn’t find anything on him in the group.

  • Catherine__M

    Wait. Did you really just invite thousands of people to your wedding after party? Haha!! Best.

  • Sarah

    Right on. Mostly that’s just an awful picture of him, he’s not bad looking, but even if he were that doesn’t mean we don’t want him here. Come on, ladies, men may act like this but we don’t have to!

  • Lawrence

    Haha, To be fair, I’ve seen a few episodes.

  • Camillia Gomez

    I need more of these RMNB Podcasts/Down Georgias in my life! I didn’t know Semin coverage was an option either, I would read that 🙂

  • JenniferH

    IAN, you NEED HELP! Aliens is one of the BEST movies ever made of ALL TIME! Seriously. Aliens is tied with Gone With the Wind as my favorite movie of all time. I’ve seen Aliens about 100 times because it is that awesome. You are missing out seriously.

    And you haven’t watched Back to the Future? Seriously!?!? I just don’t know.

  • Sarah

    You left off Penner and Wardo, although sadly, could be neither one will be around much longer. And yes, Landeskog is all right but doesn’t make that elite list. Hell of a player, though, so if B Mac finds a way to abduct him I’d be all right with that.

  • Sarah

    Remember, Ian, it’s: “Dude, my bad.”

  • mspeer

    Listened to it, loved it, and it was totally fine for kids. A random s-bomb isn’t going to wreck them. Just some shows with the “e” tag are like walking into a Goodfellas scene so nixing is kind of the default position. BTW, Chipotle for the win.

  • Eric Schulz

    If you like Teen Wolf, and you haven’t seen this: then correct yourself.

  • Matthew Kory

    I haven’t listened yet but I gave you five stars on iTunes.

  • Jason

    I realize it’s unlikely due to the time involved, but would it be possible to get a transcript or summary of these podcasts? I don’t really have time to spend an hour listening to one, especially when I could probably read the full dialogue in 10-15 minutes or a summary in just a few.

  • Kate Jamison

    Okay, just listened to my first RMNB podcast and I have a question related to something Ian said. You said you’d like to see Kuzy and Ovi on the same line, which I don’t thin anyone disagrees with, and that we could then we could go out and get a scrappy Center. Where does Nicky fall or not fall into that equation? I think we’ve seen over the past 1.5 seasons that when Nicky and Ovi are separated, bad things happen. By the way, I’ll definitely be tuning into more podcasts!! Keep up the great work, guys.