On Sunday night Alex Ovechkin introduced the world to his dogs using Instagram. I did not know this, but he has five of them and they are all German Shepherds. And they are all ready for bedtime.

There’s Gera. She’s tuckered out. Ovi got her during the 2010 World Championships in Germany. Getting a German Shepherd from actual Germany makes it more authentic.


Then there’s Roy, who is pretty exhausted. Ovi doesn’t pronounce the name all French like Patrick Roy, but you gotta wonder if that was the inspiration.


Say hi to Bertha, straight-up passed out. I’m going to go ahead and assume her first name is Big.


Clearly named in tribute to CSN’s intrepid reporter, Chuck is taking a much-needed nap.


Finally, meet Ovi. Yeah. Ovi named a dog after himself. He probably had a big day and needs rest.


There you have it– five beautiful and beautifully named dogs, all in various states of rest. They’ve probably been backchecking all day. Yeah, that’s it.

Or maybe their baths were just really intense.

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  • Freedoooom

    Dobermans are better. Everyone knows this.

  • By dobermans, he means ferrets.

  • Michael Austin


  • Yo8

    That gif always gets me hahaha!

  • Sarah

    Oh… THAT explains the ferret ban in New York then, for the stated reason of “vicious, unprovoked attacks on humans.” They’re confused too.
    That quote (from the New York City Department of Health) is actually not a joke, BTW. I read your explanation for why a ban might make sense, and nodded and said oh okay, and then read this.

  • Sarah

    Dobies are great, but then we can’t make stupid bilingual puns about sheep and shepherds, boo. Besides… how does anybody look at those pictures and not say “D’awwwwww”?

  • Brouwer Rangers

    He almost has more dogs than Troy Brouwer has different MLB team hats.

  • Benjamin Esham

    ‘probably been backchecking all day’

  • Bilal

    aw, those dogs r so gud!

    but I woulda liked a Beagle in a Beagle jersey……….like this

  • I wanna get a basset hound and name it Peter Martin Bassett Hound.

  • Sarah

    If your basset had puppies with Georgia, would they be bullets?

  • Stilettos and Skates

    I named my Russian Blue Cat “Ovi”. It is nice to know that I am not the only one to have a 4 legged friend named after my favorite Capitals player.

  • Derek Wass

    I can’t imagine why ovi wouldn’t want to get a beagle. It might help with his defense.

  • bannable offense

    this is your only warning

  • Derek Wass

    Sorry. Just asking for a friend (oates).

  • Alex

    You might say that such a dog would be Hassett Bound

  • Red

    Classic Ovi, naming a dog after himself. Even classic-er, having five identical dogs.

  • Sarah

    Well, all the cool people were naming their pets Ovi. Anyway, a wolf pack of shepherds, you’d have to be some kind of fool to break into his place.

  • Red

    I thought I had a brainwave for a second there. What if Ovi used his dogs to spell his own name? Ovi-Chuck-in…..yea never mind.

    Perhaps an homage to the Russian five? But with German dogs….also a stretch.

    My conclusion: A severe case of shepherd hoarding (not herding).

  • IafrateNoGhosts

    Ovi means “sheep” in Russian… and he has 5 German Shepards. THIS MEANS SOMETHING!

  • Mt. Loudoun

    Real men and women have German Shepherds. Wanna bes have Yorkies, Bulldogs and Goldens…..