Michal Neuvirth Gets Married at a Castle (Photos)


For all you single ladies of RMNB, this will be upsetting. Over the weekend, former Washington Capitals goaltender (and Hello Kitty stunt double) Michal Neuvirth got married to long-time girlfriend Monika. The two got hitched in a ceremony held in Neuvirth’s home country of the Czech Republic.

Neuvirth confirmed the news on his public Facebook page using– naturally– all hashtags.

#Wedding #Bride #Love #Happiness

(For the record, there was also a weird special character which included a heart or something, but I don’t know how to copy and paste that into the post.)

Strekov is the name of the castle where the happy couple said their vows. Built in the 14th century, Strekov was in the inspiration for Wagner’s classic opera Tannhäuser.

Neuvy, 26, shared a few wedding photos taken by Tomáš Nguyen (who it seems is also a sports photographer). The chronically-injured Buffalo Sabres goaltender rocked a classy, navy blue bow tie and his traditional non-smile smile.






Congratulations, Michal and Monika. We wish you many, many years of wedded bliss as a couple, and many, many five-hole goals given up by Neuvy on the ice. We’re still Capitals fans after all.

Thanks to @WashCapsRock for being forever awesome and linking us to the pics.

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  • Pretty sweet location for a wedding. Not sure I’m going to top a stone castle built on a mountain overlooking the sea.

  • yeah, but bowling

  • Rob W.

    Getting married to a smoke in a castle and im just like…

  • Sarah

    Not the goalie I dream of, so heartbreak-free over here. Congratulations to Michal and Monika!

  • Michal

    Ian, are you sure there is any kind of sea in Czech Republic? 😀 It’s just a river 😉

  • I love you for saying that so nicely.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    And 1/2 of the Brouwer Rangers?

  • Yeah, so you’re totally right, other Michal. What an awesome landscape here.

  • Sarah

    But still, bowling. And true love. It’s all good. 🙂

  • Sarah

    IDK, the blood drive story was pretty awesome too.

  • R.O’B.

    and Peter singing

  • Tom

    Wonder if the wedding party did a Sabre Arch

  • Michael Worth

    why isnt it 2/3 now, Ian isnt an honorary member yet?

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Fair point – a supermajority of the Brouwer Rangers.

  • Michal

    Yes, our countries here (I’m from Slovakia, but Czech Republic is almost the same and once we were the same country anyways) are really beautiful…You should think about RMNB party over here 🙂 Maybe after we win the Cup and your page becomes so much more popular haha

  • I’m honored – I think.

  • That’d be a pretty sick party. Maybe Kundratek could take us with him during his day with the cup!

  • Michal

    We should have kept Halak, at least the Cup would come to Slovakia too…or we should acquire Chara, we need better defense anyways, it’s a win-win haha…he is getting old though..I can’t wait to see who new GMGM will bring this summer

  • Amykins

    He should be careful on those stone stairs. He could trip and wind up in – oh, nevermind.

  • irockthered

    Congratulations to him. I’d have loved to photograph THAT wedding…! (I imagine certain engaged people here already have their photographer, but I’d volunteer for that, too, as long as it’s not conflicting with the other wedding I’m doing next month!)


  • Sarah

    FWIW, I was referring to Roy (of Avs fame, not Ovi’s pup). The best ever is… still the best ever, you know.

  • Kristen Marrs

    Your five hole comment at the end there sounds super naughty!

  • JenniferH

    Congrats, Neuvy and Monika. Looks like a fairytale wedding.

  • Kevin

    Even though he isn’t a cap anymore, I still hope he’s happy and succeeds. I always had a soft spot for him, when everyone else gave up on him.

  • VeggieTart

    Halak had no intention of re-signing with the Caps. That’s why MacLellan traded his rights. I would have liked him to stay for another year or two, but that just wasn’t going to happen.

  • VeggieTart

    Congratulations, Neuvy. Hope you and your lovely bride have much happiness.

  • heyyyyyyy rachel how you doing

  • Guest

    Lmao, well if you think she’s smoking hot I beg to differ. She’s like a 6 or 7 lol definitely average…. Just saying…

  • Stevarooni

    While I wonder if there were any Sabres rattled at the altar

  • Fedor
  • Lexy

    Better than ovechkins witch

  • Come on, get serious

    Knees way too sharp. 6/10 would not bang

  • Stevarooni

    She’s a lady on the street he’s a freak in the net