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For the second time in three years, there will be no Caps Convention this summer. This time, ostensibly, the reason is so that the Caps can devote time and money toward preparations for the 2015 Winter Classic, which the Capitals will likely host at Nationals Park. The news was first reported by Alex Prewitt of The Washington Post.

“This season we are thrilled to be hosting the 2015 Bridgestone Winter Classic on Jan. 1, 2015, and have many exciting events and experiences planned around the event to help celebrate our fabulous fan base,” a Capitals spokesman told The Post in a statement. “Due to this big event, we will be focusing all of our efforts on the Winter Classic and will not hold a Caps Convention.”

That means there’ll be no cooking with Mike Green, no kids press conferences, no hardest shot competitions with Alex Ovechkin, no Ovi-branded Nike t-shirts available for $25, no autographed babies, no singing of the Happy Birthday song in Russian, and most depressingly, no posed photos with Troy Brouwer.

The move comes on the heels of Washington’s decision not to play a preseason game at Baltimore Arena due to sloppy ice conditions. However, the Capitals did announce Tuesday that they will hold their annual prospect development camp from July 7-12, with the team’s summer fan fest occurring on the final day.

While I’m sure the Caps will have tons of pre-Winter Classic events (Thanks, Gary), the Convention would have served a similar purpose. It’s sad that it won’t be happening, as it has been a quality event over the past few years, with a mix of silly distractions and intellectual panels. Let’s hope it returns next year.

  • Owen Johnson

    Damn. I was actually gonna try to go this year

  • drew

    That season ticket revenue is shrinking…

  • VeggieTart

    That really sucks. But I understand it’s not the money draw people may think it is.

  • Pat Magee

    The winter classic better be amazing then. It’s obviously gonna be at the national mall. lol

  • Justin

    Frozen reflecting pond or bust.

  • Justin

    If anyone is a season ticket holder and is not going to attend the equipment sale, I will gladly buy your pass (not sure exactly how they do admittance to this thing). Trying to buy some pro stock equipment… help a brother out.

  • Holtby Fan (Katie)

    Can’t wait until the Winter Classic tickets go on sale. Our family is super excited to see the Caps play outside. It will be a great way to spend New Years.

  • Sarah

    With two people coming out of the crowd and randomly embracing, like in Forrest Gump, but on skates.

  • hotstovebb

    The Caps do know that we know that Chicago, which won last seasons’ Stanley Cup and this season hosted a Stadium Classic game AND went to the conference finals, not only hosts a convention but streams it live online.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    No Caps convention??? Yawn. Who cares.

  • Over 12 thousand people judging by my stats. If you don’t care, the standard operating procedure is to not leave a comment. Just for future reference.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Ok, how many people dont care? Im guessing its well over 12k.

    Also…so it’s share your opinion/view or dont post? Really? Kind of defeats the purpose of a comment section if you only accept one side of a debate. You want people to interact and sorry to tell you, people have different opinions on things.

    Personally I think the convention is gimmicky, boring, an excuse for the “super-fans” to brag about how awesome they are because they went to a staged event and did this and that and spent more money. Whoopity doo.

  • If you think “who cares” is a substantive contribution to the discussion, we may be at an impasse here.

    You can say it’s good the Caps Con is cancelled or that it’s bad or that you hate it or that you met your best friend at one. But if all you say is “who cares,” well, I don’t even know what to tell ya except peace out.

  • CJ

    I am just pointing out that you cared enough to state that you “do not care” (directly implying the opposite) and then go on to attempt to defend it. Your own post shows the invalidity of your own post.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Again though, you single out my “non-substantive contribution” but the ones who agree with you that this is a shame with their “substantive contributions” of “this sucks” “what a shame” “Chicago has one” arent dinged by you.

    A tad biased no?

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    No, it was to spur debate. I would have loved for someone to have posted why they do care and their reasons for caring. I wanted to be enlightened as to why this was news. I could have then offered my counter opinion. I care about the Caps and actual hockey related stuff. Fan stuff isnt hockey my friend.

  • CJ

    Can also point out that those “what a shame” and “this sucks” statements are at least an expression of an opinion that counters your own. “Who cares”? Well it seems fairly obvious that they do so why ask?

  • Sarah

    Ah, but my friend SeminAllOverTheIce, the question of how many people don’t care can be answered, in nearly every one of our life situations, by applying Lazlo’s Chinese Relativity Axiom.
    Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • Those comments don’t diminish the original authoring of the piece.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    I yawned…that expresses boredom and as well as a lack of importance in my eyes. Hate to tell ya, that’s an opinion too.

  • CJ

    It would qualify as a reasonable assumption that a Hockey fan blog created for the purpose of sharing collective knowledge with other fans would in fact be interested in an article about a convention for that same fan base.

    As for “I wanted to be enlightened as to why this was news” if this was not self-evident from reading the headline or article perhaps reading the posts would provide you with some substance. If still you are uninformed as to how/why this is news and are confused by it you should express so and not state make an asinine remark with no purpose other than to waste blog space.

  • CJ

    That was more in direct response to the question you posed. Who Cares? Well they do so why ask? If you will notice I never said yours was not an opinion but rather the question you pose is so blatantly ignorant of the other posts it becomes nonsensical.



    It’s always been a PR stunt and money grab… two things Ted actually cares about more than Winning a championship.

    I wonder when Ted will realize winning cups brings fans to the game too.

  • DirtySanchez

    I am so relieved that there will be no Caps Convention this year. It is a gigantic waste of money. It’s not like there are new players on this team that people want to meet. It is the same set of dumb, boring personalities, with the exception of 6 players: Ward, Holtby, Carlson, Alzner, Chimera and Fehr.

    Why fans have bought into this sham that just puts money in Ted’s pocket over the years when he has done nothing to prove that he actually wants this team to be successful, I do not get.

    Also, for fans that are upset, don’t worry. Ted will find another way to swindle you out of some cash with the Winter Classic. The events that coincide with that will be pricey and he will gladly take your money then around the holidays. Man, the more I write about this, the more Ted sounds like Ebenezer Scrooge.

    If Ted would ever sign off on some real changes to the organization, like trading Ovi, Green, or Laich and bringing it players that actually compete at both ends of the ice on a nightly basis and don’t run their mouths than we would be talking about an owner that cares and I’d pay money to attend whatever events he decides to have. But that is not the case here. I am glad there is no Caps Convention for fans to just donate to Ted’s pocket.

  • I disagree, but you know that already.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Again, this is hockey blog, not a hockey fan blog. I come here to read about actual hockey information NOT general fan information. I want to see Peter beat the “what is GMBM going to do” dead horse, seeing peoples opinions (armchair gm-ing, etc) rather than “Caps fan waits in line to get autographs & takes photos with Beagle, then post on their Instagram” fluff.

    Or how about this, use this to stir a Winter Classic discussion….something hockey related. “With no Caps Convention due to focus on Winter Classic, lets talk the WC”.

  • CJ

    I disagree and personally think Ted has done a pretty stand-up job as an owner. Also as to him caring more about money than winning I will at the least point out that this isn’t Nashville and Ted will pay players. His top level personnel decisions may be suspect with GMGM but I think most of the poorer decisions came from him (GMGM) who was hired expressly to make those decisions. Just my two cents.

  • I appreciate that, I really do.

    It’s our belief as a team that there are lots of different kinds of fans who have lots of different ways to appreciate the team, and we want them all to be welcome here. But that means that not all posts will be everyone’s cuppa tea, and I’m fine with that.

  • CJ

    The season ticket revenue isn’t shrinking unless they go unsold. Many have understandably let theirs go but other on the wai-list have bought them. Even if the line is now much shorter than it had been to get them there is still a line which means they are all sold.


    yikes 🙁

  • DirtySanchez

    there you have it…Chicago wins stuff. A major difference between the franchises.

  • Feds91

    CJ, I strongly suggest you read some other hockey writes reports on Ted v’s GmGm. It been written by several credible writers the Ted will not keep himself out of the operations of the team. He has block trades because a player was a member of a certain marketing tool. It has also been written that at least 2 candidates for the Gm job had clearly stated they were willing to come here ONLY if Ted stayed away and so the internal promotion of a guy Ted even admits he didn’t know.
    Before you defend the man you should considered all the facts not just the flashy PR spin that local media reports.

  • The sassiness in your last sentence is unneeded. I’m pretty sure all of us can tell how smart you think you are by the username you chose.

  • Feds91

    CJ there is no wait list ………… combined the STH full and partial plan renewal is at 80%

  • jp_daddi0

  • “It’s always been a PR stunt and money grab”

    Uhhhhhh, I think they either break even or lose money from the event.

    “I wonder when Ted will realize winning cups brings fans to the game too.”

    You realize he makes way more money if it’s a championship team right? That’s like the sport owner invisible hand right there. I never understand that criticism of him.

  • DirtySanchez

    So was the last sentence in your post. Kind of hypocritical don’t you think?

  • CJ

    Just my thoughts. I couldn’t go regardless so it won’t have an effect on my plans. That said I can at least appreciate why you believe as you do. I disagree but at least I understand what you mean.

  • CJ

    Set it up with a child and his dad/mom coming home from a military tour of duty. It would be cute and one heckuva surprise in my opinion.

  • CJ

    Well if that is the case….. ouch. I was unaware of the renewal being at that percentage.

  • Feds91

    I don’t get this web page, if anyone shares his or her opinion that is not of the Rock The Red mentality you people must go all out to defend Ted, really???

  • robostop10

    Good afternoon. I’m glad this Convention is not going this year as well. I attended the first one and the highlight of my day was getting Semin’s (AOTI) and Nylander’s autograph. The other stuff that encompasses the Convention wears off after one or two visits. All I want is some stability and competence in this organization.

  • DirtySanchez

    your opinion is nonsense. No one Rocks the Red. They sit in the Red. No one is on their feet at games other than when there is a goal scored. This franchise went down the tubes the moment they tried that marketing campaign with them in the band. All the young guns got full of themselves.

  • Feds91

    You sir can come to my cave any day 🙂

  • DirtySanchez

    Why is Ian trying to stir the pot? If your readers cared they’d already be in here. Fact is, just like Ovi being a one dimensional player, this blog has become one dimensional. The only posts that are ever relevant are Fedor’s.

  • Feds91

    @ Ian Because our opinions differ from yours we are Trolls????

  • Awesome. Fedor you have a fan. His name is DirtySanchez. Do not Google that.

  • CJ

    I don’t know about “Go all out” but I both like and respect Ted. As with any individual whom I have faith in I will back him. If you disagree that’s fine and I haven’t seen any criticism otherwise. You express your view I express mine.

  • BorntoHula

    Most fans here are more likely to stand in response to a video collage of a bunch of football speeches than in response to actual play on the ice.

  • You guys can criticize and praise whoever you want. Just use somewhat logical facts and or experiences on why you feel a certain way and productive conversation can be had! I think that’s all we want.

    If someone throws out (what I perceive to be) an insult or a lazy opinion that I think is unfair, I will challenge it. It doesn’t matter if it’s Ted Leonsis or a cashier working at Denny’s.

  • Igor Kleyner

    As far as I know, Ian always uses the term “troll” in the most complimentary way

  • Igor Kleyner

    Like, for example, last Friday, at Qdoba… me: “I’ll have Mango Salad”; Ian: “Igor, you are such a troll!”

  • hess

    who cares? obviously from how many posters use this board , not many at all. i realize that my comments will be deleted by you peter if you don’t like what you read. that is a sign of weakness. it’s a pity you folks can’t handle another persons thoughts without your fellings being hurt.
    who cares?


    Ian Oland ‏@ianoland 47s
    The trolls have descended upon the RMNB comments again … There’s no better time to spend your lunch time
    This is a little cute isn’t it? Ian deleted this tweet too. I didn’t know I could have 700+ upvotes on this site and be considered a troll. Well, I guess Ian doesn’t critique the comments, rather the poster. Violation of his own sites commenting policy.

  • How about stability, competence, AND a Caps Convention? I think it’s a great thing to help build younger fans, which I want, because I always want Verizon Center full. When Verizon Center is full, it’s loud, it creates (I hope) a home field advantage of some sort, and it makes me proud of this community which I belong to. Plus, then Ted can spend to the top of the salary cap so we can have a competitive team (if it’s spent right).

    So I think it’s a great thing. Plus, selfishly I get to hang out with some of you guys and that’s very rewarding for me.

  • DirtySanchez

    So back to the original topic of the article, there are 54 comments on this post. The majority are by non-regular commenters (Ian says they are trolls) and by the guys who run this blog. You can see why we say that no one cares about the Convention being cancelled, right? Just because 12,000 people have gone before does not mean that they will be lost without this function on a Saturday in September. If people were really going to miss this, wouldn’t they be posting and sharing stories about why they’d miss it? It’s not like this has only been up for an hour, you posted it yesterday and it has not gotten much traction. Just like the Caps not going back to play a preseason game in Baltimore, people don’t care as much as you think.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    “Uhhhhhh, I think they either break even or lose money from the event.”

    [citation needed]

  • CJ

    Not in any sort of outlandish way but really asking here, can you link some aritcles you have read? My opinions come more from his personal interaction than it does PR since, as you pointed out, I do not follow as much within those streams. My liking of Ted is from personal communications I have had with him once as well as how quickly he responded in the past to desires of the fans within the arena.

    If you have any rock solid sources on hand or bookmarked that you can access easily I would love to read them over but I freely admit my judgement of Ted the owner is clouded by my own interactions of Ted the man.

  • robostop10

    Everyone has an opinion. I may not agree nor like said opinion but everyone perceives this team and organization from a different perspective. This doesn’t make us Trolls. I would agree just being argumentative without any basis in fact or reason is trolling. I would suggest, for the obvious people with differences in opinion, ask them why? No need to delete posts or ignore them if they bring up valid points. As an example…

    The process of finding a GM for this team was totally dysfunctional. For the first 10 minutes we got a disertation from Ted, who said that GMBM told him what he was doing wrong and to fix the blog.LOL. Really? I don’t believe a word of it. Dick Patrick said he interviewed “15 candidates.” Which 15? As far as we can tell they may have intereviewed, at most, 5. (Shero, Fenton, MacLellan, MacLean, and Sweeney.) Nobody in the press here in DC has any “cajones” to ask the tough questions to this organization. The reason Fenton, Shero and their ilk aren’t here is because they wanted full control, I’m sure of all personnel decisions without having to go through Ted and Dick. I am keeping an open mind on GMBM and we will see if he is a GMGM acolyte or his own man. Ted is a micromanager who only cares about marketing the team to fill seats, IMO. If he actually cared, he would let his hockey people be hockey people and do their jobs. Until Ted realizes this isn’t AOL, the better off the Caps will be.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    In fact there are about 1,000 season tickets currently available for whoever wants them.

  • The Uhhhhhh was meant to articulate that I’m not 100% sure. I believe Ted has said as such on his blog in the past but a simple google search could not find me any results.

    IMO, this kind of event doesn’t really need to make money for you upfront, because it kind of does that anyways for you in the future.

  • hess

    peter, you are weak. now delete this post, NOW!!!

  • CJ

    Now you are trolling and deserve to be deleted.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    LOL, so now I’m being accused of trying to show how smart I am because of my handle. Nah, no need for that. If you really must know, my handle (which is the same across any Caps blog I participate on) is a direct quote from one Joe B during a live Caps game broadcast. Semin was in the middle of an amazing effort shift and did lots of great things. Joe B was in the heat of it and said “Semin all over the ice”…it was one of those fun slips hockey announcers often make. I found it really funny and went with it. Plus I was a Semin advocate.

    Again, sass is allowed from the pro side, but not the anti side. You only proved my point.

  • How. Dare. I!!!

    To be fair, I’ve enjoyed this, so I must mean it lovingly.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    So, if Ted said it…it must be true right? How did that whole GM with new eyes/outsiders perspective go? You have to take what Ted says with a grain of salt.

  • I think you misunderstand the conversation.

    One person’s response was “who cares.” I think what that person tried to articulate was “I don’t mind that the convention is cancelled.” Had he said that, it would’ve been a valuable contribution to the discussion.

    Instead, he said, “who cares?” I said, a lot of people, judging by the traffic to this article. I pointed out that saying “who cares” is not kind to the author of the article.

    I’ve never been to Caps Convention. I’ll probably never go. I’m fine with people having a negative opinion of it. I’m fine with people sharing those opinions. The gap is in expressing that opinion competently and substantively without being disruptive, which a lot of other folks have done since.

  • BorntoHula

    I kinda agree with Patricia Hohl on the military homecoming as “cute” entertainment for people watching a sporting event. As a child I would have hated having seeing a parent for the first time in a long time while being filmed in front of thousands of people. Kind of a private/intimate moment.

    “”These feel good moments are designed to let people feel as if they’re participating in supporting our troops,” Hohl said. “And quite honestly, in this country, I don’t know what supporting our troops really means.”

    While she said she agrees with the sentiment of the ad — that every soldier deserves a hero’s welcome — she doesn’t see football game advertisements as an appropriate way to honor veterans.

    Hohl has qualms about making the private and personal matter of a loved one returning home from war into a public spectacle. She says this ad “allows people to feel as if they’re doing something, allows people to feel as if they’re participating, when the next minute they’re back down in their seats watching the Super Bowl and eating hot dogs.”

  • Feds91

    @ Brouwer – I sit in 115 and unless they some how managed to sell all 4 in rows A & B there map is smoke and mirrors, up to last week, our account rep wanted to know if we wanted to move from row d to A or B, said we could have our choice of them but on their map those seats are not available

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Hey, that person has a name. 🙂

    Yes, I could have articulated my opinion better…as I think I did through the ensuing posts (and not to prove how smart I am Ian winky face). I probably should have also said “personally I dont care it was cancelled for these reasons”. I do apologize for the unintended slight made on the author.

  • “So, if Ted said it…it must be true right? ”

    First off – I’m not naive. Second off, if I can’t find it on Google… Did he really say it? Haha.

  • No one here is saying that being critical of the team makes you (or anyone else) a troll. Some folks find me to be critical, but few think I’m a troll.

    The exceptional stuff is “who cares”– not because it expresses a negative opinion of Caps Con, but because it expresses a dismissive opinion of the article itself, which is just news (with a bit of history and a bit of snark).

    Personally, I don’t think I’d like Caps Con and I don’t think I’d ever attend one. I don’t mind that the Con got cancelled. I *do* care that the news of the Con getting cancelled got reported. That’s what I mean.

    I agree with much of your second paragraph by the way.

  • cleanfront

    You know you could also start your own blog if you don’t like the content? It’s cheap to do. Or just skip the post.

    While I’ve never attended a convention nor have any intention to attend until my kids are old enough to enjoy it, I do see people enjoy. For better or worse, sports entertainment is constantly changing with the culture. There’s too many entertainment choices these days to stay stuck in old models.

    I’d also suggest a better way to shift a conversation is to come right out and say it. “Yawn who cares.” Isn’t going to get you far.

  • Yeah, and I think I follow you now– and I even agree somewhat. So yay for common ground.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    If I had a Step Brothers – Did we just become best friends gif, I’d paste it.

    Ok, best friends might be pushing it. Common ground pals just sounds odd.

  • Catherine__M

    I’m pretty sure that being started, and run, by and for fans rather than a professional media organization, it is a “fan blog”. I could be wrong, but I thought that’s the difference. Now, they’re an exceptional fan blog, and in my opinion, do a much better job of it than some of the pros, but it’s still a fan blog.

    If you want a site that limits itself to only “actual hockey information”, you’d probably need to stick with professional media outlets. Or just skip the lighter pieces (with the professional media has as well), and withhold your editorial opinion on whether they’re interesting or not. Or don’t withhold your opinion–your choice. But then you can’t be surprised that the people who do like the fan-focused info and the people who know and like the person who wrote the piece find it unnecessarily rude.

  • Catherine__M

    I’m with you. I’d read it if I knew what credible writers/blogs/sites I’m being referred to. As of now it just sounds like a bit of a conspiracy theory, but I’d happily read from someone with that sort of inside information if it’s out there.

  • Am I witnessing a budding friendship here? I feel like this entire thread is worth it now. Haha.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    By fan blog, I meant a blog about the fans…not for them. The fact remains, without the Caps (hockey) this blog wouldnt exist. Thats all.

    For the rest…see the above posts (or below…I have no idea how you are sorting the items). Peter & I corrected the misunderstanding.

  • Catherine__M

    Understood and I saw below 🙂 (I do oldest to newest because I usually read late—this is a lunchtime stop for me).

  • No, not at all, but I think some of you have hatchets and are more interested in un-burying them than having a productive conversation.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    So am I correct that you can only see who “Votes Up/Down” something if you yourself choose one of the 2?

  • Meg

    Well this sucks

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Elaborate please.

  • I think anyone can see who does the upvotes, and downvotes are private.

  • Catherine__M



    This entire comment exchange. Yawn. Who cares.

  • Monty

    The Winter Classic prep is an excuse. The CapsCon was cancelled due to insufficient interest and ticket sales. The first CapsCon sold out months in advance, but according to my Cap rep last summer they had a ton of tixs they were still trying to sell the day before the event. Based on last year’s poor showing and tix sales to date, it is clear they concluded that tix sales this summer wouldn’t be sufficient for the bottom line, and they cancelled now to reduce prep costs that would not be recovered in tix sales.

  • i’m bummed there’s no convention again this year, but i’m hoping there are events around the winter classic that have some similar types of fan-player interaction built in. i think i’ve been to 3 conventions now, and i’ve never felt like my money was wasted. and that’s without kids to appreciate all of the family-friendly activities.
    we’ll just have to have an rmnb party during the first part of the season to make up for no capscon… i’ll try to attend whatever they end up doing around new year’s, and if the convention returns next fall i’ll be there =)

  • Phil Owen

    1. CapsCon is an amusing way to spend a (typically) hot/muggy/blah Saturday.
    2. I enjoyed reading the comments, especially the ones that basically said “never been, never will, but CapsCon sux.”
    3. It’s never a bad thing when a bunch of fans gather, even if it is to stand in interminable lines.

  • NovaCath

    As to the convention being cancelled, the statement they issued sort of paints them as being pretty lame as in they can’t plan and run separate events that would be months apart. The first year, the convention sold out quickly. Last year, they were hawking tickets up to the day of the event. So it could be due to ticket sales. But, doesn’t the CBA limit the number of appearances that the team can require of the players. I am wondering if they want events for the WC that players will attend so they eliminated convention for that reason.

  • Sam

    Hey, his username’s totally appropriate for a guy who comes in and ejaculates nasty comments everywhere.

  • IRockTheRed

    To be perfectly honest, I went to the first couple of conventions. But the level of disorganized that I encountered, the length of the lines, etc., the poor acoustics (one event’s sound bleeding into another’s, etc.), and the temperature of the hall made it a very un-enjoyable experience. I love my Caps, and relish any chance to meet-and-greet, but what I liked better than the Caps Con was those one-player-meet-and-greets at ESPNZone. I got to meet and speak with Tomas Fleischmann and Donald Brashear, ask questions, get answers… Those were great. It wasn’t as crowded, water was readily available so you weren’t dying of thirst, and you didn’t have to stand in a horrible line to meet the player. I also loved attending a couple of one-player events with Mike Vogel (I think it was), one that was Jason Chimera… I forget where it was. That was a lot of fun. But I didn’t find the Caps Con nearly as much fun, so I haven’t attended the last couple as a result. So I don’t mind if they don’t do it this year.