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According to a report by Per Bergsten of the Linkoping-based newspaper Corren, Daniel Rahimi, a 27-year-old defenseman for the Linkoping hockey club, has generated interest in the NHL. The newspaper names only one NHL club looking to sign Rahimi: the Washington Capitals.

As per a translation by Lovisa Munter and according to Linkoping’s general manager, Mike Helber, Daniel has been contacted by NHL and KHL clubs. Rahimi’s agent, Pontus Noren, said they have a real offer on the table and not just vague interest.

“There is no doubt that Daniel is in a very good position,” said Helber. “Of course we want him here in Linkoping, but you can’t push a player to stay if he wants to be somewhere else. We will just wait and see. This is the way it is for all clubs with coveted players this time of year.”

Bergsten cites a report by the Swedish newspaper Expressen, according to which Sibir Novosibirsk is the KHL club interested in Rahimi’s services.

Rahimi is a hulking six-foot-three, 216-pound defenseman noted for his reliable defensive skill and dominant physical presence. He can skate fairly well but is basically invisible in the offensive end.

Despite his offensive struggles (just 30 points in 256 career games in the Elitserien/SHL), Rahimi has been known to make some fine plays with the puck:

Here’s his lone goal of the season, scored the way stay-at-home defensemen are supposed to score:

This year, Rahimi, a Swedish national of Iranian descent, debuted for the national team in the World Championships after multiple appearances for Tre Kronor at EuroHockeyTour competitions. His debut on the big stage was spoiled by a kidney injury suffered in his second game of the tournament.

This is not Rahimi’s first attempt to make a move across the ocean. As Vancouver’s third-round draft choice in 2006, Rahimi joined the Canucks’ then-AHL affiliate, the Manitoba Moose, late in the 2006-07 season. He spent two years between the Moose and ECHL’s Victoria Salmon Kings. In 2009, he returned to Sweden and got traded from the Canucks to the Sharks in a trade that sent Christian Ehrhoff to Vancouver. A year later, once Rahimi’s entry-level contract expired, the Sharks elected not to extend a qualifying offer to Rahimi, making him an unrestricted free agent.

According to Bergsten’s report, another Linkoping player who could sign in North America is former Capitals prospect Mattias Sjogren, who, just like Rahimi, is now an unrestricted free agent in the NHL after not getting a qualifying offer from his former club.

Rahimi has one more year left on his deal with Linkoping. NHL clubs have until June 15th to sign players currently under contract with the SHL, so we’ll know very soon if the Caps will get Rahimi on board.

Thanks to Lovisa for translation and TheFatOne of HFBoards for posting the report.

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  • Jack Conness

    So, another Karl Alzner-esque type of defenseman? I bet Barry Trotz wouldn’t mind that.

  • Rob W.

    I see him more of a younger Erskine with 2 good knees

  • Lawrence

    I would like this signing very very much. Seems like the type of player I want to see in that 5-6 slot. Our defensive roster might just look very different next year.

  • Brittany

    Another Swede? Yes, please!

  • Bilal

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him fill that 5-6 D slot next season. The free agent pool is weak, and I think he can do well under Trotz. Sign him to a on year deal, and if it works out, extend him. Of course I don’t think he’s our lord and savior, as we still need a top 4 D, but I think he’ll help.

  • Alex

    He suffered a rough injury in the world games which can possibly lead to NHL teams shying away from signing him.

  • You have two kidneys. He’ll be fine.

  • Connor

    Being a lefty not sure where I see him playing as I would assume we are going Alzner, Hillen, Orlov, Schmidt on left (at this point). And then Carlson, Green, Wey, Carrick on the right. But maybe Mike Green’s time in Washington is coming to an end. I would imagine if Rahimi is brought and does well he will be in the bottom paring, which would then bump Orlov up to the second line with Green. If Trotz is trying to match puck movers with stay at home bangers which I think he is. Then Orlov on the second line could mean the departure of Green.

    If you match puck movers with DFD’s, the lineup could look something like this.

    Orlov-Top 4 DFD (by way of trade or FA)

  • Matt Lauer

    I’m skeptical that this signing would solve anything. Sorry.

  • DCSportsDork

    For all these rumors and suggestions about us signing in Europe, I still remember how things went with Mattias Sjogren. I’m not saying that Daniel Rahimi will be terrible for us, but I certainly would not go all out and say he’ll make the team right away.

  • matt

    Hopefully his foot speed is better than Sjogren’s.
    From those 2 very short clips, he looks slow as molasses.

  • Alex

    You have a strong argument Ian, lol.

  • Diller M

    Agreed, I dont think its a good sign when a player can’t stick after his ELC

  • Diller M

    The top 4 D by way of trade is to replace Orlov, that empty spot is Green’s. Orlov still has developing of the 5-6 spot kind to do This is just to add depth.

  • Diller M

    Just ask Sean Elliot

  • Tadd

    Rahimi? No. Just. No. No no no. No.

  • Diller M

    So hes slow and will spend most of his time eating nachos?

  • Diller M

    This is an organizational depth signing at best, I can’t see him in a red sweater at all next season if anything goes well at all this off season. Maybe a nice Chocolate brown sweater.

  • Connor

    That’s initially what I was thinking. but rahimi being a left makes me wonder why the caps are thinking of even signing him considering how many LD we have. That is why if he makes the bottom pairing and bumps Orlov up, then Green could be the odd man out. I don’t like that personally just trying to see whats going on in GMBM’s head

  • Diller M

    Remember the LD and RD doesn’t matter anymore (THANK GOD) I really think this is just to add some age and depth to Hershey. At least I hope so, its not a good sign if we are grasping at cast offs to solve or D problem

  • Astute observation, but I don’t think in either he’s really skating very hard. We searched youtube, but unfortunately there’s not much out there on him.

  • Diller M

    Are these the same amazing Swedish scouts that brought us MOJO? IF so I’ll pass…

  • Connor

    Sorry the phatom of Adam Oates still haunts me. I don’t see him personally leaving Sweden to just play in the AHL, I am with you though we can do better for bottom pairing guys

  • Roy Schue

    Besides…he is a hockey player, he’ll man up

  • Roy Schue

    Carrick will be in hershey

  • Allan

    Did you guys see his heavy metal video?

  • Eric Schulz

    LD and RD always matter; guys are more comfortable on one side. Doesn’t mean you can’t have them playing on the opposite side, but it matters, especially on defense. Most defenders want to be on the same side so that they have their stick ready when the puck comes along the boards, rather than having to backhand it and getting less power on the pass, therefore being less likely to clear the puck.

  • Eric Schulz

    Defensemen take longer to develop, and defensive defensemen take longer yet. It’s not great, but it takes a while for defenders to really get comfortable. It’s a relatively weak FA class on defense this year; nothing wrong with trying out a guy from Europe. I think we need to add a guy from outside the organization to pair with Green on the 2nd pair. On the 3rd with Orlov, we have enough guys to compete that we really don’t need to add anybody, but I have no problem adding a big, physical guy to compete for that spot. If he earns it over Hillen, Wey, Brouillette, I think we’re better off for it. If he doesn’t, whatever, no harm no foul. I’d love if Wey grabs it, but if he’s not ready, then maybe we pair Orlov with Hillen and Rahimi takes Hillen’s place when Hillen is injured. Depth is fine.

  • Fedor

    After a very grueling day I read “three crown” as “three clown”. Three times.

  • BPThomas

    There is literally one player from that draft drafted later than Mojo with better stats. Mojo was a great selection.

  • #NotAllMen have two kidneys

  • Sarah

    You’re not the only one. Somebody else had, obviously, a pretty long day too and carded me buying Diet Coke.

  • The heavy metal videos are #thebest

  • Diller M

    I’m really OK with MOJO but i’m totally over his inability to shoot expicially when he is wide open, plus he has kind of plateaued in his development

  • John M

    Carlzner got devoured by other teams’ top lines this year. Maybe they’ll recover, but otherwise I’d like to see Carlson put with someone playing well. Green, Orlov, or the mystery great new defenseman they will get by trading Ward or Brouwer and Mojo.

  • Jonah

    no he said “2 good knees”

  • Sarah

    Right on. And let s/he who doesn’t eat nachos cast the first stone.
    Won’t be me.

  • cleanfront

    If you’re going to dismiss him by comparing him to Sjogren, by merely being a young Swedish defenseman. Then you could also say he could turn out to be like Zibanejad (Iranian descent via Sweden) but on defense. And that ain’t too shabby.

  • TheRighteous

    Johnny Oduya (remember him? Caps draft pick) didn’t get to the NHL until he was 25 or 26 and was playing in the SEL before that. McPhee let that one slip away didn’t he? It takes Dmen longer to bloom..some longer than others.

  • Matilda

    I absolutely HATE that team he plays on in Sweden.

    I’m from Linköping and grew up with that team, even played for the same club most of my life, but I can’t stand the professional team and their fans. hate them more than I dislike penguins.

    I just had to say that.

    and fyi, in sweden, we don’t say Linkopings hockey club, we actually just say LHC, even if that is what it stands for.