You Should Adopt John Carlson’s Dogs Amy and Jo


That sound is your heart melting.

Earlier in the year, Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson did an ad for Show Your Soft Side, an anti-animal abuse campaign. It was a great gesture, and Carlson joined Karl Alzner as one of the biggest dog advocates on the team.

Well tonight, the Olympic defensemen went a little bit further, this time offering a unique opportunity for followers of his Twitter account. Carlson put two adorable puppies that had been living with him as a foster parent up for adoption. Yes, you can totally own two of Carly’s dogs. They are eight-weeks old.

The two puppies are named Amy and Jo and they are lab/hound mixes. Amy’s profile can be found here. Jo’s can be found here.

If you’re interested in adopting them, fill out an adoption application via Homeward Trails and give them the wonderful life they deserve.

Now… photos!


Amy relaxing in her crate.



Photos: John Carlson

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  • Sad

    Disappointed it wasnt a pic of Jay Beagle on a leash.

  • VeggieTart

    Aw, what pretty girls. I hope they find a fur-ever home soon.

  • Catherine__M

    It clearly goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. I think it’s really great what he and his girlfriend (wife? I don’t know these things) are doing. It’s SO hard to have a baby animal in your home and nurse it and love it and see it leave but it is so important for many reasons (not the least of which is saving shelter space and thereby buying them and other animals more time to find a home). I did it once, it broke my heart and (admittedly selfishly) I’m not sure I could do it again even if my lease allowed.

    I can also vouch for Homeward Trails, they’re a great organization with high but fair standards.

  • Dark Stranger

    What sweet looking dogs! And so great of Carlson to foster them. On a personal note, the dogs’ names of Amy & Jo brought back memories of a close friend from my childhood named “Amy Jo” who sadly died in her teens.

  • Totally. Homeward Trails is awesome.

    Also, never forget the pizza party!

  • Purrrrfectly said.

  • Catherine__M

    Ah right! Fiancee!

  • Sarah

    How nutty am I about animals, that this impresses me more than the Olympics?

  • These are the types of gestures that really make a difference. Carly puts his name, his fame, behind two dogs. There’s no better way to raise awareness for the program and these two pups.

  • Sarah

    I’m glad to hear I’m not just crazy, at least this time. And thinking about it, what’s the best thing that can happen at the Olympics? You win a gold medal. While that is indeed very cool, the best thing that can happen if you get a dog is tons and tons of I’m-so-happy-I-could-die-right-now, and saving the dog’s life, and (because it does happen) the dog saving your life.
    Dogs > Olympics
    Now, the worst thing that can happen at the Olympics? Humiliation seen by literally most of humanity. The worst things that can happen if you get a dog?

    Which is hilarious.
    Dogs > Olympics, again

  • Jay Wasserman

    I work at Dog Paws ‘n Cat Claws and volunteer with Homeward Trails so I was lucky enough to help when they picked the pups up. Super nice guy, I’m sure they will get adopted quickly, hope they can foster again this summer.