Orlov at the airport after his surgery. (Photo: @Orly_81)

Buried in the news of Mitch Korn being hired as the Capitals new goalie coach, comes a nugget that no one will like to hear. Russian defenseman Dmitry Orlov, who was injured in a World Championship game May 12th against the United States, may miss parts of training camp, the preseason, and at worst – a month and a half of the regular season – due to a broken wrist.

The news was first reported by The Washington Post’s Alex Prewitt.

Orlov’s surgery was performed on May 22 in New York City by renowned hand specialist Dr. Charles Melone. He will return stateside to get reevaluated and have his cast removed on July 9th.

When Orlov will be completely healthy is the big question. Here’s the meticulously worded explanation via Prewitt and a Caps spokesman.

The rehab process, according to the spokesman, will last around four months, estimated by Melone based on Orlov’s improved range of motion following surgery; wrist surgeries of this nature typically carry a healing timetable between four to six months. Orlov suffered the injury on May 12 during a preliminary-round game against the United States and was quickly flown stateside from Belarus to be evaluated. He went under the knife less than two weeks later and “most likely will be completely cleared at some point in September or October.”

I didn’t go to school for math, but if I’m counting correctly, Orlov could be ready as early as September 22nd or at the latest, late November. Gulp. Let’s hope he’s a quick healer!

Orlov, who had what many would consider a breakout season last year, is a big part of the Capitals defense moving forward. Without him, an already thin defensive corps gets even thinner.

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  • VeggieTart

    Get well soon, Dima!

  • Like really, really soon.

  • Boo

    I speak for everyone when I say F the World Championships. We almost lost all our Russians.

  • Luke Anthony

    Really love the way he plays, hope he can be 100% for the regular season. Honestly named my dog after him in his rookie year.

  • Roy Schue

    Why do NHL teams allow there players, many of which are multimillion dollar assets to participate in any games outside the NHL. With the exception of the Olympics that is.

  • Sarah

    This really sucks, and I feel badly for Dima, but I’ll throw out the standard arguments in favor of the guys participating in these tournaments:
    1. It’s personally important to a lot of them
    2. It provides big game experience for the young guys who haven’t been in the playoffs or Olympics
    3. It’s a morale boost after your team gets eliminated. Sad stuff like this can overshadow the positive– who would want to deny, e.g., Wardo the extremely fun and injury-free experience he had?
    4. You can get injured any time doing anything, er, especially the way some of these guys drive.
    Still, poor guy. Get well soon!

  • JenniferH

    Ugh. Please to being a quick, healthy healer, Orlov!! But I don’t want him to rush it, of course. *sigh* So sucky, sucky, sucky. 🙁

  • Das Gringo

    Why is the exception olympics? Do they not get hurt there?

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    I didnt watch any of the WCs, how did he hurt his wrist? Slash? Fall? Must have been a pretty good break to require surgery and the long recovery time.

    If he is out for the start of the season, we need to sign a guy named Conway so that upon his return…can give up his spot for him (ala Adam Banks).

  • DingBat
  • John M

    Orlov’s my fave, hope he gets better.
    For the Caps. First, this diminishes his short-term trade value. Which is good, I don’t want us to trade him, even though he’s one of our most valuable assets.
    Second, it only emphasizes the fact that we need more defense. That’s good if it spurs GMBMac to pull the trigger on a big deal rather than wait. But bad if it means we bring in more quantity and less quality.

  • “Orlov went on to explain that he got hurt in the second period of Monday’s game when a United States player finished a check on him. ‘I stuck my hand out, it bent, and it became numb right away,’ Orlov said. ‘I felt pain and now wear a cast. It’s broken, I can’t turn it so there’s no point in torturing myself and sticking around distracting people here.'”

  • SeminAllOverTheIce


  • Roy Schue

    The Olympics is the exception in my opinion because I can understand a player wanting to represent their country in the Olympics. Also the Olympics are once every four years not every year after the NHL season ends when these players should be letting their bodies recover from a long season, not continue to abuse it.

  • troyerlaw

    I like the Conway plan. Especially if we wind up facing a bad-ass squad from Iceland.

  • No problem!

  • Daniel Walker

    Are those Budwiser USA cans? Dima is a redneck?

  • Graham Dumas

    Anyone else a(be)mused by his choice of beverage in that photo?

  • Sarah

    Lol, well, in Penner’s defense, he somehow can play golf and not look like a doofus. I didn’t think that was physically possible, but here’s the evidence:

    Equally mystifying in the opposite way.