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Nashville beat reporter Joshua Cooper shared some pressing news on Twitter just now. Per a “source close to the situation” (how DC is that phrase?), new head coach Barry Trotz intends to bring goaltending coach Mitch Korn to DC along with him. That would mean Olie Kolzig is out.

Korn is a goaltending institution. He literally has his own institution (http://www.mitchkorn.com/). As Nashville’s goaltending coach since 1998, Korn coached Pekka Rinne to Vezina Trophy nominations in 2011 and 2012.

Korn would replace Caps alum Olie Kolzig as goaltending coach. Kolzig took over the job from Dave Prior in September of 2013 following a falling out between Prior and then-coach Adam Oates. Kolzig faced heavy criticism for coaching franchise goalie Braden Holtby to a .005 drop in his save percentage after adjustments made per edict by Adam Oates.

The addition of Korn is a huge injection of experience into the Capitals system, but it comes at the loss of a fan favorite in Olie the Goalie (Coach).

7:45 PM Update: CSN’s Jill Sorenson reports that Olie Kolzig will remain on the coaching staff. Before being given the full-time job in Washington, Kolzig served two years as associate goaltending coach, where he worked with the team’s goalie prospects in the AHL and ECHL.

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  • Rob W.

    Good move but still makes me sad. I love Olie

  • Brackaphobia

    Smart move for sure, but I am sad. Because my name is Cole it was super easy for my dad to call me Kolzig growing up. It won’t be the same now :/

  • Tyler R

    Good. I love Olie but past accomplishments as a player don’t necessarily translate to success onto others.

  • Mark Shrader

    It’s a great move for the Caps, i liked Olie as a player never really liked him as coach ever, though good luck to you Olie

  • “Korn was hired by the Buffalo Sabres in 1991, where he coached Dominik Hašek to 4 Vezina trophies (leagues best goaltender), and 2 Hart trophies (league MVP) over seven seasons. Korn later joined the Nashville Predators in 1998 as their goaltending coach.
    Korn has also coached other NHL goaltenders including Dominik Hašek, Pekka Rinne, Grant Fuhr, Martin Biron, Tomas Vokoun, andChris Mason, to name a few.” Wikipedia

    I know this question is opinion based but how does Holtby/Gruber’s styles relate to those listed above?


  • I hope Olie stays in the organization somehow – he’s such a great guy, and I really think he and Holtby gelled on an emotional level despite not doing so on the ice.

    Check out Holtby’s exit interview, you’ll see what I mean.


    I really think his downturn was more an Oates thing than an Olie thing. Anyways, I’m hoping there’s more details to go along with this, but we’ll see.

  • An interesting question that I am entirely unqualified to answer.

  • Come on, Peter! What do I pay you for??

  • Fedor

    Korn is universally considered one of the best goalie coaches, so I’m fine with it.

  • Bilal

    Great, I think Korn will help Holtby and Grubauer a lot……….but……..Kolzig….. ;(

  • Dark Stranger

    Olie wasn’t an experienced coach — hence he had deferred to the Head Coach more. If he had more experience, he would have been more likely to stand up to a Head Coach with ideas different than him on goaltending

  • Dark Stranger

    That’s my feeling exactly.

  • Brackaphobia
  • VeggieTart

    I kinda feel bad for Olie. Maybe he should have refused to coach a goalie to play against his natural style, but that would have gotten him canned too.

    As for Holtby, he’s one of the classiest guys around. He’s not going to say anything against a teammate or a coach.

  • Maybe, but Prior got fired for that.

  • Diller M

    As I’ve said before, I am not a Kolzig fan so I’m glad to see this move.

  • Roy Schue

    Honestly it is about time the caps stop putting former players into coaching positions just because they were fan favorites

  • Diller M

    I’m scared to see the Korn references this will invite

  • Jack Conness

    Hell yeah. I’m honestly just loving the changes the Caps are making. If you are gonna change the culture in Washington, you gotta change everything up. I liked Olie, don’t get me wrong. But why not bring in a guy Trotz already has chemistry with? We all want to start fresh, correct? Don’t clean half the house. Clean the whole damn house. I like the move. Go Caps baby.

    UPDATE: Wait, Olie is staying? I’m confused 🙁

  • Dark Stranger

    So almost like Olie would have been damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. At least they’re keeping Olie in the organization. But it’s no surprise that Trotz wants to bring in his own people, especially one with a proven track record of success.

  • Meg

    Sorry someone had to

  • JenniferH

    I’m happy about Korn coming over because Braden having THIS kind of coaching behind him is FANTASTIC news, and I’m equally happy about Kolzig sticking around because post-season interviews made it clear that Holts did not have a problem with Olie and that he was the one trying to help Braden deal with the Oates-goalie-designed disaster. GREAT NEWS!! 😀 Color me a very, very happy camper!


    Kolzig is staying on the coaching staff
    Of course he would. Even if Trotz wanted him gone, Ted and his PR brain wouldn’t allow a star caps alumni to be sour with the organization right before the winter classic. Wouldn’t surprise me if somehow out of the blue Bondra also lands a job with the caps.

  • Catherine__M

    Ha, good point. But think about it Hunter, Oates and Kolzig and Winter Classic…..awkward much? 🙂

  • troyerlaw

    Amen. I’m very happy Trotz was able to bring him to DC.

  • Rhino40

    ^^^^^^ too late ^^^^^

  • Jonah

    they should put alumni into PR places or as ambassadors of the game teaching youth camps and the like. leave the pro club to people who are good coaches not just good players who *might* be good coaches

  • Jonah

    detailed debates between chipotle and qdoba.

  • Jonah

    yeah but if olie stood up i don’t think oates would have the balls to fire him and/or GMGM or teddy would shoot him down.