Mr. Nasty meet Stanley. Stanley: Mr. Nasty.

Early Saturday morning (east coast time), the Los Angeles Kings defeated the New York Rangers 3-2, winning their second Stanley Cup in three seasons. But most importantly– and I need to shout this next part:


For the record, that’s 55-point text. Double nickel size.

What started as an awful joke, is now a reality. I feel like I’m going to puke rainbows at the headline photo right now.

Next question: Will Sarge get his name on The Cup?

The answer, via Wikipedia, may upset you.

A player must have played at least half of the regular season games (usually 41 in current league format) for the championship team (provided the player remains with the team when they win the Cup) or played in at least one game of the Stanley Cup Finals. However, since 1994 teams have been permitted to petition the NHL Commissioner, to be considered on a case-by-case basis, to engrave a player’s name on the cup if the player was unavailable to play due to “extenuating circumstances”. For example, the Detroit Red Wings received special permission from the NHL to inscribe the name of Vladimir Konstantinov, whose career ended after a car accident on June 13, 1997, on the Stanley Cup after Detroit defended their title in 1998.

For those who hate blockquotes: to get engraved on the Cup you must play 41 regular season games or one game during the Stanley Cup Finals.

Sarge played in seven post-season games with the Los Angeles Kings and none during the regular season. He played for their American Hockey League affiliate, the Manchester Monarchs.

No, Jeff Schultz will not get his name on the Cup.

But he is totally on the Kings official Stanley Cup Final t-shirt!

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  • VeggieTart

    he still gets a fucking ring.

  • Dave

    Doc Emrick just said that the Kings can special request names to put on the cup too. Maybe they’d special request his name just to piss off RMNB.

  • titsmcgoo

    His name shouldn’t be on the cup… He is bad. He had little to no effect on the outcome of the Kings winning the Stanley cup.

  • Nick

    obviously you dont like reading block quotes

  • A) Read the post.
    B) It wouldn’t piss me off. I’m super happy for him. He could have given up after being bought out by the Caps. Instead he went to the AHL, worked his ass off, earned a call-up, played incredibly in the Anaheim series, and in the end – deserved to be a part of this.

  • Rotating Earth

    you are wrong. He actually played very well in the playoff games he was in.

  • I agree.

  • chasles22

    Can “puking rainbows” be the next rmnb shirt because I would buy that hot shit.

  • capsfan32

    He was the subject of positive media attention after nearly every game. Worked hard after being dropped, and was rewarded with critical minutes in several playoff games. Really impressive improvement.

  • Tom703

    Ian, I’m happy that you’re happy for Sarge. I will try to be, too. Great season by LA.

  • Punished Snake

    Well, at least there’s a silver lining the Kings winning another (yuck) Cup. Despite being the fan base’s whipping boy for years and spending much of the latter half of his time here on the 3rd pairing/munching on nachos, Schultz never complained and always had a fantastic attitude. Justin Williams might have won the Conn Smythe, but Sarge, you the real MVP.

  • Sarah

    I’m good with everything that just happened, including this. However, it’s now been twenty minutes since the season ended, and I am starting to suffer from #HockeyWithdrawal.

  • DC Rob

    He did not play in the finals and only one in the Chicago series. Why if he played so well as others were posting

  • patmanbnl

    Is not being one of the six best healthy defensemen on the team an “extenuating circumstance”?

  • JenniferH

    I thought I read somewhere already that the Kings were going to request that his name be put on there, but that could have just been someone saying that it could be done.

  • JenniferH

    He stepped in when they lost a key player and stepped up hard, making a difference. There was mucho praise and talk about his performance.

  • Isobel Moody

    Well, it is always nice to see someone who hasn’t lifted the Cup before do so(which I why I really hope the Kings and Blackhawks don’t hog all the Cups for the next few years…)

  • Marky Narc

    The Caps buy out Schultz, he goes on to win a Stanley Cup.

    Brooks Laich, you may want to have you agent rethink his earlier comments about your status with the team.

  • Goalies Rule

    He could actually get his name on the Cup if the Kings petition the league to allow it. Names are automatically put on the Cup under the 41 or 1 criteria and they can have up to 52 names. So there is the possibility 55 gets his name on the Cup and gets to spend a day with it touring D.C.

  • Rhino40

    Happy for Sarge & the Kings (Hey, at least it wasn’t the Penguins, Habs, or Ranjuhs or–thank God!–the Blackhawks again).

    Still, a small, dark, cynical part of me is off in a corner muttering that this is yet another way the Hockey Gods have found to torment us Caps’ fans. As a longtime Schultz defender/apologist, I remember predicting something like this would happen even before he was bought out.

  • Bilal

    I swear they better put his name on the cup…….and I’m dead serious

  • Bilal

    Nah, he may have not played in the finals, But he did well in the games he was in. Even some of the Kings players were complementing him if I don’t recall.

  • Matt Lauer

    I dunno, I still think he’s as flimsy as a punchdrunk giraffe.

  • Pat Magee

    We still aren’t as bad as the flyers….. Everyone that leaves that org. has a fantastic career lololololololol

  • breaklance

    according to nbc the kings can have up to 52 names from the organization on the cup in total, so most likely he and regehr will get their names on the cup.

  • Pat Magee

    I wonder……….. what about backup goalies? I’m pretty sure i saw Bernier’s name on it the last time the Kangs won.

  • Owen Johnson

    They didn’t exactly win because of Schultz.

  • No worries…The Kings will petition to get Schultz’s name on the cup. Sutter mentioned a few times in his pressers that Schultzie played quality minutes throughout the series with the Ducks and we would not have gotten out of that series without his contributions. Depth guy who stayed ready and responded when we needed him. Good for him!

  • Regehr is on for sure. Played more than 41 regular season games so he is an automatic qualify. Only question marks are Schultz and Frazier., but both will probably be added by petition.

  • Dave

    You’re right, I skipped the blockquote. But if you already knew that, then your conclusion of “No, Jeff Schultz will not get his name on the Cup” was premature (although probable, of course).

    And my comment about pissing off RMNB was a reference to his picture being used here as the poster boy for why plus-minus is a horrible stat.

  • Jeff Yoders

    Not only that, but when Willie Mitchell got back into the lineup he was given the start over seventh defenseman Matt Greene in the Chicago series. Sure, Greenie took his job back in game two but Schultz still played well when he was called upon.

  • Jeff Yoders

    Don’t forget Jordan Nolan. No 41 regular season games for him, but he did play in the Anaheim and SJ series’

  • Marky Narc

    OK? I agree.

  • LA_1968

    Even though he doesn’t meet the requirement, the Kings will surely petition the league to get Schultz’s name on the cup. To a man, the team values his contribution to their winning the championship.