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A year ago at this time, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin was in London supporting fiancee Maria Kirilenko at Wimbledon. This year: not so much.

That’s because the engaged Ovechkin (still technically a bachelor) is in Las Vegas one week before the NHL Awards. He’s there with some of his best friends for what seems to be a party of some sort. In completely unrelated news: AskMen just named Sin City the number-one bachelor party destination.

Ovechkin has done us all a solid by incoherently chronicling his trip on Instagram. The most compelling thing he’s posted so far has been the video of him at the pool. People walk by him like he’s no big deal. Only in Vegas, I guess.

The Arrival

The Pool

Seeing ARTY Concert

Hanging Out With Tiesto

General Hanging Out

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  • Yo8

    Guess who is in Vegas?
    I’m too lazy to look for him tho hahaha!

  • Alex Newcastle

    He’s most likely there for EDC Las Vegas, which is happening now. They have tons of DJ pool parties during the day at the hotels in the area.

  • Lawrence
  • Myan

    Man that reminds me of the apartment complex I lived in during college. It was fun until I turned 21.

  • holtbysaidno

    I kinda wish I was there…

  • OlietheGoalie

    Hahah vodka drunk best ))))))

  • Steph

    Maybe he’s there for his bachelor party.

  • BT

    Nhl awards are in a few days

  • Sarah

    As somebody who doesn’t drink or gamble, I never saw much point in going, now you’re telling me nobody there likes hockey either? Yeeeesh… (shudders) You can keep it, thanks.

  • Lisa

    Ovie is a boss!!!! Crosby probably home watching the Lego Movie with his little sister. 😉