Report: Capitals to Host Blackhawks in 2015 Winter Classic


Photo credit: Justin K. Aller

We still don’t know where, but now we know who. According to Bob McKenzie of TSN, and then confirmed by a bunch of dutiful fact-checkers, the Washington Capitals will play the Chicago Blackhawks at the 2015 Winter Classic.

Caps-Hawks isn’t a traditional rivalry, though they’ve played a number of terrific games in the RMNB era. This will be the first interconference game at the Winter Classic.

The venue is still unannounced, though ESPN said it’d be Nats Park way back in December. McKenzie agrees.

We have other ideas, but you know that already. We should expect a formal announcement on location soon– along with a nifty new uniform. For now, it’s enough to get excited about the Hawks coming to town. It should be a good game, and it’ll almost certainly be the culmination of our Barack the Red campaign.

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  • R.O’B.

    YESSSSSS I AM SO EXCITED!!! (secretly crying about ticket cost)

  • Could this be a possible RMNB hangout opportunity? For both those that go to the game and those that don’t?

  • Obama: this IS your moment.

  • Mike Gaudiello

    Please please PLEASE do not use the blue uniforms, home ’78s please.

  • Jack Conness

    Oh boy, looks like I will be surfing StubHub for the next couple of months for tickets and planning my flight out of Illinois with my Washington Capitals jersey on. It would be sooooo cool to go to this game!

  • sheena dunn

    WOOHOO!!!! I’m so excited! Only 194 days until the Winter Classic….not that i’m counting or anything…

  • Margaret McGuire

    Uhm no need to go to Chicago for the game, it’s going to be in DC 😉

  • Brenna

    Yes! Fantastic idea.

  • Sarah

    Will I have to sell all of my belongings for a ticket? Because I will. I’d sell my soul, but I’ve been told I don’t have one.

  • GetchaGrubbOn


  • Adam Schwager

    Is the NHL trying to create a inter conference rivalry? Two preseason games last year, opening day and closing week last year, and now the winter classic.

  • Michael Riley

    When will tickets go on sale? Will prices be significantly higher?

  • Brian Bean

    Expectation has been that it will be the old school red jersey.

  • Mike Gaudiello

    True, but the name of DC hockey is unfortunately that we don’t always live up to expectations lol. I think if Oates was still coach that the blue jerseys might have been in the wheelhouse, not so much now though.

  • Myan

    Ooo Nats Park! $26 lobster rolls! WOOT!

    My boyfriend and I agreed that we aren’t taking a vacation this summer so we can get tickets to the Classic and go to as many home games as we can. CAN’T WAIT!

  • sheena dunn

    As a season ticket holder, we still don’t know. We also don’t know how many we can purchase…

  • JenniferH

    Awesome, and and Eric Fehr is already trying to Barack the Red! Hah!

    I wonder if @BarackObama will come watch his two home town teams? RT @TSNBobMcKenzie CHI will be WSH's opponent in the 2015 Winter Classic.— Eric Fehr (@EricFehr) June 20, 2014

  • Sarah

    Me for a thermos of Earl Grey… with lots of sugar…

  • Smiley456

    Chicago? Yuck.
    Ottawa would have at least been the Battle of the Capitols.

  • Michael Worth

    should probably reread what they said. Says flight out of IL

  • Guest


  • Jonah

    i think its pretty stupid that they chose CHI. they aren’t our rivals. The NHL could have picked any of the metro teams like PIT NYR NYI PHI NJD or Carolina. these are all teams that the capitals have beef with. this game almost seems like the NHL is setting up the caps to fail after we beat sobsby last winter classic we played in.

  • Myan

    There’s also a Shake Shack at Nats Park…mmMmmmm

  • blankman

    I have it from a reliable source from the Caps that they’ll be wearing a red fauxback jersey. the red will be a different shade than they’ve ever worn before but I guess we’ll see.

  • Bilal

    well thats a good investment

  • VeggieTart

    I don’t get it. Why Chicago? Is it so NBC can announce with glee the Caps getting their asses handed to them again?

    I just hope it’s at Nats Park.

  • Matt Ashton

    Off site outdoor viewing party with small rink?!?!

  • Whitey Wheeler

    Whew! At least it’s not the SABRES!

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Last WC with the caps, cheapest tickets were $150 a piece…STH price. They also allowed us to purchase 8 additional seats.

    This year they havent released the details yet. My guess, around the same starting price, and most likely 4-6 additional seats…and since its going to be a low Chicago fan draw, probably a second wave of pre-public release to STH fans for like 4 additional seats.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Not a fan of the WC choice. Games are always better when there is a strong rivalry. There isnt one with Chicago.Not a fan of the WC choice. Games are always better when there is a strong rivalry. There isnt one with Chicago.Not a fan of the WC choice. Games are always better when there is a strong rivalry. There isnt one with Chicago. Yes. I mean the Caps are still playing…I’ll be able to watch a live outdoor game…I’ll still be able to drink booze and figure out fun ways to bring my own in…I’ll still be able to heckle opposing team fans. Yes, Chicago is a good team. But that doesnt mean it will be a good game. For a good game you need the teams to not only be rivals, but the fans too. Hence Pit v Caps in Pitt was amazing. Should have been Boston, Rags, or Flyers. Game would have been loud and intense. The hate just wont be there.

    As for jerseys, I proposed on Twitter…no more throwback jerseys. Time for a new 3rd jersey. I suggest:


    Weagle logo on chest

    front chest tie strings are a must

    I seriously would buy one.

  • Guess I need to start thinking of a sign design. :))))

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    “Thanks for the crappy Winter Classic Obama.”

  • Spruha

    I am a Chicago native that moved to California 2 years ago who loves the Caps. This is a dream come true!!

  • I’d rather make a real sign that cheers my team on, not a cynical one with sarcastic commentary. (◡‿◡✿)

  • uconnhockey26

    My wife and I told our four kids today that we are going to the game no matter what…we also told them there probably won’t be much of an inheritance left as a result!

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    To each their own.

  • Lawrence

    Haha, good find. Fehr has to be one of the most outgoing friendly players in the NHL. Guy is never unhappy.

  • Red

    I’m excited either way, and I’ll most likely be there, but how about a team we can actually beat?

  • Sarah

    Haven’t been to a ballgame yet here, I gotta check this out (maybe not the lobster rolls, thanks for the warning).

    FWIW, the tea thing was a silly reference to a quote from Ilya Bryzgalov, when he got benched for the WC.

    Go to 00:29

  • ..

  • Judging by the page views of this post, the majority of you want my ass covering this game from home. 🙁

  • “Why Chicago?”

  • VeggieTart

    I agree on the Weagle logo on the chest and the front chest tie strings (that’s something I really like), but not the pink. Come on!

  • BPThomas

    No effing way man. This is once in a lifetime. You better be there.

  • Benjamin

    If I’m still here in Kuwait and I miss the Winter Classic I will most unhappy #thanksobama

  • Myan

    Oh yeah! That one flew right over my head!

  • Chris Best

    Oh boy, I wonder if all the people picketing the Redskins will take this opportunity to harass the Blackhawks too.

  • slapshot

    Thanks, that taste of vomit in my mouth went so well with breakfast.

  • Sarah

    Yeah, I don’t Youtube stalk Bryz or anything
    Okay I do

  • Jay Wasserman

    Low draw, no way. I think with Nats park holding way less people than Heinz field, the Caps season ticket holders will buy up everything with just 4 additional seats and make a killing on resale, I would bet Blackhawk STH will have an option to buy before general public which means none will be left for face value. Unless they chose RFK