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Late last week, Alex Ovechkin flew to North America for a weekend-long electronica music fest. Also, the NHL Awards. After concerts and the time by the pool, Ovechkin also managed to take care of some serious business too: caucusing with his new coach, Barry Trotz.

The coach and his pupil had dinner on Saturday night (I’m guessing in lawn chairs behind Tiesto’s turntables) and discussed which wing Ovechkin would play, the team’s new system, and well, other stuff that we’re not allowed to know right now so quit asking because it’s private. I guess we’ll find out at training camp.

“He’s a straightforward coach, honest man,” Ovechkin said of Trotz, as documented by Monumental Network. “That’s probably the best thing to expect from a new guy. It’s something new again for me. He’s worked with one team only. He’s going to bring some new stuff for me and for my teammates.”

When pressed on details about Trotz’s system and what position he would play, the Russian machine smiled, deferred, and said, “I’m just going to chill right now and do what I can do.”

By doing what he can do, I’m pretty sure Ovechkin meant: the robot.

In regards to the Caps big management changes, Ovechkin joked, “They haven’t fired me yet. I’m still here. With a Capitals jersey.”

Yep, he sounds like he’s in a good place.

Here’s Ovi’s interview from this afternoon.

And here’s Barry Trotz’s interview with Mike Vogel from Sunday.

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  • Abc

    Well this should put any doubts of leaving for the KHL to rest.

  • Chip

    Ovechkin joked, “They haven’t fired me yet. I’m still here. With a Capitals jersey.”

    Such a classic Ovechkin response haha #ThatsSoOvi

  • Bilal

    seriously? Those rumours were still floating around? Jeez how bored are these people? Ovechkin is not leaving from the NHL. I would bet my life on it