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At 7 PM on Tuesday, the NHL Awards will be held live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Everybody’s favorite Russian machine, Alex Ovechkin, will be in attendance. Ovi, who led the NHL in goals this season, is in town to accept the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy for the fourth time in his career. He’s also there to party.

But we at RMNB are concerned about something else much more important: the seating chart.

Earlier this evening, the Capitals instagrammed a photo of Ovechkin’s seat. He’s in the ballpark of Ryan Getzlaf, which is not at all compelling unless you’re interested in balding centers you wish the Capitals had. Sitting directly to Ovechkin’s left (and his guest’s) however, will be Rich Peverley. Now that’s a bit more interesting.

Peverley, a depth forward for the Dallas Stars, is at the NHL Awards to present the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy to either Jaromir Jagr, Manny Malohotra, or Dominic Moore. Peverley was one of 30 players to be nominated for the award this season and will likely get a roaring ovation when he comes out on stage.

On March 10th, Peverley collapsed on the bench during a Dallas Stars home game. After being revived by medical personnel, he was rushed to a Dallas hospital where he had corrective surgery for an irregular heartbeat nine days later. Peverley has not returned to hockey and may never do so.

“I like the award and what it stands for, and I think that knowing the stories of the nominees and presenting the trophy to the winner, that could be motivation for me to come back, if coming back is possible,” Peverley said to Puck Daddy. “I’m trying to take the steps one at a time and just see what happens. If I can play, that will be great. If I can’t, then I’ll deal with that at that time.”

A great story, one which I hope ends with Peverley out on the ice again.

And, oh yeah: here’s one more angle to Peverley sitting next to the Capitals captain. He gave the Caps maybe their best GIF ever.

So will Ovechkin’s date be Braden Holtby? Please say yes. I’m a big fan of the icy deathstare.

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  • Chris Cerullo

    I really hope Dominic Moore takes it. That guy deserves it.

  • Guest
  • Zhenia Oleynik

    Agreed – I’ll be upset if Dominic Moore doesn’t get it.

  • Unleash the HOLTBEAST

    God I love sassy Holtby.

  • Alex

    Holtby gives Peverley death stare; Peverley develops serious heart ailment.


  • VeggieTart

    Given that it took two years, I’d say so.

    Now, let’s hope Mitch Korn can bring back our sassy Holtby.

  • Eric Schulz

    There’s a story that Wong Wifu, the great Chinese martial artist
    had a fight with a guy and beat him. Then the guy gave him this light tap. Wong looked at him and the guy just nodded. That was it. He had given him the death touch. Wong died.

    Then and there?

    No. About eighteen years later. That’s the thing about Dim Mak… you never know when it’s gonna take effect.

  • Eric Schulz

    Sharks looking to trade Joe Thornton and/or Patrick Marleau. Anybody else really, really want Joe Thornton as our 2nd (especially if Grabovski walks)? If they want a player, a pick, and a prospect like every team always wants, how about: Brouwer, Sanford, and our 1st in 2015? If they are looking to trade Thornton because he “isn’t a winner,” then have Brouwer, he totally is.
    Also, potential buyouts to pursue: Brad Richards, Martin Havlat, David Booth. Obviously those guys are gambles, but you’d have to think that they, like Grabovski last year, would be on cheap deals. If we keep Grabovski, I think we are fine up front but would still love to add Havlat or a guy like him (in addition to the top-4 defenseman we need), but I haven’t watched those guys so much over the last year or so; anybody watched enough of them to have a solid opinion?

    The guy I’d most want to add (assuming no big moves beyond resigning Grabovski and adding a top-4 defenseman): Evander Kane. If the Jets are serious about moving him, he’d be an amazing addition, IMO.

  • Eric Schulz

    That’s why I hate some of the trades GMGM made so recently: if the Jets are ready to move Kane, don’t you think Forsberg and Neuvirth for Kane is a slam-dunk trade? We could’ve easily gotten Kane, a very young, very skilled top-6 winger to complement Ovie, but instead we have…. Latta, I guess, is really all were left with. Well, and that 4th for Halak…

  • Jayleigh

    All that ^^ .. yeah. But PLEASE PLEASE (please?) re-sign Grabo! (Please??)

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Who are you?! You guest phantom of awesome!

  • Eric Schulz

    Yes. The way I see it, if we sign Grabovski we immediately become a dangerous playoff team, and we are 2 moves away from a contender. If he walks, we’re screwed… unless we somehow sign Stastny or acquire Thornton… but I’d rather have Grabovski than either.