The space before renovation last year. (Photo: DC Dining Guide)

In November, a new sports bar will open on H Street in downtown DC. You’re going to love the name. The bar will be called the Sin Bin, and it will be devoted to the Washington Capitals.

This morning, the newly named general manager of the bar, Chris Conner, had a question for us.

Hmm. Let’s see. It definitely needs an Olie Kolzig figurine. Maybe a signed Alex Ovechkin jersey. Then obviously a few of these.

According to Dan Steinberg, the property will have a rooftop deck and a dozen TVs:

Of course, the business won’t rely solely on Caps or hockey fans. They’re aiming to have a strong English Premier League presence, and will also broadcast all the other American sports you’d expect to find at a sports bar. (There are also plans to broadcast international events like the Cricket World Cup.) There will be three bars, a rooftop deck and around a dozen TVs in the 2,400 square-foot space, which Ashraf owns.

But McQuaid said it will be clear that this is a Caps bar. They’re hoping to bring some players out to the grand opening. They’re getting a custom-designed version of the horse-racing boardwalk game you’ve seen at Rehoboth, complete with Caps players riding the horses. And there will likely be other Caps-themed decorations and memorabilia.

That I will need to see.

Sounds like a perfect place to throw an RMNB party, no? What else would you guys like to see in the bar?

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  • SamWow Carroll

    All the weird pictures of Ovi off instagram in the bathroom stalls/above the urinals cuz why not.

  • DashingDave314

    I’m just going to assume by its name that Dale Hunter, Alan May, and Tom Wilson will all frequent the bar.

    Seriously, I would like a good beer selection. That’s quite important to me in a bar.

  • DashingDave314
  • Do they need any Caps or hockey-themed artwork??? Asking for a friend. 😉

  • Maybe not the urinals, but that’s actually a really great idea. Ovi’s Instagram is just basically a big party, and that would bring a great vibe.

  • Jeff Halpern doughnuts?

    One of those Tattoo for 25 cents machines… but they are only hand tattoos.

    A “Mr. Nasty Hoisting the Stanley Cup” dart board.

    A pin the contract on the Second Line Center game.

    A drink called “Holtbeast” where a guy dressed in the flyers jersey comes out of no where and punches you in the back of the head just before you drink it.

    A Booth called the “Sasha Box”.

  • Tyler Anderson

    All I need is a solid deal on anything the night a game is being played. Maybe offered only to people wearing Caps gear? Also, during the playoffs or during a big game, have a selection or two from a brewery local to the city we are playing.

  • Katie Brown

    H Street is a neat spot, but it’s not technically “downtown.” You should have a party there anyway 🙂

  • SamWow Carroll
  • Obviously, there needs to be a RMNB burger which is a well done cheeseburger with white cheddar and a big red number 8 in ketchup drizzled on it.

  • millionmanmutiny

    If there are plenty of local brews on tap I’ll be a regular. DC Brau, Port City, 3 Stars, Lost Rhino etc.

  • I feel like a RMNB burrito would be more your style. Although getting you all to agree on what would go in it would be a good thing to have a bet centered around…

  • Simonezero

    This is awesome.

    Please have awesome beer.

    Thank you.

  • Peter Meister

    Joel Ward themed bathroom stall.

  • opinions_thoughts

    Good food, please, good food. It can have all the punny Caps names and descriptions, but for the love of the hockey gods, good food.

  • DashingDave314

    Obviously the bar needs to serve Chipotle.

  • Paul Hernandez

    A goal horn, a goal horn and a goal horn.

  • Michael Riley

    With a name like the Sin Bin I have other thoughts beside hockey players!

  • Brackaphobia

    One of Joe B’s finest suits in a framed display on the wall. Obviously with an autographed portrait.

  • DashingDave314

    Have a drink called the Adam Oates. The waiter insults you and forces you to play first line minutes with Jay Beagle.

  • Snow-ape

    A drink called an “Ovechkin”… which is just a white russian without a cup… FML.

  • The Leaver

    Unfortunately, even if you leave the front door wide open, Esa Tikkanen still won’t find the place.

  • Dustin Penner pancakes?

  • HockeyFan69

    A cigar area.

  • Emily Wright

    Table hockey, Canadian beer and an empty seat always reserved for Loud Goat.

  • tpr04

    Penguins logo on the bottom of the urinals.

  • David Foss

    *Beer. Local Beer, Canadian Beer, Czech Beer, Russian Beer, Belorussian Beer. Beer.
    *An ice luge that looks like it’s original water source is Crosby’s crying face
    *Upvote for the Wardo bathroom stall
    *A dish of abnormal size and spiciness that will cause pain for three days. It shall be named “The Kaminski”
    *A Burrito Battleground Booth where two people are locked in a room to argue about their favorite burrito and the winner, as voted by fan applause, receives a free beer
    *Gangnam Style on the TouchTunes
    *If there is some sort of eating challenge, have a recording of Wes announcing its beginning

  • Scarydave Dave

    -Flyers and Penguins logos in the urinals and toilet bowls
    -Baltimore Skipjacks, Portland Pirates, and Hershey Bears swag; minor league gear from current & past Caps
    -Show Hershey Bears, maybe other AHL games

  • Chip


  • tpr04

    Hershey games would be good. Not sure it would draw, but good to have on one TV.

  • tpr04

    One of those old arcade hockey games – USA v. Russia. I think they have one at the Hall of Fame.

  • Zachary Mott

    A Washington Capitals themed bubble hockey table.

  • ay bae bae

    Just like green turtle in fairfax, a tv at every table with speakers bc just a bunch of tvs sucks bc you domt know if your table or booth will be facing the tv… I know evrryone cant be rich and do that but it would be nice!

    Even though its a sports bar, they should have a dancefloor for after the game is over to celebrate and dance, it sucks when after the game is over, i have to travel to a new bar to dance and celebrate my happiness for caps winning or dance my blues awsy,…

    everytime caps games are aired and caps s ore a goal, the whole bar has the same exact goal horn that goes off through the entire bar during games

    The caps bar tops should be a collaged in photos printed into the top of best caps moments in history like they do to some tables in restaurants where an autogrpsh, photos of marylin monroe and stuff are petrfied into the table with some kind of protectant.. I dont know if anyone knows what I am talking about…

    I just want to go there and have fun and talk to people who really love the caps instead of going to random bars to watch the game where no one cares about the game and only 1o ppl in a bar of 70 are the only on es who are screaming and happy watching the game while the 60 other people see us like we are crazy. I want the energy and love for the caps roar through the whole bar.

    They should make a big poster of a crazy caps drinking game people can follow during a game like hat trick? Drink 3 seconds, whoever scores: brooks laich his number is 21 so u drink 2+1 =3 seconds, mike green 52 scores a goal drink 5+2=7 seconds… somethig of all the rules incase peopld want to play…. also they should have bosrc games and like “cards afainst humanity”, hugry hungry hipos and other fun games that you can check out from the bar and brig to your table lol I have sooo many ideas. Im gonna stop now though

  • Myan

    Local beers on draft! It’s such a bummer when the only options on draft are Bud, Budlight, Coors, and Miller. The DC area needs to up its craft beer game.

    It would also be nice if TVs and speakers were set up to “contain” audio within certain pockets or corners so you don’t end up with a cacophony of noises from other broadcasts.

  • Alex

    Here’s the approximate location. Too bad it’s a 40 minute drive from me on a good day and there aren’t any Metro stations within reasonable walking distance…,-76.986457,20z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89b7b8401c8b23a7:0x58b513fc012bc413

  • VeggieTart

    In the ladies’ room or the men’s room?

  • VeggieTart

    That’s also nowhere NEAR downtown.

  • VeggieTart

    Just so you know,the only way to watch AHL games is through the AHLlive website. And the video is the scoreboard/Jumbotron feed.

  • I have no idea what people consider downtown either.

  • Dude, DISQUS embed Google Maps. that is awesome!

  • Dan

    Biscuits served in baskets.

  • I already have trouble peeing in public.

  • sheena dunn

    When’s the party?

  • Alex

    Right? I was hoping it would be closer to Adam’s Morgan or Dupont, or even Georgetown, but east of Union Station? That’s a hike and a half from downtown

  • Graham Dumas

    Those game of thrones themed logos, but hanging from the ceiling, Medieval Times style!

  • BlakeDC

    Pancake brunches that’ll be so good they’ll injury your back!

  • David Armando Lopez-Mazariegos

    –Line the top of the walls with mini goal lights that light up and have a recording of the Caps’ goal horn to play every time the Caps score.
    –Booths are built to look like the benches hockey players sit on
    –A booth called the “Ovi Spot”–where men can meet women who are Caps fans and hope they’ll score.
    –A supporter’s booth, where people who root for the team the Caps are playing can sit unless accompanied by a friend who’s a Capitals fan.
    –Free wings whenever the Caps score four or more goals.

  • BlakeDC

    I’m not going to read this blog anymore simply because you eat well done meat!

  • VeggieTart

    Well, it’s not H Street NE,, that’s for sure!

  • Adam

    The fact that it will serve booze is reason enough to think that Hunter would frequent the bar (if he still lived here). Dude can drink.

  • Patrick Neimeyer

    This sounds like a stellar idea. Any ideas for theme nights? I am leaning toward, “Alan May’s Everyone Is A Canadian Night,” or perhaps Dale Hunter’s 25 Cent PBR’s…just to name a few 🙂

  • DashingDave314

    Jeff Halpern should be a waiter and serve you Astro doughnuts.

  • I’m pretty sure Hunter is in Canada on his farm coaching London and riding horses and punching people.

  • Stephen


    Or every Sunday cause that’s what D.C. does.

  • Believe me, if I had the time to sew my own or the disposable income to get them made, I’d SO have my NHL medieval banners hanging in my studio right now.

  • Myan

    Oh man, that’s in walking distance to Toki Underground! RAMEN!

  • GA Caps Fan

    Password to get in! Say the number of goals caps scored previous year. If not, sit in the penalty box for two minutes. Inside the bar, Bouncers wear ref outfits. Wearing the sweater of another team- 2 minutes (5 minute for pens sweater) or 5 minutes for being rude to the wait staff. All penalty boxes should have public view, so occupants would be subject to ridicule!

  • Rixon1221

    Here are few suggestions:

    – An Ovechkin sandwich with Russian dressing. And an Olie Kolzig German bratwurst or sausage
    – Please serve poutine!
    – Local beers on tap
    – Happy hour drinks specials during Caps’ games
    – Bubble and air hockey tables

  • Nikki

    Having a great time reading the comments…up vote for the Joel Ward themed bathroom stalls and sasha box…

  • Lucas

    If they don’t show the NCAA hockey tournament games, that will be a problem. Some TVs should show some NCAA games during the season (it’ll obviously be more NHL-focused, but NBCSN and BTN show plenty of games, especially on Friday nights).

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    It hurts to laugh.

  • Jonah

    i can tell those are laughs which can only be accompanied by tears…

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    If I ever see a Pens game on in there that doesn’t involve the Caps so help me God…

  • Jonah

    no that would be the only job suitable for john erskine!

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    How has this not been upvoted to infinity yet?

  • Jonah

    dancefloor music?

  • VirginiaPatriot

    The “Kaminski” sounds good, but it should be of smaller stature but kicks the crap out of anything bigger.

  • Jonah

    i think there should be a separate booth for the supporters of the other team and this is the tablecloth

  • breaklance

    john erskine’s muffins.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    A free game day shuttle to Leesburg.

  • DashingDave314

    Have a drink called the “Dale Hunter Perimeter Shot”. Just pure water because that’s not dangerous!

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Can we use hockey as a way to bring poutine south of Canada? I don’t understand how America hasn’t caught on to smothering deep fried potatoes in gravy and cheese. What could possibly be more American?

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Bar menu includes ‘Jagr Bomb.’ Those who order it will be kicked TF out.

  • Zank

    better consult Jon Taffer first ;-p, but seriously, I’m not sure how well “long term” a Caps themed bar will do that far away from the arena.

  • Graham Dumas


  • Fait

    Keep one heinously uncomfortable and ugly table. Call it the “Table of Shame”. This is where anyone wearing Pens or Flyers gear gets sat.

  • Adam Schwager

    When this opens I’ll be counting down the days until I’m 21. 1683 to go!

  • DCSportsDork

    For those that are hating on the idea that they have to drive and not metro out of the Sin Bin afterwards…Dangerously Delicious Pies is just across the street. One of my friends showed me this place after a long day of drinking nearby and it was glorious.

    Think of it like this:

    Dangerously Delicious Pies is to H Street as D.P. Dough or [insert significantly more awesome hangover food place] is to Maryland-College Park and as Canyon Pizza is to Penn State (sorry, I had to get my alma mater involved in this).

  • Jonathan Kenny

    The bouncers/doormen should wear Dale Hunter sweaters

  • Myan

    It’s kind of a pain but you could just take the X2 from Gallery Place to H street…it’s like 30+ minutes in traffic though 🙁

  • Catherine__M

    The X2 runs right from Chinatown to H St, so it wouldn’t be that big of a pain to get to from the arena.

    H St in general, though suffers from being a relatively annyoing-to-access corner of DC (relative to the ease and proximity of many other hangout spots) unless you’re already in Chinatown or Eastern Market.

  • Jonathan Kenny

    Have a drink called the ‘Dale Hunter.’ When someone orders it the bartenders don’t actually talk to the customer but instead turn to their assistant (the barback) and have them make the drink and collect the money, which they hand to the bartender to put in the register.

  • Scarydave Dave

    AHLLive fed from a computer to one of the bar TVs would be fine by me, I’d spend more money at the bar over the season than I would spend on a membership for myself

  • Scarydave Dave

    Only if the bartenders hit it every time they got a tip when there wasn’t a game going on

  • Catherine__M

    It would be better from a business perspective to open up right around the season opener and run a big ol’ grand opening/ opening day party, but the stated timeline doesn’t sound like that’s in the cards.

    I somehow doubt that they’ll get a lot of the pre or post game
    business but they could position themselves to be an “instead of going” option. Maybe even some sort of “season ticket holder” specials for people who go there to watch a certain number of games? I dunno. Thinking aloud.

    Basically, as a fan, if I’m going to watch the game somewhere other than the arena or my/a friend’s living room, especially if it involves a bit of a hike, it would be either for a planned event, or the bar will have enough of a following that I know that there will be other fans there and it’s a fun, lively experience.

    Plus (probably not possible for a DC bar), but no DC prices. Enough of this nonsense of $9 for a beer that you get for $6 anywhere else inside the Beltway, (nevermind compared to outside!). Basically, you want to know where the party’s at and not spend as much as you would on a ticket to the actual game for 2 beers and some chicken tenders.

  • Alex

    Patience, it’ll get there

  • Alex

    Or this one

  • Katie Brown
  • Matthew Kory



    x2? Im assuming thats a bus? I can’t remember the last time I was ever on a metro bus, its been over 20 years. I think it will be a cool novelty, but the location will be its undoing.

  • Redskins Redskins

    Restrooms (Home) & (Away) LOVE THE IDEAS!! SO gonna throw a party for RMNB!!! ~The GM Sin Bin! Love the urinal stickers! Also we will have a live ticker outside running! GO CAPS!!

  • Redskins Redskins

    Love it!!

  • Redskins Redskins

    It’s done! And I will be installing 4 inch tv screens at every urinal so you don’t miss the action! Free beer for your awesome idea! LOVE IT!

  • Redskins Redskins

    Pork belly sliders sound good? NO GREEN TURTLE CRAP!! Wraps maybe? Meat and Cheese Boards called THE BOARDS!

  • Redskins Redskins

    and when ur board u can play our hockey foosball upstairs

  • Barrett

    or just hire Tom Wilson and John Erskine.

  • Redskins Redskins

    Done, it’s on the menu great idea!!

  • Redskins Redskins

    Done, we got you!! Great idea! Free pancake for you!

  • Redskins Redskins

    Audio yes, local beers DC Brau but 20 tap lines and space for kegs is so hard! We have 6 taps and local brews and craft brews make up only about 5% of beer consumption. Some beer drinkers maybe not that refined as us! LOL!

  • Redskins Redskins

    Foosball Hockey Table already to go, Canadian Beer, maybe not but Loud Goat reservation set!! Maybe a Hat Bin for Hat Tricks!

  • Redskins Redskins

    Hockey Stick Beer Sampler with worn tape and all! Burrito might work!?! Chipotle is a McDonalds Burrito!

  • Redskins Redskins

    Its a DC sports bar!! ONLY DC SPORTS except for Monday Night/Thursday Night and Sat. College! But YES, this is for DC sports fans! SKINS/NATS/CAPS/WIZ! and some H Street History memorabilia on the wall to respect the old / new neighbors!

  • Redskins Redskins

    Actually I love the Kaminski but what about a Stanley Cup of Nachos and if finished 30 min, you get ur name ingraved on it!?!?

  • Redskins Redskins

    LOVE IT! ON in an actual Players Cup!!

  • Redskins Redskins

    Poutine DONE!! BTW, they have a killer one at Bearnaise on cap. Hill, I opened that too!

  • Redskins Redskins

    DONE!! LOVE IT!! Free Beer for you!! See you this fall at the SIN BIN!! Also, whistles around the bouncers neck to signal the penalty!!

  • Hattrk3

    I’d like to see me in there!

  • Graham Dumas


  • Graham Dumas
  • Chris Cerullo

    This sounds awesome both on the Caps front and for my beloved Arsenal. Just 3 more years for me till 21.

  • Diller M

    Awesome, just awesome

  • Diller M

    Can there be a pens voodoo corner?

  • Diller M

    Walking distance to my new apartment HA HA!

  • Bev Miller Bellamy

    How about “Fury-ous Wings”? (Sorry Glory Days). “5-hole Sliders”? and a drink called the Slap Shot?

  • Diller M

    which you can only place on your right side with your right hand, if you’re left handed your not allowed to order

  • Trevor White

    If you did do that, you might consider contacting the Haitian Embassy. I’m sure they could point you guys in the direction of somebody who could, well, Make It Official, so to speak…

  • Redskins Redskins

    Uniform for Staff Ideas? Love the bouncers with ref shirts!

  • Jonah

    no wilson has a job this coming fall. ersk, on the other hand…

  • Jonah

    you mean charged $25 for a completely different drink that they didn’t order and will end up giving the remaining half to the guy at the stool next to them?

  • Jonah

    the adam oates shot, you mean?

  • Road worrier

    Barbecue! Haagen Dazs! Oops wrong coach. Though BB would be welcome whenever the Ducks are in town.

  • Road worrier

    Bruce Boudreau Barbecue Sandwich with Haagen Dazs

  • You are awesome

    Add the Flyers too. Hell change them out for whoever the opponent is that night.

  • I love you

    Gotta have something like “Top Cheese Nachos” and other ridiculous Lockerisms

  • CapsFanCore

    How about screens in the ladies stalls too

  • Myan

    If that’s the case, please have bottled craft beers! It’s a shame DC doesn’t have a larger market for craft beer but I think price has a lot to do with that. I paid $10 for a pint of Port City in Old Town…Port City is brewed in Alexandria! A Budlight on the other hand, cost about $3.50. Nashville has about 10 breweries and you could always get a local brew for under $5…as a result, EVERYONE drinks craft.

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Mmmmmmmexcellent. I’ll have to try the place on the Hill too.

  • Sarah

    “Hockey 101” lessons for the ladies… not.

  • RESmith

    I echo the call for local craft beers. This area has many good local breweries and it is shame that my corner liquor store in Crofton has a better variety than many of the places in DC.

  • RESmith

    Also, Old Bay for my fries and I’m in.

  • RESmith

    12 Bon[z]ai trees and see if anyone picks up the reference.

  • Gmonster

    A really big cup holder.

  • Scarydave Dave

    As long as you have gluten-free drink options like hard cider (draft or bottle), we’re all good.

    However, Canadian beers might be a nice touch.

  • Scarydave Dave

    A good selection of gluten-free items is a must for our household

  • wikipuff

    If it dosnt have bubble hockey, its not a hockey bar. A painting of Joe Juneau scoring the game winning goal against Buffalo in 98 would be nice. Signed photos, jerseys, pucks, newspaper clippings and possibly the trash can that the caps passed around in 1974 after winning in Oakland for the first time ever? If that is still around…you got to start from somewhere.

  • Lee

    Congrats for repeating the same joke that hundreds of Puck Daddy and Deadspin commenters have been saying for the past five years. Wasn’t really funny then, either.

  • Rhino40

    Hell yeah!

  • Rhino40

    ….And not Qdoba…

  • Rhino40

    Here’s an Idea:

    If a televised Caps game is broadcasting on NBC or NBCSN, mute the audio and have the speakers pumping out John Walton instead!

  • Rhino40

    …where the opposing team is Pittsburgh, so their goalie figure is removed at random intervals, and the #87 figure falls off of his stanchion if a caps figure gets anywhere near him

  • Rhino40

    Port City Optimal Wit, for Peter..because, well, he does possess a truly optimal wit.

  • Rhino40

    …or is that punching horses & riding people?

  • Redskins Redskins

    Crazy 8 Cocktail List is complete!! Got a nice signature drink The Gin Bin with Coconut Water and Lemongrass and a Ovechkin Throat Slasher PUNCH! Cant wait to taste test again!!!

  • Nancy VanGorden

    I have been looking for the
    perfect Caps bar for five years and this sounds like it might finally be the
    place! A few ideas:

    · Discount for wearing Caps gear

    · Quality wine! A wine list that reads, “Red and White” is not a wine list. It’s not any more difficult to put together a decent wine list than it is to put together a quality beer list. More than happy to offer ideas here!

    · Pens & Flyers decals in the ladies rest rooms please!

    · Themed food and drink items are a must!

    · Memorabilia from Caps history—banners with the old logos, photos, etc.

    · Some kind of horn that sounds whenever the Caps score

  • Bar Pointofsale

    They should use a good point of sale tool for quick and reliable services 😉