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At 7:45 pm, Alex Ovechkin was awarded his fourth Maurice “Rocket” Richard trophy for leading the league in goals. Instead of getting invited on stage, Ovechkin was interviewed at his seat by new Hockey Night In Canada host George Stroumboulopoulos.

Ovi said he was excited for himself and his team– and his coach… who doesn’t have a job anymore. So. Yeah.

Strombo also asked Ovi about who’s got a bigger trophy shelf– him or Sidney Crosby, who earlier won the Lindsay and will soon win the Hart. Ovi’s answer: “He has one.” Or maybe it was “He’s won.” Not sure.

This whole thing has been painfully awkward.

  • Alex

    As awkward as his interview was, that video montage was pretty sick.

  • Jack Conness

    Dammit Alex…lol. Classic Ovi though. I LOVE YOU!

  • Crazy Russian

    Never change Ovi, never change.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Love that guy. Also, it was smart on him to give Oates props. He made our PP good (except that was it).

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Awkward is the name of the game for the NHL Awards Show

  • MuzzMuzzington

    I would love for Strombo to do some interviews with Ovi and other Caps players.

  • VeggieTart

    I think Ovi was joking.

  • Chris Cerullo

    I must comment on the dress game. He’s lookin sharp.

  • JenniferH

    I was expecting a lot worse based on the write-up actually. Ovi was pretty cool. Never change, Ovi, never change.

  • Bilal

    Much love Ovi. Much love

  • Jonah

    crosby may have a bigger trophy case but ovi’s engaged to a russian tennis player who’s blonde and has legs that could turn neil patrick harris straight…
    who’s the real winner?

  • Sarah

    I can’t help but notice his belt buckle, calling attention to the plight of Paris Hilton’s ferrets, Dolce and Gabbana. My heart bleeds for them, too, Ovi! Keep fighting the good fight!

  • liquid8d

    Just want to say the next time someone says some negative @$%@ about Ovi, just copy and paste this and tell them to STFU!!

    Washington Capitals right wing Alex Ovechkin claimed his second consecutive and fourth career Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy as the League’s goal-scoring leader, adding to the ones he earned in 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2012-13.

    Ovechkin scored 51 goals, becoming the 11th player in NHL history to record five 50-goal seasons and just the fifth to do so in his first nine campaigns, following Mike Bossy (9 in 9),Wayne Gretzky (8), Guy Lafleur (6) and Brett Hull (5). Ovechkin, who finished 2013-14 ahead of Anaheim Ducks forward Corey Perry (43) andSan Jose Sharks forward Joe Pavelski (41), also registered his third career four-goal game Dec. 10; scored his 400th goal Dec. 20, becoming the sixth-fastest player in NHL history (and seventh-youngest) to achieve the milestone (634 GP). He led the League with 24 power-play goals, a franchise record and the most by any player since Steven Stamkos scored an equal amount in 2009-10. Since entering the NHL at the beginning of the 2005-06 season, Ovechkin leads the League in goals (422), points (814), power-play goals (151) and game-winning goals (69). His average of 0.62 goals per game is tied for third in NHL history (minimum: 350 games played), trailing only Bossy (0.76) and Lemieux (0.75).

  • Lawrence

    I think he has changed so much these last few years. Like, you can tell he really cares about what he says and how he appears, which can make anyone seem awkward like this, whereas when you don’t care you often come off confident. When he says ovechkin’s name after partying, Ovi’s face was almost like embarrassed looking, “I am not a kid anymore!” I think he is feeling a bit older and calmer these days.

  • Rhino40

    Is no one going to ask what’s up with this “not invited on stage” crap?

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    How’s his defensive coverage? 😉

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    I didnt watch, was there any other pre-show announced award winners brought up on stage?

  • Owen Johnson

    But they were bros. Remember the late night texts?

  • sheena dunn

    I don’t think so. I only watch a little, so I am not 100% sure. But I know when Crosby won something, they did it from his seat.

  • Jonah

    i have noticed that he’s not as crazy as he was under early boudreau.
    also, alex, you know what else grown ups do? lemme give you a guess, it rhymes with “hackcheck”

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    My guess is the Art Ross he got at his seat, Hart he picked up on the stage.

  • Anonymous

    Ovechkin has traditionally been an offensive player. If played more defensive people would wonder why he wasn’t scoring. In the McPhee era he was used as a sniper not a defensive forward. Could it be better absolutely, but he has been a scoring machine (why McPhee drafted him) since he entered the league.

    Now that Barry Trotz is here and we have a new and much needed GM in MacLellan, I am sure we will see Ovechkin become much more defensively responsible while maintaining his offensive ability.

  • Abc

    We need those with Trotz. Pronto

  • Patrick

    Crosby has a even better gf that he actually keep on down low, he doesn’t need to brag 😉

  • Minsk Fan

    This was the most insulting award presentation ever – Ovi doesn’t come up to the stage and then Stupid George, the one that only likes only Canadian players, makes comments on how many awards the Cry Baby has! This award was all about Ovi, and they still make it out to be a Cry Baby Love Fest. Really? I was surprised that Ovi went this year, but I would encourage him to never go to this farce again! I’m not watching it next year.

  • Jonah


  • Ryan McPherson

    more like how is the capitals defensive coverage, and the answer is that it is atrocious. Ovi wears the C, but come on, -35 is a team stat. and yes, when he adapted to the defense first strategy that dale hunter was using he was ostracized for not producing as many goals. the lesson to be learned is that greatness comes with many haterz such as yourself.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Who said I was a hater? Im actually a big fan of Ovis, however I recognize that there are quite a few negative aspects of his game/play style. Sorry for being realistic & honest.

  • Myan

    I don’t like the insinuation that women are things to be “[kept] on down low” or bragged about. Maria Kirilenko was a Top 10 tennis player and has been on the circuit for nearly a decade. She’s famous in her own right and certainly doesn’t need her fiance to prop her up.