After years of getting eviscerated by internet memes made by pouty hockey fans, LeBron James has had enough. He’s leaving Miami. I know many of you want him to take his talents to the District. The Wizards just need that last piece or two to become a real contender, and LeBron could be it. I’m happy to confirm the report: LeBron is coming to Washington.

…Just not to play basketball.

He’s going to sign with the Washington Capitals.

It’s gonna be so sick)))))))


No more of this.



Just a whole lot of this.


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  • MuzzMuzzington

    FREE AGENCY CANNOT START SOON ENOUGH. Oh, and that Draft thingy too

  • Bilal
  • Alex


  • Sarah

    Laugh at LBJ in the NHL all you want, I say he has the professionalism and class to make it as a Flyer. And flops well enough to be a Penguin.

  • Alex


  • Sarah

    Lol! Thank you, I love that image! I grew up around horses and that takes me back.

  • Chip
  • Sarah

    Hey, thanks, Chip! I never got into Breaking Bad, but that gif is hilarious.