It’s official. Tuesday afternoon, the Washington Capitals announced the hiring of Mitch Korn as the team’s new goaltending coach. Korn, who has been Nashville’s goaltending coach since 1998, has coached Pekka Rinne to consecutive Vezina Trophy nominations in 2011 and 2012. Before joining the Predators, Korn spent seven seasons with the Buffalo Sabres, where Dominik Hasek won four Vezina Trophies and two Hart Trophies. That’s a pretty good resume.

Caps great Olie Kolzig will remain in the organization in a unspecified role. The Capitals announced that Kolzig was not fired, but “expressed his desire to not continue as a full-time goaltending coach due to family reasons.”

Today’s news confirms an earlier report by The Tennessean’s Joshua Cooper from two weeks ago.

From the Caps PR:

The Washington Capitals have named Mitch Korn the team’s goaltending coach, senior vice president and general manager Brian MacLellan announced today.

Following the season Olie Kolzig expressed his desire to not continue as a full-time goaltending coach due to family reasons. Korn and Kolzig are currently discussing Kolzig’s level of time commitment and involvement with the organization.

“I am very pleased to join the Washington Capitals and continue to work alongside Barry Trotz,” said Korn. “I look forward to working with all of the talented goaltenders in the organization and helping them improve and succeed on the ice. I want to thank the Nashville Predators for a great 16 years and wish them the very best in the future.

“I have known Olie for many years and have a great appreciation and respect for the way he views the goaltending position. We will continue to discuss the best way for him to remain with the organization while doing what’s best for his family.”

Korn, 56, spent the past 15 seasons as the goaltending coach for the Nashville Predators and has more than 35 years of coaching experience. Korn worked with all netminders in the Nashville system during his tenure with the team and helped develop several into elite NHL goaltenders. Under Korn’s direction, Pekka Rinne was a finalist for the Vezina Trophy in 2011 and 2012 and finished in the top 10 in Hart Trophy voting in both seasons. Korn also helped develop two-time Czech Olympian, 2010 World Champion and NHL All-Star Tomas Vokoun.

Before joining the Predators in 1998, Korn spent seven seasons (1991-98) with the Buffalo Sabres organization, where he worked with Hockey Hall-of-Famer and two-time Hart Trophy-winner Dominik Hasek. While working with Korn, Hasek captured four Vezina Trophies and led the NHL in save percentage five times. Korn also saw Buffalo’s goaltending tandem (Hasek and Hall-of-Famer Grant Fuhr) capture the NHL’s Jennings Trophy (lowest team goals-against average) during the 1994-95 season. Korn has also developed goalie coaches, with several whom have learned under him serving around North America, including five currently at the NHL level.

Korn began his coaching career at Kent State University in 1979 shortly after ending his playing career at the school. He worked at Miami University’s Goggin Ice Center in Oxford, Ohio, for 30 years and coached the school’s goalies until joining the Sabres in 1991. Korn, who runs goaltending and defensemen schools around the country in the off-season, also has contributed regularly to several hockey publications, including USA Hockey Magazine, Goalies’ World and In-Goal Magazine.

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  • Topher Gee

    If anyone needs it: Я

  • VeggieTart

    I am really looking forward to seeing what he can do with Holtby.

  • Steven Lemmeyer

    This man’s validity summed up… Imagine the fruits of the future!

  • Andrew Sager

    Wow! This is super awesome! He’s a great guy and has great training camps for non-pros as well. I’m super pumped to hear this.

  • Now it’s time for speculation about Defensive Coaches!!!!

    Anyone? Hello? Anyone?

  • Bilal

    adam oates

  • Bilal

    BЯaden Holtby 😀

    (I don’t see why not)

  • Punished Snake

    After last year’s disaster regarding the goalies, it will be nice to have a competent goaltending coach who can get Holtby back on track.

  • Rob Reichhelm

    What? No super-imposed heads on a crappy nu-metal band’s picture? C’mon guys. I’ve been waiting for clever Korn pictures since his name was rumored to be joining the coaching staff. I’d do one but I don’t have the technology.

  • Ash

    Really looking forward to Korn’s work with Holtby…. and really relieved Olie is still going to be around. He’s one of my favorite all time players, and I don’t think I could do another bitter divorce with him and the franchise. Same feelings about Calle Jo.

  • JenniferH

    Whee!!! So excited for what this means for Holts!! 😀


    CalleJo leaves due to family reason. In other words he was fired.

    Ollie Kolzig assumes smaller role with caps so he can spend more time with family. In other words he too was fired.

    This MICKEY MOUSE organization is such a piece of cow turd. It really bothers me. Everyone is just one big happy family. Ted is too much of a wuss to fire anyone.


    That’s the best goaltender in NHL history. Lets not take anything away from the Dominator himself. Korn was there for the ride. I believe strongly however, Korn will work well to improve the caps current goalies.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Love this hire not only for him to work with Holtby/Grubauer but to help identify potential draftees.

  • JoshV

    How DARE people want to spend time with their families!!! It’s not like athletes are real people with feelings anyways.
    If you hate the organization so much, don’t support it. Leave. No one will miss you and your need to crap on everything and everyone on this team. Because if the organization is a cow turd, you’re a whole pile of ’em.

  • Brent

    I guess spending time with loved ones only makes sense if you have any. Three guesses why this guy doesn’t get it.

  • Jonah

    the implication is that “family reasons” is a codeword for the caps to get rid of people without formally firing them.

  • Rob Reichhelm

    Ray Lewis


    Pretty evident that you are incapable of reading and have poor reading comprehension. Read the reply Jonah wrote.


    Spend more time in school. Perhaps you’ll be able to decipher the implication of my comment.

  • Brent

    I thought Josh’s point was pretty clear, too: some people–obviously not you– actually do have other people who can tolerate their presence, and actually do choose to spend time with them. Or maybe these guys were unofficially fired, who even cares? Why would such use of tact be wrong? It’s common courtesy, something else you obviously don’t grasp.
    Josh is right that regardless of what’s going on with these people none of us have met, there’s no value in spewing all this toxic crap about them, crap with no foundation, which may be totally untrue.
    You need to spend more time with whatever it is that you spend time with, and maybe you’ll be able to decipher the implication of Josh’s comment.


    Josh’s point is clear? On what grounds? You and him both couldn’t get the just of my comment. Yet you continue coming on here and making a fuss.

    Here we go with the word “toxic”. I’d love to know what fantasy rose coloured utopia you live in. The way this franchise conducts its day to day business is sickening. So much so that people are turned away from this franchise and its behaviour. Stop making this personal. Its pretty clear you don’t understand the game of hockey or the business of sports or hell even the game of life. Spend some more time in the real world.

  • sometimes obvious joke is too obvious