We’ve got some important, breaking news on the Alex Ovechkin beat tonight. Margarita Glukhova of ITAR-TASS is reporting that the Russian machine has been named head judge for Miss Moscow 2014.

Ovechkin, 24 hours removed from winning his fourth Maurice “Rocket” Richard trophy, will judge the ladies on their talent and their swimsuits.

Also, if I’m reading this right, Ovechkin will judge a dance number. And if there’s anyone who knows dance, it’s Ovi.

Below, Igor Kleyner has translated the entire press release. Congratulations, Ovi, on this important and distinguished honor.

Alexander Ovechkin will be the head of the judging panel for the Miss Moscow 2014 Festival of Talent and Beauty.

This year, the main theme of the contest is “Moscow is the best city on Earth”. Twenty eight young ladies who are residents of Moscow will participate.

The show will kick off with dance to a Moscow-themed song, and then the girls will come out on stage to present their own images of young Muscovites – students, athletes, actresses. Then there will be another dance number by participants, with another Moscow themed song. Aside from the talent competition, the judging panel will also evaluate contestant’s swimsuit appearance.

Various Russian and foreign pop stars, including the band Secret Service and Charlie Armstrong – a grandson of famous American jazz icon Louis Armstrong.

A former president of the Russian Olympic Committee, a member of State Duma, a television presenter and an actress will join Alex Ovechkin on the panel for the contest.

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  • what a time to be alive

  • Red Rockers

    No, Brouwer Rangers, you can’t try out for this either.

  • IRockTheRed

    What’s going on with Maria???

  • Sarah

    I will be so disappointed if he doesn’t show up in his blue suit.

  • Brouwer Rangers
  • Jonah

    well she’s at wimbledon right now and just pulled off a huge upset the other day.
    when she’s back i assume her and alex are gonna have a bit of a talk…

  • Patrick

    I hope ovechkin finds new girlfriend

  • Connor

    If Grabo walks this is what I’m doing as GMBM.

    -Sign Niskanen, Orpik, and Vokoun (the new coaching hires helps there)
    -Trade Green, Brouwer, and 1st round pick to Winnipeg.
    -Winnipeg trades Evander Kane and a 3rd round pick to us.
    -Trade Mojo for Veteran depth D


    81-Depth D

    A line of Burakovsky, Kuznetsov, and E. Kane could be the best line in hockey in 2-3 years. Kuznetsov just needs to get stronger at face-offs. Still not sure how Brooks Laich fits in any of this

  • Kory S.

    Wilson on the first line?

  • Bryan Gleason

    Every time Ovi scoars goal, a woman in Moscow becomes pregnant.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Kane is going absolutely nowhere, especially if that’s all we offer Winnipeg.

  • PatCaps

    You’re a piece of trash.

    You don’t even like Ovi or the Caps. …Why are you on this site????

  • Patrick

    I watch caps all the time and they are my team. Ovechkin dissapoints me a lot though

  • Patrick

    Plus new girlfriend woukd be more fun, maybr he will play better

  • pribtwo

    Livin’ the dream…

  • Guest
  • Yo8

    I will really hate if these two end their relationship tho Ovi has not demonstrated any bad behavior with other girls so far and I think being judge on miss Moscow isn’t one.

  • Patrick

    I think he needs a new hot gf

  • Pat Magee

    Orpik? Let’s just have 2 Erskines, and one of them is the Matt Cooke of defensemen… Just ask eric cole.

  • Sarah

    I think you need help.

  • Patrick

    I don’t care what you think, a new gf will probably make him play better

  • Sarah

    A new gf would probably make you less of a troll, why don’t you go get one?

  • Sarah

    ….oh wait. I guess I may have hit on the problem here.

  • Sarah

    You have the right to state your opinion. But if you want to be a jerk expect to get it back. With interest.

  • Sarah

    Gee, that was fun! Please don’t hurry back, Patrick.

  • Jonah

    mike knuble 2.0.
    just a bit better skater and even bigger!

  • Andy

    Hey RMNB writers, i dont know if you saw my email from a few days ago and i dont know how else to get into contact with you, but i currently have some available box seat tickets to the draft tonight at the wells fargo center in philly. You guys are free to join me if you want in. I think a draft article live from a box would be awesome! Let me know

  • Lisa Sa

    Ovechkin will love the hot girls

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Trade/amnesty Laich (need his cap room and roster spot, he’s worthless);
    Put in a legit offer for Stastny;
    Would love to re-sign Grabbo, but at right price…he’ll be playing 3C;
    Trade Brouwer (his value will never be higher, opens spot for Wilson),
    Sign/trade for a STH dman (I’d like to see Green stay one more year with a legit pairing…but if he wants to go, gotta trade him and get another top 4 dman).
    Trade Mojo


    Green-SAH Dman
    Orlov-one of our young D (we got a few)

    If you cant get Grabbo at a reasonable rate, then move on without him. Move Fehr to 3c or see how one of the young Cs/Fs do in camp.

  • Sarah

    Probably the best way to contact the RMNB guys is to show up unannounced in the bushes outside Peter’s house.
    Seriously, though, if I remember right Ian is getting married tomorrow (congrats again!) so they must be pretty busy. But holy cow, what an offer, can I go if they don’t?? 😀 I know I’m not a hockey expert or anything, but I’m a very friendly person to anybody who manages not to pointlessly insult our players’ fiancees. And that’s the overwhelming majority of the human race…

  • Hey Andy– sorry we’re swamped with wedding stuff and our own draft coverage, but thanks so much for the offer.

  • Sarah

    Er, and just because it’s the interwebs and Poe’s Law and all that, I was kidding about everything except the wedding. Especially the bushes thing. Although “Random guest commenter trolls the draft” would be a fabulous article that I’m sure the hockey world would be agog to read.

  • Andy

    Hey no problem, i know it was short notice. Good luck!