Starting at noon, it’ll be open season on unrestricted free agents in the NHL. Last year’s contracts will be up, and we’ll be inundated by a flood of exorbitant salaries and impractical terms. For the last few years the Caps have mostly been bystanders to the free agency frenzy, but with $12.7M in salary cap space, they’ll likely be a bit more active today.

I cut this video to discuss what might animate the Caps’ offseason strategy: where they stand as a franchise, what holes they need to fill, and where the problems are not.

videoHere are those eensy charts from the video.

We’ll have an open thread up at noon today. It should be an interesting day.

And because I know one of you will screenshot it, here’s me doing that weird face.

image (4)


image (2)

image (1)

image (8)


image (3)

Sources: NHL, Behind The Net, Hockey Analytics


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  • Brouwer Rangers

    I was hoping you’d have recorded this from behind your favorite creepin’ bush.

  • thaaaaaaaanks

  • “Un-Oates the Capitals.”

    It’s like the opposite of Black Beauty’s perspective.

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    I’m sure you guys’ve already heard this from others, and it’s only confirming what we kinda already know:


    the habs want to get rid of gorges (3.9 mil a year), who is actually a stay at home defender, unlike niskanen, and for some reason maclellan doesnt seem interested. hed rather let our 2nd line center go so we can use iron man as our number 2 center (until his next injury) and waste an extra 4 million on an overrated defenseman. and on top of all this, he actually said johansson had talent… has the world gone mad?!!?!

  • Owen Johnson

    5 things:
    1. Re-sign Grabovski
    2. Get a defensive upgrade
    3. Not urgent, but I think it would be good if the Caps get a veteran backup for Holtby and allow Grubauer another year to develop
    4. USA soccer team is about to play Belgium and Peter is wearing a shirt with Belgium colors. For shame! Let me guess: you enjoyed some Stella after making this video too.
    5. Seriously,RE-SIGN GRABOVSKI!

  • Dan Curry

    Peter, your eye-contact is superb.

  • Guest

    Unfortunately, if history is any kind of predictor, we’re looking at the final option of “shit show”. I’d love to be wrong though.

  • yey!

  • Veteran goalie means $$$ to me, which seems like a bad investment. We shall see!

  • haroldhendu

    never trust a graph with a y-axis that doesn’t start at zero.

  • Owen Johnson

    Not urgent. If there’s cap room.