On Thursday night, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin returned to the spotlight for the first time since he accepted his fourth Rocket Richard Trophy in Las Vegas. The re-emergence was for good reason.

Ovechkin was the head judge of Miss Moscow 2014. (Hall of famer Pavel Bure was on the panel too.)

“In my opinion everything went very well, very lovely,” Ovechkin said to TV reporter Ivan Obydenkov. “For us, the judges on the panel, it was one hundred percent clear who the winner was.”

The winner, 18-year-old ballet dancer Irina Alekseeva, is an art student from the Moscow College of Fine Arts.

Twenty-eight girls took part in the show. Each one performed two dance numbers and then competed in swimsuit, talent, and evening gown competitions.

Alekseeva ran away with the competition after a stunning ballet number during the talent portion of the contest.

Aw man, Ovi’s so impressed.

“I think there are no questions,” Ovechkin said afterwards. “The young lady did everything properly. She did everything right in her solo number. She chose the correct dress and everything else.”

Later, Ovechkin did another interview with kp.ru. He was asked why Maria Kirilenko did not accompany him to the competition.

“She’s at home,” he said. “She’s preparing for her [tennis] tournaments.”

Ovechkin was then asked why he didn’t accompany her to Wimbledon, like he has in years past.

“There were problems with visa,” Ovechkin began, before pausing and ending the interview. “You are done with your questions.”

Last year, as you’ll recall, Ovechkin was barred from using the Wimbledon gym. He also has a relationship with several Russian leaders who are being sanctioned due to Russia’s actions in Crimea.


Translation by Igor Kleyner.

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