Agent: Tom Wilson Fractured His Fibula in a Fall


Last week, the Washington Capitals announced that Tom Wilson suffered an ankle injury while vacationing in Canada. There wasn’t much information on the scope of the injury or how it happened.

On Wednesday, CSN Washington’s Chuck Gormley got to the heart of the matter, finding out from Wilson’s agent, Mark Guy, that Wilson has fractured his fibula. That’s a bone in the leg– just in case you, like us, had no idea.

“Tom is resting and recovering nicely,” Guy said to The Gorm. “He should be ready at some point during camp.” So maybe not at the start of camp, but soon after that.

A Washington Capitals spokesman also agreed on that return date to The Washington Post’s Alex Prewitt.

When Gormley asked Wilson’s agent how the second year player got injured, Guy said only that Wilson “rolled his ankle” and he had surgery yesterday.

Get well soon, Tom.

And now, for no reason in particular, here’s a fun GIF.

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  • Mark Chaffer

    Joe Flacco got in trouble for riding a skateboard and the next season he was Super Bowl MVP. hmmmmmm

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    The fibula is one of two of the major lower leg bones. Minimum recovery time is 6 weeks, but being as how he had to have surgery on it, I’d add at least another 4 weeks to that (he’ll more than likely need rehab/etc)…

  • To be honest, I’m leery that both Wilson or Orlov will not be ready for the regular season regardless of what anybody says. Those are brutal injuries. I’m more optimistic with Orly though because it was his non-shooting arm that got injured.

  • Sarah

    So you’re saying the Caps are gonna win the Super Bowl next year??? FINALLY

  • Matt Lauer

    “Non-shooting arm”

    I know what you mean, but technically there is no such thing as a non-shooting arm in hockey. 😉

  • Katie Brown

    Important distinction: was it actually his distal fibula (closer to the ankle)? “Fibula” seems vague. His agent saying he “rolled his ankle” makes me think that it is the distal fibula. Maybe he just dislocated it, which I don’t think would require surgery, so I wonder if he wrecked his ankle like I did and had bones hanging out of his foot, thus surgery and stuff. Anyway, I’m gross. And I hope Twils’s ankle isn’t as bad off as I think it is.

  • Yeah that was definitely an #Ianism Haha

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    I reached out to his agent about the true extent of his injury and he told me to pass along the info:

    “Tom is out with a lower body injury”


    While recuperating, he apparently stole my dog. (Or adopted his twin.)

  • Sarah

    Poor guy. Get better soon, Willy! And careful with skateboards, the ground seems to be the only thing that can beat you in a fight.

  • Pat Magee

    Bout daggone time!!!!

  • Pat Magee

    They’ll both be 100% for the season. Orly is a fellow Russian machine, and as we all know, they don’t break.

  • Pat Magee

    He’ll be fine, guys. He’s one tough cookie!!!!!

    I’m more worried about us trading Greenie to Detroit. Unless we get Nyquist out of it, I am NOT down to clown with losing him!

  • Ben Reed

    Trotz said yesterday he was VERY excited to coach Wilson, with a grin on his face.

    It gives me goosebumps to think what a competent coach will do with his development.

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    I think if anybody will be ready, it will be those two. They’re both really young, in shape, and they don’t have day jobs hindering their rehab (you’d be surprised how much quicker you can recover from orthopedic injuries like that when literally all you have to do is concentrate on doing what the doctor tells you to do).

    They might not be ready opening day against Montreal, but there’re 82 games in a season, and it doesn’t even start for another 3 months…