Jakub Vrana Scores Sick Shootout Goal (GIF)

He’s good. He knows it. (Photo: Chris Gordon)

When the Washington Capitals drafted Jakub Vrana with the 13th overall pick, many wondered if the Caps were reaching. Vrana, the U18 World Championship’s best scorer, was called selfish by some scouts. Others said his play away from the puck could use some work.

After tonight, we know one thing for sure: the Czech has a sick pair of hands.

During Development Camp’s first scrimmage of the week, the Czech winger scored an impressive shootout goal.

Vrana fakes like he’s going to do a spin, cradles the puck on his backhand, avoids the goalie’s poke check, and scores forehand on a shot right off the top of the crossbar.

Let’s slow this down a bit.

Yep, still pretty.

How about one more angle, just for kicks?

Of course, the goalie did himself no favors. He goes hard for the first move, doesn’t extend his stick out far on the poke check, and is really, really deep in the net. But still, way to go, Vrana.

The Capitals asked their followers on Twitter to describe the goal with one word.

This one was my favorite.


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  • Rob W.
  • Diller M

    Correction, that’s now spelled vranasty

  • Diller M


  • Matt Lauer

    Nice edgework, too.

  • VeggieTart

    I need a shower after that one.

  • James Hare

    Wagon’s shoutout move was nastier.

  • Sarah

    Kid went from “D’aaaaw” to “Holy s–t!” in 3.2 seconds!

  • Owen Johnson

    EHHHHHHHH. No this is pretty nasty. Although Hendy was doing against stiffer competition.

  • Owen Johnson

    I was there with my brother and nephews. I was hoping someone got it on film/GIFs.

  • Lawrence
  • Owen Johnson

    Although a couple years ago, after Hendy’s shootout goal on Thomas, the president was all

  • Bilal

    I guess you could say he HANDled that situation pretty well………..geddit? HANDled…..like……hands…….yeah okay im going now

  • Myan

    Burakovsky’s second goal was also a peach! 2 on 1 and he turned so he was perpendicular to the goal and less than a foot out. It looked like he was going to pass but he ripped it bar down. Reaaaaalllly impressive stuff from the young guys!

  • JenniferH

    Niiiiiiiiiice. 🙂

  • GR in 430

    Agreed. Shootout moves are cool, but there aren’t a whole lot of guys in any league who could have done what Burakovsky did on that goal. Sold the fake pass and then that shot… Maybe Semin and Ovechkin could have done it better… but I doubt it.

    In fact Burakovsky was good all game. His line was usually matched up against Chandler Stephenson/Nathan Walker and they played pretty evenly, even though Burakovsky was playing his first ever game at C.

    Stephenson was also very good, clearly one of the best players out there.

    Walker is a beast. A short beast, but a beast. Had the most good hits by far, including going after Cajkovsky, who is probably 6 inches taller and 40 lbs. heavier. I love this kid’s game and I’m really glad they picked him.

    The real surprise to me was Gersich. Kid can fly, has good vision and good hands. It’s only one scrimmage, but he looks like a steal in the 5th round.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    It was pretty no doubt, but I agree with this statement “Of course, the goalie did himself no favors. He goes hard for the first move, doesn’t extend his stick out far on the poke check, and is really, really deep in the net. ” Goalie really over-committed to that first move. Almost like a soccer goalie that chooses the wrong way in a PK.

  • Connor

    It kind of intrigues me that they are using Burakovsky at center during developmental camp. If there is a hole in the roster where a promising player could get quality ice time it is 2C…..I didn’t get a chance to watch the full scrimmage but it looks like he was holding his own on the draws, even against Stephenson. Maybe they are going to have him work on draws all summer and see where he stands during regular camp. It could be Kuznetsov, Mojo, Laich, and Burakovsky all battling for the position of 2C. If Burakovsky does pan out at center this looks pretty darn good to me.

    Brouwer – Backstrom – Ovechkin
    Kuznetsov- Burakovsky – Wilson
    Chimera – Laich – Ward
    Fehr – Beagle – Latta

    If this is actually the thought process (who know if it is) mojo could be odd man out.

    If the caps looked like this in 4 years, my god it would be a fun team to watch *Assuming players develop into what we think they will be*:

    Kuznetsov – Burakovsky – Wilson
    Vrana – Backstrom – Ovechkin
    Walker – Stephenson – Latta

  • tpr04

    I honestly don’t see much of a future for Mojo on this team. I don’t think anyone’s career was hurt more by Oates than his. The guy went from 38 ES points in his last full season before Oates to 23 ES points under Oates, mainly on the top line. You would have expected an improvement from age 21 to 23, not a regressoin. That’s about a 40% drop in ES production.

    My guess is they’re exploring all possibilities for 2C, starting now, while still trying to find something on the trade market.

  • Pat Magee

    That is what we would call having a decent amount of skating ability.

  • Connor

    My guess is that he ends up being odd man out and traded to a team looking for a play maker on the 2nd line, and eventually ends up playing in the swedish league or KHL for the rest of his career…

    If Burakovsky could pan out at C i would love it. Gets him quality playing time, lets laich stay on 3rd line (where he belongs), makes mojo odd man out, and lets Kuz worry about playmaking and not have to take draws (which he is horrendus at)

  • Connor

    Jeeze I didnt even add Barber in there. We are going to have a hell of a team in 4 years…

  • Brackaphobia

    Looks like Vrana took a page out of the Mike Ribeiro shootout handbook.


  • VeggieTart

    Hendy had some pretty sexy shootout moves. This is just flat-out filthy.

  • Mark Gillis

    I’ve watched this a number of times and I can’t see a way I wouldn’t fall flat on my ass if I tried that move.

  • FreeWilly43

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree that the goalie went for a poke check. After his jock was placed 5 rows up, he tried to stop the puck with his paddle, no attempt at a poke check, which he should have done instead of biting. Easy for me to say.

  • 5manfront

    Very similar to the move Datsyuk uses in shootouts. This is just as filthy.