There were a lot of wacky contracts given out at the start of free agency. But if you ask 500-goal scorer and very, very articulate NBC analyst Jeremy Roenick, there were none worse than the four-year, $20-million contract awarded to Mikhail Grabovski by the New York Islanders.

“Way to go islanders!!!!” Roenick said in another poorly capitalized and punctuated Twitter rage blackout. “Making a 40pt guy a 5 million dollar player!!! Grabovski?? 5 million??? I’m going back to the gym!! Good god.”

The 30-year-old Grabovski — who missed 24 games last season and averaged .60 points a game — was the Capitals best possession forward. Most fancy-stat forward nerds would even say the four-year deal Grabovski netted was – well, kind of on the low side.

Nine days later, on Instagram, Grabo responded.

“Just finished a tough 2 hour workout with strength coach @toddnorman36, hopefully I can get in as good as shape as Jeremy Roenick!”

Aw, J.R. I’m sad to say it, but…

  • Jack Conness

    This is great. JR sucks and Grabo rules. WE WIN.

  • Myan


  • Joey

    is he doing that in the picture to cover up a Caps logo? lol

  • Bilal

    well J.R……….

  • derp

    “There were none [worse] than the four year…”

    First time commenting, and it’s to be a grammar Nazi.

    Sorry, Ian.


  • Lawrence

    Hahahaha boy am I gonna miss that awkward look.

  • Sarah

    I can’t wait to hear the flatulent noises JR makes in response.

  • Haha. If that’s the worst mistake I had for a 10pm Friday post, then I’m doing pretty good! Thanks, I fixed.

  • Sarah

    If that’s the worst mistake you make on a Friday 10 pm post, Ian, you need another drink.

  • DG

    Classic gif haha

  • Austin

    LOL true

  • Luke Anthony

    J.R. is a moron and always has been as an analyst. When NBC has him and Milbury at the same time it’s like a battle for idiot supremacy.

  • john

    grabo’s contract isn’t on the low side since he is still getting paid by the leafs buyout of his last five million dollar contract. funny response though.

  • Guest

    JR earned 5 mil in 2005-2006, and finished with 22pts. Can’t believe the contracts they were giving out in those days!!!!! Roenick??? 5 million??? Good god.

  • Rob Rixmann

    Guess it wasn’t such a bad deal when JR nabbed 22 points while raking in $5 mil.

  • Darla Doxstater

    If there’s a decimal with nothing but space to the left of the decimal, it’s less than one. .60 point, not .60 points. Not often you get to combine grammar fail and math fail.

  • Pete

    I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I put the TV on mute.

  • bskillet

    Me too, same as when McGuire is in the glass.

  • Rhino40

    I had always liked JR as a player and had often wished he would play for the Caps. I have now officially lost ALL respect I had left for him.

    Conspiracy Theory: JR not really that stupid…he is being groomed/trained to fill Millbury’s Don-Cherry-Lite shoes when the latter (finally!) shuffles off into retirement.

    Grabo>JR…wish we could have kept you. Stoopid agent.

  • Rhino40


  • Rob W.
  • Graham Dumas

    Except for that whole “letting the Isles get him” thing. Still really steamed about that…

  • Austin

    The answer is a sad yes

  • OlietheGoalie

    I already miss him.

  • OlietheGoalie

    His little hat wobble at the end makes it.

  • Eric Schulz

    We used his money to sign Orpik though…

  • VeggieTart

    Yeah, but Caps did need to shore up their defense. And Grabo wanted to play with Kuleman (sp), and there was no way the Caps could sign both.

  • LetsGoCaps

    J.R. is the most overrated hockey player of all time. He barely got over the 500 goal mark, never won a Stanley Cup, never won a medal in the Olympics, and truthfully really didn’t get any significant achievement in the NHL. He always claims how he was one of the best American players of all time and he even compares himself to Mike Modano, which is a joke. The guy is perfect for the job as an NBC analyst since they’re all morons over there to begin with.

  • Eric Schulz

    We would’ve been better off adding only Niskanen while resigning Grabovski. Or, even if we let Grabovski go, using that massive chunk we spent on Orpik signing better, cheaper players. A bunch of guys were out there. Havlat and Richards were cheap, not surprisingly; no idea how much it would’ve cost for the Caps to get those guys since clearly they took less to go to a specific team… well, in Richards’ case; I would think we could’ve gotten Havlat for about what he signed for. There were other forwards out there that I would’ve at least flirted with in an effort to replace Grabovski rather than worrying about the 3rd pair. For the first time in over a decade, I don’t think our 3rd pair will be a problem next year; we have Orlov and lots of candidates to pair with him: Hillen, Oleksy, Wey. I think we would’ve been fine, for once. Had there been great value out there, then I wouldn’t have ignored it, but there was absolutely no reason to overpay; I wasn’t even that happy with Niskanen’s contract, but I’m at least okay with it. Orpik’s though, is disastrous.
    Everybody knows that we paid Orpik too much for too long; that means that money could’ve easily been spent more intelligently. But the fact that Grabovski signed for less money and term makes that contract particularly nettlesome. (And I highly doubt that he was so psyched to play with Kulemin that he would’ve taken going to the Islanders over staying with the Caps for the same money; even if we had to pay a little more than the Isles, or take on another year, I’d’ve gladly done so.)