Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (17 of 26)

Photos by Chris Gordon.

On Saturday, the Washington Capitals held their annual Fanfest at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. Hundreds of Caps fans packed into the practice rink to see Riley Barber’s Team White defeat Andre Burakovsky’s Team Red 7-4. Before the action, Ted Leonsis presented a $105,000 check to TAPS, a non-profit organization that provides comfort and care for people who are grieving the loss of a loved one who died while serving in the military. There also was the equipment sale (okay, who grabbed all of the Kuznetsov sticks?) and autograph signings with Barry Trotz and all of the prospects. New Caps defenseman Matt Niskanen also met with the media for the first time.

All in all, it was a fun day — like have you seen our Twitter pics? Below, check out my photos from the day, and in the comments let us know what your favorite moment was. (Also, please, someone give Ian one of the Kuznetsov sticks.)

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (1 of 26)

Ted Leonsis: thinker.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (2 of 26)

Kids from TAPS drop the opening puck.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (3 of 26)

Ya boy Bob McDonnell sings the national anthem.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (4 of 26)

Team White celebrates their first goal.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (6 of 26)

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (5 of 26)

Andre Burakovsky watches the action.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (9 of 26)

Dropping the puck.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (8 of 26)]

New Bears boss Troy Mann coaches Team Red.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (7 of 26)

Chandler Stephenson follows the puck.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (10 of 26)

Nathan Walker scores for the white team.
Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (11 of 26)

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (13 of 26)

Ted Leonsis speaks to reporters.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (12 of 26)

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (15 of 26)

Barry Trotz talks about his plans for the summer.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (14 of 26)

Matt Niskanen laughs as he meets Caps reporters.

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (16 of 26)

Caps Fanfest Final Scrimmage (18 of 26)

Burakovsky and Stephenson joke after the game.

Caps Fanfest Scrimmage (3 of 8)

Team White celebrates their win.

Caps Fanfest Scrimmage (6 of 8)

  • Guest

    My favorite moment of the day was the congratulating the players during the autograph session, and asking Bowey if he was going to be the Captain of the Canada WJC team and Barber if he was going to win the Hobey Baker, which they were nice enough to answer.

  • Rob W.

    Best part of the day was Ted’s donation to TAPS, some things are more important than a game. With that being said I was impressed with Stephenson, Boyd, Gersich, Cajkovsky, and Bowey. Hershey should have some solid years ahead

  • What’d they say what’d they say

  • Kim Peacock

    My fav personal moment is winning the jersey from the time resort place that was raffling off $50K as well. Not just because we won a free jersey but the story is a bit funny. We had left FanFest about 12:30 and decided to get lunch at the mall’s food court. We ate and then left. We paid our parking fee and was pulling out of the garage when my husbands phone rang. We are from Virginia Beach and our area code is 757 and the number calling from was a 757 number so we thought it was from someone at home. Well since my husband was driving I picked up his phone. The guy on the other line was like “Is this Kim?” (there was a spot on the form to put your spouse’s name). I said, “Yes” and then he asked “Are you still at Kettler?” and I responded “Umm we just pulled out of the parking garage.” Then he was like “Well you guys won the jersey, can you come back up and get it?” Well of course we could. We just pulled back into the garage, went and got the jersey 🙂

    Yay 🙂

    Oh also, completed @CapitalsHill bingo with help of @ianoland:disqus wearing a sports coat & semi-stalking of the incognito @BrouwerRangers (won a Troy Brouwer Bobblehead)

    Was such a fun day! Bummed they aren’t having a CapsCon this year, so glad we were able to make it up for FanFest

  • J-in-PA

    Well. I have Leonhardt’s pads. Yeah. Also I have a Dima Orlov stick and a M. Johansson stick. I missed most of the scrimmage to get to the stuff sale, oh well. And then I offended Travis Boyd. I asked Riley Barber who was next to him how he liked Miami-OH (since I’m on the college search) and he said he really liked it, that I’ll love it, and not to go to Minnesota. I told him I wasn’t even considering going to Minnesota. At that point Travis started making offended noises and I was like “oh, you go to Minnesota, don’t you? Did I offend you? I feel really bad”

  • Guest

    They both gave responses like “That would be a great honor, I am going to do the Best I can and I hope it happens,” then they thanked me for coming out to support the team and signed the item. That may seem rather common to most people who have been to fan fest before but since this was my first time I thought it was cool of them to answer those questions, since I have been to other non-caps events where the players wouldn’t even respond. But with Barber it looked like he was kind of shocked that I knew what the Hobey Baker was, his reaction was hilarious, but based off of his performances the last two days it seems like there’s a good chance he could win the award

  • Guest

    I also enjoyed trying to explain the value of Mike Green to other Caps fans and why they should not trade him

  • GraboDaboDoo

    Cool part of my day was the Barry Trotz autograph. Even though there was a “no posed photos” sign, I leaned forward so my SO could get me in a photo with Trotz. Trotz leaned in towards me and cheesed for a photo. He said, “they keep telling me to stop” gesturing towards the Caps staff. Genuinely fun guy!

  • i was playing the don’t-go-over-the-data-limit game with my phone today, so i was barely on twitter and didn’t get a chance to catch up with any of the rmnb folks. and i didn’t get up early enough to meet trotz, so i’ll have to try to catch him another time. i did take a bunch of pictures, including pictures of chris taking pictures. gotta love it. but i do have 2 stories.

    unlike past years, i didn’t find anything i wanted at the equipment sale, so when the scrimmage ended i got into line for the prospects’ autographs. i have a caps jacket i’ve been getting signed over the past several years, but i don’t have every prospect sign it. when i finally got to the front of the autograph line, i was happy to see both vrana and vanacek seated at the table – i had both of them sign my jacket. but i had the rest of the players sign the caps posters provided by the team – i kinda feel bad doing that, but they didn’t seem to mind. everybody had big smiles. riley barber was seated just past the new kids, and i took my jacket back to hand him the poster – i half-jokingly said “you don’t get to sign that,” then pointed out that he’d actually signed it for me last year. he got a big smile on his face and said he remembered! i told him that was impossible, but awesome if he actually did. (or maybe it just meant the jacket REALLY needed to be washed… that got a chuckle.) i said “one more year at school, then you’ll be here with us, right?” and he responded “that’s the plan!” i wished him luck and got a chance to chat briefly about cawlidge hawkey, i told him i was happy there’s a big ten conference now so ohio state and miami won’t be in the same conference any more, and he said he actually really likes playing ohio state. they’ll still play, they still have their in-state rivalry going, they just won’t be fighting each other in the conference any more. love our ncaa kids!

    my other story was a really sweet moment. last year there was some event at kettler where steve oleksy was signing autographs. caps employees were walking through the long autograph line selling binky photos for people to get signed, and i bought one. but as i got towards the front of the line, they were being seriously serious about having only one item signed per person. i wanted him to sign my jacket, so i gave the photo to a young boy standing in line with his mom. they asked me several times if i was sure, and thanked me multiple times – it was something i didn’t really think much of, i’d paid for it but wouldn’t be using it, and he was near me in line. i got my jacket signed, the little boy presumably got the photo signed, and i promptly forgot all about it.

    well after i went through the autograph line today, i walked back out into the upstairs hallway and the same boy and his mom were waiting for me with giant grins! it turns out he recognized me as the one who gave him the picture last year (i couldn’t even remember who the player was, i thought it might have been wilson and he corrected me!) and made his mom wait for me! it was just the sweetest thing. we introduced ourselves, i found out his name is aaron and he LOVES the caps. he has an autograph book but also had the new draft picks sign by their pictures in a magazine he had. i told him if he sees me at a game at verizon he can always come say hi. what a sweetheart. i love caps fans.

    oh and then i went around the corner to chipotle, and it was DELICIOUS.

  • Can you send us that photo or upload it here?

  • Brackaphobia

    The passing sequence setting up Nate Walker’s goal was a beauty. It was a really fun scrimmage to watch; a much closer game.

  • That’s such a sweet story, Jenn. Thanks for sharing (and also just being you).

  • Is it just me who has this weird comment section layout? I love Vrana and Burakovskys chemistry. They’re going to be great in the future. I hope Barber will play with the Caps next year. He will be a excellent 3rd liner when/if Ward leaves.

  • I was having a great time, managed to get a seat for the scrimmage right up on the glass. There was a man with two teenage sons right behind me, and their conversations about the players and the hockey (the sons both played, I think) was really interesting – they were all three quite knowledgeable about the prospects, and had some very good commentary going about the game.

    I enjoyed the goals by Nate Walker and Jacob Vrana a lot, but the sweetest moment was after the game. Just watching the red and white players interact, a little friendly shoving, a few hugs, the grins on the white players’ faces… I love the devcamp scrimmages, you get some up close time with some great young players.

  • IafrateNoGhosts


  • awwww thanks for being you, too.