Earlier Sunday, I documented one fan’s Caps Equipment Sale treasure: Mikhail Grabovski’s misspelled locker room name plate.

Here’s one more. Judy N. went to Fanfest and grabbed some goalie pads. But they were no ordinary goalie pads. She explains below.

My Dad and I got to Fanfest when the second period of the scrimmage was halfway over, because we live in Gettysburg, PA. So while I watched the scrimmage in the crowd, my dad went and jumped in line for with the non-season-ticket holder folks to attend the Caps Equipment Sale. Near the beginning of period three, my dad texted me telling me I should probably come up. At first I was skeptical since when we went two years ago there wasn’t much of interest there.

In his text he said he had a game-used “Mikey Grab-ass” (his weird nickname for Mikhail Grabovski) stick. Though we ended up putting Grabo’s stick back later (and getting an Orlov and Johansson instead), that convinced me to walk over and see what was available. When I was halfway up the stairs, I got a text that said “Leonhardt goalie pads…$20.”

They weren’t actually $20 of course–he was confused them between the $20 thigh pads and the $500 leg pads. Still, I was excited. Sure enough, there he was, toting around a pair of puck-marked goalie pads. I was super excited about this, especially since we were under the impression they were $20. I’m a field hockey goalie so anything to do with goalies is like my thing, and nobody seemed to know who Leonhardt was.

Honestly, I felt incredibly smug knowing who he was and how he fills in when he has to. Plus, my birthday is in 8 days. There was no way we were walking out of there without Stretch’s pads, even once we realized they were $500. So now I have them sitting on either side of our TV in the hockey shrine room. I’m just surprised he isn’t keeping them, they’re beautiful pads: simple, but with a subtle hint to my favorite team.


So I did some research and these pads are not from the game he dressed in last season.

No, it’s even better. These pads are from the first ever game Stretch ever suited up with the Capitals in 2008.

So now this piece of odd Caps history belongs to Judy N. forever. Congratulations!

  • goalie guy

    that’s great, but she’s got them on the wrong legs.

  • JT_francis

    Oswego Laker! So yes, I know of him too.

  • Tristan

    She has them on wrong and by the tv wrong, reverse them

  • stretch is the best!

  • Are you guys really complaining about this?

  • Jarmes

    Yes, us ice hockey goalies love pads, but we like to see them set up properly. Sorry!

  • Emily Wright
  • Sarah

    Great story, thanks for sharing!

  • Sarah

    Random sample of things that are more goofed up than backwards goalie pads:

    Worldwide inaction on the Syrian civil war
    Climate change
    Taking a selfie during the running of the bulls
    The running of the bulls in general
    Rising antibiotic resistance
    Grabo’s name getting spelled wrong
    Grabo being an Islander
    Russia’s actions in Ukraine
    Peripheral European debt
    Drunk driving
    Ugg boots
    Peter not having a girlfriend (wtf??)
    Racism and homophobia in sports
    BPA in food packaging
    Dog fighting
    Reemergence of vaccine preventable diseases
    Inadequate funding for our public schools
    Brazil’s World Cup squad, although I can’t decide if the goofup is them, or their worldwide lifelong infamy despite placing fourth and not biting anybody
    “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”
    America’s divorce rate
    Internet trolls
    High heeled wedge sneakers
    That gritty feeling you get on your teeth after eating spinach
    Rising sea levels
    Coke Life (can we start calling regular Coke “Coke Death” now?)
    Judge Judy’s show, although I agree with her on this one

    Ladies and gentlemen, please consider directing your attention to one or more of the above today. The world thanks you!

  • VeggieTart

    You forgot:

    Marriage “reality” shows
    People who have been divorced screaming about the sanctity of marriage
    Horse racing (but horseback riding is okay) and greyhound racing
    The recent uptick in earthquakes in Oklahoma, possibly due to fracking
    Adam Oates’s coaching “philosophy”

    To be fair, that last one was addressed at the end of the season for which Caps fans are grateful.

  • Sarah

    Oh snap, I was totally going to go on “The Bachelor” in my quest to find true love. Now where will I meet some dimwit guy I can marry and then divorce in six months??

  • Gear Sloot

    She feels smug, says she’s a field hockey goalie yet will never use the pads and has them on backward. If you don’t play, don’t show up to the gear sale.

  • J-in-PA

    I wasn’t aware that the gear sale had a You-May-Only-Buy-This-if-You’re-Going-to-Use-It-And-Not-Simply-Treasure-It rule. My dad paid the money, they’re mine and there’s not much you and your judgement can do about it.

    I am a field hockey goalie. But our pads are much different–generally unadorned, and any decorations are set up so that the design “flows” from one side to another.
    So boo-hoo I didn’t correctly put them on for a simple demonstration.
    What are you gonna yell at me for now? Not standing in the perfect ice hockey goalie stance?

  • goalie guy

    It’s not the decoration. It’s the fact that you have the outer roll on the inside. We’re not saying you shouldn’t have them, in fact, congrats! Enjoy them. It’s just a pet peeve hockey goalies have of usually attractive women (you included!) posing while wearing pads on the wrong legs. Don’t sweat it. Ice hockey goalies are notoriously crazy (self included) and we sweat all the small stuff.

  • J-in-PA

    Ah. Outer rolls aren’t features of FH pads either, but they’ve generally got the thicker part on the inside of the leg. I just put ’em on the way that made sense to me.
    But when you put it that way, I get where y’all are coming from. It was just a little harsh!

  • oh man, i’m going to run home and take my signed neuvy stick off my living room wall so i can give it to somebody who will use it the “right” way!


    you seem nice.

  • Graham Dumas

    Plus a thousand for “Ukraine” comment.

  • Sage Confucius

    And take half of everything he owns.

  • Sarah

    Eh, if that were my goal, my friend, I’d have done it a hell of a long time ago and not spent so darned long in school. And we’d be having this conversation from my yacht. 😉

  • Sarah

    The more you know about my life, the funnier that comment is. Just trust me, it’s hysterical.

  • CapNMac

    That is just considered “standard practice” now. You may as well point out that water is wet.