Alex Ovechkin’s 800th Point Plaque


On March 1st, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin hit another milestone. In the team’s 4-2 win over the Boston Bruins, Ovechkin registered his 800th point, a one-timer goal off a pass from Marcus Johansson.

For the puck, that began a short but eventful journey. A Caps player retrieved it from the ice, then handed it to the Caps Equipment Manager, who taped it up around the sides and wrote in Sharpie “Alex Ovechkin 800th Point.”


Photo: Capitals PR

After the game, Ovechkin took a few geeked-out photos with the puck before surrendering it to a member of the Caps PR.

Then something pretty nifty (that usually stays behind-the-scenes) happened: the Capitals sent the puck off to be professionally framed. The team does this for any player that hits a significant milestone.

In the final product, a copy of the game stats sits above the puck. Two photos of Ovechkin from the game are at top and bottom.

Over the summer, the custom frame was built and delivered to the Washington Capitals. It now sits on the second floor of Kettler Capitals Iceplex. A member of the Caps PR was nice enough to allow me to take a photo at Fanfest.

As evidenced by an Instagram video shot at Ovechkin’s house, The Great Eight has a ton of plaques already.


When he arrives in September for Training Camp, he will receive this one and it’ll be extra special. Sorry for any smudges I put on it, Ovi.

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  • SteveJules

    What’s the half puck for?

  • Hockey Mom

    We were at the Hockey Hall of Fame last week and had a great time seeing the trophies on display and all kinds of cool stuff. Anyhow, we were happy that the Caps were well represented by Ovie, Backstrom, Holtby and Alzner. Very nice experience, plus I wore my Deadguins shirt and got a “I like your shirt!”

    One of the most impressive things, was an oldtimer’s stick that was used to score 3 goals in 21 seconds! How amazing is that?!?

    Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a nice summer!

  • capsyoungguns

    I bet it’s for Ovechkin and Backstrom’s shared puck: Ovechkin’s 50th goal and Backstrom’s 100th point on April 9, 2010.

  • Sarah

    I’m sorry this isn’t relevant, but Twitter says it’s #weirdconfessionsnight and I’m hoping you’ll address that in your podcast.

  • VeggieTart

    Why they couldn’t just give them each a puck and not tell the players which one was the actual puck, I don’t know. They did that when Julien Brouillette and Patrick Wey both got their first NHL assists on the same goal.

  • sargeantmofo

    If it weren’t for NHL lockouts (potentially 116 extra games missed), Ovi would most likely achieve 500 goals and maaaybe 1000 points next season. Such a shame.

  • ChasCaps

    I was hoping it was a time he shot and half the puck disintegrated and the other half obviously went in the goal