Photo: Chris Gordon

I attended Fanfest at Kettler Capitals Iceplex on Saturday, and it was adorbs as usual. After Team White won 7-4, the prospects headed to the locker room. Hearing his name called by the fans amassing at the railing nearby, first-round pick Jakub Vrana broke from the pack to sign autographs. Nearby, and not needing an invitation of his own, the six-foot, six-inch behemoth Eliot Antonietti walked off the ice and made a bee line to his people.

After being one of the most talked about prospects during the week (due to his massive beard and massive height), The Swiss Chara gave his game-used sticks to fans– including one to a teeny tiny Caps fan.





Photos: Ian iPad

Aw, man. Look at that ridiculous stick-to-person height difference.


Photo: Chris Gordon

The Boston Bruins’ Zdeno Chara, who stands at six-feet, nine-inches, has the longest stick in the NHL at 65 inches. Chara had to get a league exemption to get sticks that tall. The tallest sticks usually allowed by the NHL is 63 inches, which is what I’m guessing Antonietti’s were during Development Camp.

Moving forward, we’ll all wait with bated breath to see if Antonietti gets signed or brought back to the organization. Regardless, he was easily the most memorable guy of camp and I wish him well.


Photo: Chris Gordon

  • annon

    Chara is 6ft 9. Eliot is 6foot 6 yes. But you said chara is also 6ft 6 which isnt true.

  • Thanks, I fixed.

  • sheena dunn

    When you put him next to me he is very tall! 🙂

  • SamWow Carroll

    No one else is mentioning the fact that that kid has Jagr’s hair.

  • Dozer

    That kid may go on to be just as good as Jagr. She has already won many games for her hockey teams.

  • Matt Mendelsohn

    That kid is Rachel, who happens to be one heck of a peewee hockey player at Kettler. Tiny but fierce! She and my daughter have been playing hockey there for a few years. Two other things you should know about her: she is a good buddy of Brooks Laich and, more importantly, she can tell you the most obscure stats about any Caps player. I’m serious–I have more in depth conversations with Rachel about the Caps than with most adults I know. So when you need a kids correpsondent for RMNB, she is your girl.

    Thanks for making her day!

  • Sarah

    Well done and wish him all the best! He seems to enjoy the attention to his height but I hope he gets recognition for more than that. Seriously, what very tall people go through… my high school boyfriend was six foot eight at sixteen and everywhere we went every goofball we met had to ask the same questions: How tall are you? Do you play basketball? etc… And then when he had to buy clothes… go on an airplane… on and on. I had no idea how he just endlessly put up with it all with good grace, but he did. Really gave me an appreciation for what those guys and gals go through.

  • Pete

    For the love of God, if she’s not going to hold the stick right, she needs to just give it back!!! This stick should only go to a girl that is at least 6’6 and intends to use it in a game. What a disgrace…

    (Do I sound like the douchey know-it-alls in the last thread?)

  • J-in-PA

    You, sir, are my new favorite person.

  • Sarah

    Mine too!

  • That’s so awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  • Matt Mendelsohn

    My favorite Rachel story, btw. Two years ago at least, the Kettler girls were playing the Hershey girls in Hershey. Our girls would have been mites and squirts at the time. The Hershey girls were like 26 and about two feet taller on average. Maybe I exaggerate, but not that much. The game–even cross ice–was kind of rough. Certainly rougher than we were used to.

    As the girls quietly left the locker room for the second game of doubleheader–like lambs entering the gladiator ring–Rachel looked at me and said, with all sincerity, “It’s kind of a bummer we can’t fight.”

    The Hansons would have been proud.

  • Shmoo

    Hell, I’m proud, and she isn’t even my kid!
    Quickly sign Rachel to a contract – say, 18 years (CBA be damned!) and AAV of priceless.

  • Shmoo

    +1,000 from a 6’6″ Caps fan.
    Yeah I miss being able to wash my hands without squatting. Or being able to blend in. Anywhere. Ever.
    Concerts are pretty awesome at least (except for those behind me).

  • Sarah

    Well, you have my sympathy. Although I see you’ve got the hang of it– you’ve got to try to remember the positives. I’ve always been more to the other end of the spectrum, so all my childhood nicknames were annoying diminutives and the world (or at least America) tends to assume people are bigger than I am. But I get to buy youth size T-shirts and take the children’s doses of OTC meds, and both of those save money. 😉

  • Sage Confucius

    Yeah, how about a pint sized correspondent?