During last week’s Development Camp, the Washington Capitals took the prospects to a Washington Nationals game. Unfortunately, the game got rained out (so the Nats were spared a beatdown from the Orioles). Before the game was called, Caps 2013 first round pick, Andre Burakovsky wandered from the group and took a photo with George Washington, one of the Nats’ five racing presidents. I cannot tell a lie: this photo is majestic.

On Instagram, Burakovsky’s OHL teammates Connor McDavid and Dylan Strome ribbed him.


That’s the stuff.

  • Owen Johnson

    He looks like a kid whose dad is rewarding him for getting in A in 8th grade Civics. The fact that he could be in the NHL next year makes me feel old.

  • Bilal

    LOL not gonna lie. That lit up my 11:59 PM

  • VeggieTart

    Glad he’s repping the local baseball team.

  • Brackaphobia

    George and the rest of the gang need to make a cameo at VC. I would love to see a President’s Race on ice.

  • jalabar

    ” (so the Nats were spared a beatdown from the Orioles). ”
    It’s possible, I suppose. Even a blind pig like the Orioles finds the feed trough once in a while.

  • How did that line get in there!

  • Sarah

    Nah, why settle for mascot presidents? #BarackTheRed!

  • Ben Reed

    Great stuff from McDavid and Bura, but Strome needs to up his jape game. Language jabs? C’mon, now.

  • Heyohhhh

    Not that surprising considering your awesome proof reading skills!

  • CapsPsycho

    George doesn’t seem impressed. But he was just playing it cool. After the cameras were gone he asked Bura to autograph his foam rubber copy of the Declaration of Independence.