CSN Washington Thinks You’re a World-Traveling Sex Fiend


The Capitals page of CSN Washington’s site has some funny ideas about what’s trending among fans on social media. The “Capitals Pulse” widget scans for popular tags and topics on Twitter. You can see dev camp stud Jakub Vrana getting a lot of mentions because of his new contract. Alex Ovechkin’s up there too because he’s freaking Ovi.

And then, at right, the widget has picked out YOUR active hashtags.



I’m not gonna, um, type those words because I’m pretty sure Google thinks it’s naughty. I don’t know even know what the first one means. I’m scared to ask.

Personally, I do not think Caps fans are extraordinarily interested in discussing adult entertainment or world travel, but I could be wrong. Seems more likely that spammers have gamed the filter. I mean– is that stuff even legal in the UAE?

But that’s not the main problem. Here’s the main problem: why isn’t RMNB under the Experts tab? We broke the Chelyabinsk meteor story AND the Alan-May-has-an-iPad story. We’ve got a Wikipedia page AND a Pinterest. If that’s not expertise then I don’t know what expertise is.

(I don’t know what expertise is.)

Thanks to @WashingtonsWoes for the heads-up.

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