Ian and I got together on Monday night to talk about the draft, free agency, development camp. That was the plan at least. Instead, we talked about Transformers, Ninja Turtles, the sitcom Dinosaurs, #rmnbwedding, and our never-ending war for burrito supremacy.

Pull-quote: “Gluten is the Corsi of nutrition.”

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  • dylan wheatley

    waka waka waka

  • Amykins

    I was in college when Dinosaurs was on, and never watched it. I made it through that entire video, but it was painful.

    That being said, great pod, gentlemen! #happythankyoumoreplease

    P.S. Ian, I was one of those people at the equipment sale. I kinda felt like a dork, but it was nice to see you.

  • <3

  • RESmith

    R.I.P. Jean-Michel Basquiat.

  • dylan wheatley

    the john ermines (and then they dress up in 2 million dollars worth of weasel furs)

  • Shaun Phillips

    We played the Dinosaurs themesong in band in jr high. It was a blast to play because at the end we all just got to honk out whatever note we wanted.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    I would seriously consider buying an “Iantangible” shirt.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Dinosaucers was a much better dinosaur program.

  • Brouwer Rangers
  • I love this name. Here were my other ideas again:

    The Connor’s Your Honors (Connor Carrick super fans with judge get-ups)
    Ted’s AOL CD’s
    Orly’s Owls

  • I remember meeting you! Thanks so much for saying hi. I had the chance to meet Myan from our comments here too!

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Update: I would 100% buy a t-shirt for the fake band Peter Fenwick and the Iantangibles. Make it so.

  • Sarah

    Slogan: You Can’t Touch #Iantangibles

  • What would be our first CD called?

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Corsi Connection

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Sgt. Corsi’s Protected Ice Time Band

  • Shaun Phillips

    Agree with Peter, HUGE misstep in not getting the veggies at Chipotle. The first mistake was getting chicken as that can dry out a lot more than the other meats. IMO, it’s all about the steak and carnitas. Also, the tomatillo salsa is a must.

    On a hockey note, spot-on about Carlson on the PP. The ability to get the shot around the block avoids a lot of the 2v1/breakaways that the Caps were giving up on the PP last year and you can’t score if the puck’s not on net. Lidstrom was a master at this and part of the reason the Wings had so much PP success for years. The major difference between the two is Lidstrom had Holmstrom sticking his arse in the goalie’s face; until now, the Caps have been missing that large body down low. Would LOVE to see Wilson in that spot. Wardo’s also shown some ability in that spot.

    Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • Rob W.

    i like when Georgia interrupts you guys

  • Matt Lauer

    What is the question-submission process for the podcasts?

  • PWong

    Besides the obligatory (and honest) “I love the podcasts!” and “MOAR PODCASTS” I just wanted to say that Back & Forth is one of my favorite D-Plan songs…you all do everything right

  • zuco

    I made it 1:56 into the Baby song, which is 1:50 longer than I expected to. But if it becomes an earworm, I’m coming for you guys. Solid podcast though.

  • Haha. No problem!

    “The first mistake was getting chicken as that can dry out a lot more than the other meats.”

    Qdoba does not have this problem.

  • The Green Ranger

    has anyone ever copied the Brouwer Rangers but only for Mike Green , so the Green Ranger because he was the coolest

  • Foxman4

    Great job guys, really loved the talk about Michael Bay Movies, and the whole Orpik conversation of how fans will like and root for him but hate the contract. Keep up the good work. Also, still don’t know how Ian takes photos on his iPad, it feels weird and unnatural.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Nothing beat Amy Jo.

  • ThrowmetheWHIP

    Nathan walker is Darty

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Ribs signed with the Preds as did Roy. Cheap too.

  • Owen Johnson

    Saved the best question for last I see.

    Also, favorite part of RMNB podcasts: the conversations being interrupted at random times by, “Georgia, stop!”

  • Jennifer Carignan

    I will never pronounce “Shia LaBeouf” the same way again. Thanks, Ian!

  • Shaun Phillips

    Chicken in general can suffer this more than other meats. Next time, go with the steak or carnitas. You’ll thank me afterwards.

  • sheena dunn

    The steak is great!!!!!

  • Owen Johnson

    I always get steak, no beans, fajita veggies, tomato salsa, medium green salsa, cheese, lettuce.

    And don’t mistake me giving you a hard time for “Chipotle arrogance.” I used to go to Qdoba all the time in college, mostly due to the fact there was no Chipotle within a 200 mile radius (although according to Google, there is one now, right next to campus. Damn it!). I would take my friends there sometimes and say, “you should come to Virginia and eat Chipotle. It’s the same thing, but slightly better.”

    I give Qdoba a 7 and Chipotle an 8.

  • Amykins

    I like the Owls.
    I also thought of the MoJoes (two people dressed as coffee mugs)
    Beauty and the Holtbeast (Disney cosplay)
    Green’s Giants (HO HO HO)

  • Owen Johnson

    The second one needs to happen. I need a girlfriend for just this purpose.
    Although, I am moving in with a girl friend next month who is also a big Caps fan. Her boyfriend is pretty hairy.

  • CapsPsycho

    I was holding on to hope that McLellan would pick him up, and cross our fingers for a new and improved Ribs, now that he’s in outpatient rehab or whatever.

    If he can get his head straight, which is not outside the realm of the possible, he can be a real asset.

    And I think that spending $1M on Ribeiro today would have been a better gamble than the $1M McPhee spent on Brendan Morrison.

  • She interrupts EVERYTHING over here.

  • Good luck to him.

  • We solicit em on twitter beforehand. I can put a thread on FB in the future too. I forgot– sorry.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Unless the Caps have something up our sleeve (which isnt looking likely), we have a huge void at 2C. At $1 mil per, I take it you wouldnt have taken the risk?

  • barely related but I love this image so

  • Sarah

    Veggies are a must, but the major misstep was the mild salsa. Mild salsa anywhere, and especially Chipotle, is like a date you’re not that interested in but got pressured into. You can try it if forced, you can try really hard to tell yourself you like it, but you know in the back of your mind that’s not going to work.
    To avoid disappointment, choose something that triggers endorphins (says ghost pepper salsa eating girl) or don’t do it at all.

  • YEP

  • Matt Lauer

    Right on. I didn’t have anything in particular this time but good to know in the future. A FB would be cool for us non-tweeters. 😉

  • Naw, especially because Trotz might be tempted to play him with Ovechkin, where we know he does poorly.

  • Matt Lauer

    Would you have taken the risk on Heatley, though? I wonder if the Caps missed an opportunity there.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    I also think pinto over black beans was a poor choice. Also…brown rice.

  • Marky Narc

    georgia pls y u do dis

  • Shaun Phillips

    That’s almost the same burrito I get. Replace lettuce with guac (sorry Peter!) and you’ve got mine. I had the same issue in college. Qdoba was a 10 min walk. I hadn’t even heard of Chipotle at that point.

  • Owen Johnson

    I would absolutely get guac if it didn’t cost like $2 extra. Just tack on $.50 and we’ll be fine. And Qdoba was about a 20 minute drive in the neighboring town.
    And I accidentally downvoted my own comment trying to edit it. Woops.

  • Shaun Phillips

    As rarely as I get to eat at Chipotle, it’s worth the $2 extra to get it.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    Vrana signs 3 yr EL deal.

  • Amykins

    If she’s game, all you would really need is a mask, a Holts jersey, and her boyfriend’s permission (unless you really wanted to go all out on your costume).
    Wow, taken out of context, that is a dangerous sentence

  • I used to like Heatley, but I think he’s well past his prime now. There are better options out there.

  • Sarah

    Good on you, I crapped out at 1:35. If dinosaur babies were really that annoying, I can see why they went extinct.

  • Lawrence

    “Ovi won’t hit 50 again” ????????????????????????????? I hope you were just preparing yourself in case that did happen and don’t actually think that happens. I see no reason as to why you would assume that. Ovi can easily hit more than 50 for the next 5 – 6 years. Hell, most of his goals this year was because of the pp. His even strength goal production should improve by quite a bit. I guess lets see how he does under Trots (because we can assume he will be the coach for the next few years) before we think Ovi won’t be able to score anymore. Saddens my soul to hear you doubt him Ian, not you! 🙁


  • Axel Steinbach

    F for presentation, F for content. Sorry, but one of the worst pods ever… still love caps though

  • I think him scoring 35-40 goals and playing better system hockey is more valuable to the team and what will likely happen under Trotz.

  • Lawrence

    I get what you are saying, a lot of people seem to feel this way. Not to get in a huge debate about ovechkin’s playstyle, but I fail to see how him floating in the neutral zone (ie: playing bad defense) during even strength has helped his offensive numbers. I see no reason why improving his back check and getting on the attack more would hurt his numbers.

    I think his even strength goal total will go up by 5 – 10 goals, if not more this year. I am a little worried that his powerplay production may dip a little bit, causing him to stay around the 50g spot. But I think we see another 60 goal season out of Ovi in the next couple years here.

  • GrnEggsNHam

    $2 for Guac is when I realized Chipotle had sold out.

  • IafrateNoGhosts


  • IafrateNoGhosts

    Perrault Jam
    Backstrom Street Boys

  • johnnymorte

    Hassett, you’ve got a future in TV/radio. You guys should take live callers. Great podcast and it’s interesting how you guys interpreted the signings. I am in disagreement with Peter and the majority of the media regarding the Orpik signing as I see what Trotz sees. Regarding the stats, you would have to take all the specialist “shut down” Dmen in the league and compare their numbers with a strong weighting on defensive zone starts. Also Orpik on the PK has to be looked at because at key times we really leaked oil. The major issue with hockey stats is they are all inherently biased towards offense since they measure shots. Where is a good stat that measures taking a man off the puck, or breaking up a play? Oppositely, I think the Niskanen signing was a big mistake. We already have a better Niskanen in Mike Green. With Wey and Schmidt in the system right now, it was a bit overkill. As GMBM stated, Orpik was what the team needed and there are very good “hockey reasons” why Trotz, Leonsis, and GMBM are on the same page with this.

  • I agree. His PP will likely dip this year, either because they keep the same system and other teams are prepared for it, or because they change the system entirely.