It’s July, so you’re probably not getting your FDA-recommended 30 hours of hockey per week. That’s bad, but friend-of-the-blog Eric Rigsby has a way to get your recommended summertime hockey and help out a worthy cause.

This weekend at Skate Frederick, the 2014 Old Fat Bald Guys Hockey Tournament and Silent Auction will be held, and yes that’s the actual name. There will be a bunch of Caps and Bears memorabilia available, as well as ticket packages to pro and college games. And all the proceeds go to The Fisher House Foundation, a fantastic charity that provides housing and travel to military families while their loved ones get treatment.

Details are below. If you can’t attend, please help spread the word– especially if you or your friends are in the Frederick area.

When: July 18-20, 2014. The silent auction will be held all day on Saturday the 19th– ending around 6:30 pm. The pig roast starts at 7 pm.

Where: Skate Frederick, 1288 Riverbend Way, Frederick, MD 21701. One of America’s sexiest suburbs.

What: Hockey tournament, charity auction, pig roast and tailgate. Wait, really? A pig roast? I’m so there.

Why: In memory of Tony Johnson, USMC, and to benefit the Fisher House Foundation. Fisher House has helped 22,000 needy military families in last year alone. Charity Navigator ranked Fisher House a four-star charity, so they’re upstanding and pretty baller. A worthy cause.

Who: Friends, family, hockey fans, YOU.

Here’s a partial list of stuff that will be up for auction:

  • Brooks Orpik signed hat
  • Mike Green signed puck
  • Nicklas Backstrom signed Caps jersey
  • A stick signed by the AHL 2014 all-stars
  • Manny Machado signed baseball
  • Dylan Bundy signed baseball
  • Torre Tyson signed jersey from last season
  • Voucher good for a 4-pack of 200 level seats for any Wed, Fri, or Sat regular season 2014-2015 Hershey Bears game
  • Voucher good for a pair of tickets to the 2015 Hockey East Championship (game tickets only; no travel included)
  • Gift certificates for massage therapy sessions from Caitlin Thomas Massage Therapy
    (Note: Caitlin Thomas Massage Therapy will be available for 3 hours on Saturday to give Swedish massages for cash donations.)
  • Jeff Schultz signed 8×10 of Schultz checking Sidney Crosby
  • $50 gift card to Madrone’s
  • A wine and food pairing for 2 at Linganore Winecellars
  • A watercolor print from OFBGer and local artist, Mick Williams
  • A vintage LA Kings leather jacket
  • Dwight Stephenson signed football (he was in Ace Ventura)
  • Tony Perez signed baseball
  • Andre Dawson signed baseball
  • Taylor Made driver
  • Taylor Made hybrid club

I think it would be appropriate if we help drive the price up on that Brooks Orpik hat.

Here’s the game schedule:


Again: Hope to see you there. If you can’t make it, please spread the word with a retweet or a Facebook share or something. It’s for a good cause.

  • Someone please get the Orpik signed hat for Peter.

  • Sarah

    I have to see what a “sexist suburb” looks like, to say nothing of the opportunity for hockey, charity, and a pig roast. I’ll still be rocking the green, but I’m so in.

  • Sarah

    I have to know, guys, is that a subtle protest against the article you linked to, or a good old fashioned typo that got past spell check?

  • Mark Mille

    He’s from frederick so im sure he’s rushing out to get it himself

  • I’d wear it with pride.

  • Sarah

    Oh phew. Good thing it wasn’t one of the “raciest suburbs” too.

  • Owen Johnson
  • Sarah

    Just in case anybody is wondering what in God’s name my thread with Peter is about, the “where” section originally called Frederick “one of America’s sexist suburbs.” Which was too funny not to nitpick, plus the amount of charity I give for verbal slips is proportionate to a person’s intelligence and education.
    Obviously, Peter gets no mercy at all.

  • Sarah

    Heh, make that inversely proportional. And this is why nitpicking is risky business.

  • mean

  • I’m okay with this.

  • GangGreen

    But, but, but, at some point you really should invest in an RMNB tee. Not only are they awesome, you’ll escape the entirely deserved mocking and scorn for showing up in another team’s gear at a different team’s event.

    It’s just awkward at best, though I suppose you might end up in a SportsBog tweet, so silver lining? But yeah.

  • Sarah

    LOL! I’m not afraid of getting razzed. But that said, I went to Dulles Town Center yesterday evening for something else, and Dick’s has this ridiculous clearance sale going on. Slim pickings if you’re a size small, but I still managed to score a Caps T shirt ($10, originally $24) and a small Caps fleece ($30, originally $74). And if you’re any other size there’s a heck of a lot of stuff marked down that much.
    I do have a Free Wardo shirt, but sadly, it fits me kind of weird, so now I have something I can actually leave home in. Still probably going to have my Stars hat though. Yes, it is awkward as hell. No, I don’t care, I’ve been a two team fan since I was 13, and I’ve put up with worse.