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The Capitals’ NHL blue line is the deepest it has been in years, and the farm is starting to get stacked with defensive prospects as well. Nate Schmidt, Patrick Wey, and Connor Carrick have each shown that they will soon be ready to take the next step. Also developing rapidly: 2013 second-round pick Madison Bowey.

During last week’s Development Camp, the 19-year-old was one of the most mature prospects out on the ice. He dominated Saturday’s scrimmage, creating a number of chances on the rush.

Bowey’s most creative effort came early, a ridiculous no-look pass that led to Nathan Walker’s goal.

Bowey is 55. Walker is 79.

Let’s slow this down a little bit and zoom in. What an incredible pass, right through the legs and everything.

The Team Red defender goes to full splits and still can’t stop it.

Bowey now returns to his junior team, the Kelowna Rockets, where he is captain. Bowey will try to take them past the WHL Conference Finals, which they lost last season.

He should be fun to watch.

Thanks to Daniel E. who first posted a YouTube of the Walker goal and pointed out the ridiculous pass.

  • Austin

    He will be in the line up in 2015-16 no doubt. He’s too talented IMO.

  • Connor

    Why not hershey next year if he is on an entry level contract? Or is it the same type of situation like Wilson where it was either Washington or Plymouth

  • OvechkinFiresAndScores08

    Wow. When I first saw him he reminded me a little of Shea Weber.

  • OvechkinFiresAndScores08

    I was wondering the same thing. I am guessing the situation is similar to Wilson’s

  • Connor

    2015-2016 may be pushing it. If he’s going back to Kelowna next season a year in Hershey in 2015-2016 will help him develop his game defensively. Plus with the depth we have in Washington now, the only way I see Bowey up here in 15-16 is if Green walks. Even then I would hope Washington could sign a veteran blue liner to a one or two year deal who Bowey could replace after that year or two. Remember he’s only 19. In 3 years he will still be only 22 by then with another year at Kelowna and two years in Hershey under his belt to truly develop his game and make him a force as soon as he earns a position in Washington.

  • CapsPsycho


  • CapsPsycho

    He’s got sick hands and offensive vision today, no doubt. If he was a forward, I would agree.

  • DustinPenncakes

    It’s the same thing as the Wilson situation. Drafted out of the CHL and under the age of 20.

  • selftitled85

    Kelowna apparently has a hell of a reputation in regards to defensive talents. He might not need much more seasoning after this season.

  • Connor

    Yeah they do have claim to some superior defensemen. From what I’ve seen he needs work in his own zone. In the scrimmages he was caught out of position multiple times. I would like to see him spend at least one season in Hershey before he makes the jump. It couldn’t hurt, I just don’t want to seen him thrown to the wolves before he is ready (see Carrick) especially when he have so much defensive depth. That is why if Mike Green walks next season I would love to see a cheap experienced defensemen signed for a year to fill a void at 5 or 6 D as a “layover” guy while Bowey gets a year in Hershey

  • Austin

    It would surprise me if you don’t see him for a couple games in 2015-16. If he developed like he did this past year this coming year I’m telling you he will see NHL action unless his ceiling flattens out much earlier then I anticipate.

  • Austin

    Exactly part of my point this kid is gonna be great, again IMO.

  • Connor

    Not saying that he won’t see a couple runs with the big club in 15-16. I could see 10-15 games at most. But I think he will be a regular 82 game player with Washington by 16-17 or by 17-18 if for some reason he needs an additional year in Hershey or we are still log-jammed

  • Austin

    I hate when people compare other bigger D man to Carrick. Carrick is a 5’10 1/2″ dman good size but needs more seasoning for all the obvious reasons I don’t feel like typing. Bowey is 6′ 1″ dman does not get pushed around like mike green and has a higher ” dman IQ” then Carrick. I agree AHL Hershey development would not hurt for more obvious reasons, but to compare Carrick and Bowey is stupid.

    EDIT: And by size I mean muscle and strength not height he is a short dman

  • Connor

    Bowey -offensively inclined defenseman, Carrick -offensively inclined defensemen. I don’t care about size. Jeff Shultz is 6’6 does that make him a better defenseman than Alzner? NO. Just because Bowey is bigger than Carrick that doesn’t mean he is better positionally in the defensive zone? Size does not always=good defense. And i am a huge critic of Carrick and a huge proponent of Bowey. Plain and simple Bowey was out of position multiple times in dev camp scrimmages. If you think that he will get better defensively being 19/20 year old in a league of 15-20 year olds your nuts. He will be able to make mistakes defensively, but recover without a problem because the WHL is easier than the AHL, and he is a big man on campus in that league. I don’t get why people are so inclined to want to rush our Defensive prospects to the NHL. DEFENSIVE PROSPECTS TAKE THE LONGEST TO DEVELOP. Let Bowey get quality min in a mans league in the AHL for a year or two. What is the rush? We have no voids defensively. Why cap his development by rushing him to NHL in 15-16 when we are stacked in our own zone? There is absolutely no argument for rushing him to NHL. We need to take a page out of the Red Wings and truly develop our prospects. The only young guy with an exception is Burakovsky, he is ready to be a threat in the NHL, but only if we can get him top 6 min. If not he should be in Hershey. If you start capping your young players or not giving them quality min you start getting a team full of Mojos and Connor Carricks

  • Austin

    You would be surprised how height affects professional sports these days. Most people wouldn’t have even drafted Jordan subban listed at 5 ft 9 as a defenseman. Alzner is already above the ” height for defenseman threshold” where height is just about the right size for his position. Comparing him to Schultz Is nothing like comparing him to a 5 ft 9 defenseman. The 4 inch difference from a 6 ft 1 Karl alzner and a 5 9 Jordan subban is a much more impactful jump then if a scout were looking at alzner vs Schultz. The scout would say, ” damn Jordan subban is too short. They would not care as much at Schultz height. They would maybe say hm pretty tall guy that’s nice. As for your talk about rushing D prospects I never said I wanted to rush him. He IS much more ready then Carrick was in my opinion, but using time in AHL will only help him. You can still get better mentally playing in the WHL even if you can dominate you can always improve.

  • Austin

    But I do agree Burakovsky is NHL ready.

  • Bilal

    Honestly, call me going to far or too optimistic all you want, but I seriously think he has Norris Potential

  • Pat Magee

    Meet Mike Green’s replacement!