Alex Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko are engaged

Ovechkin and Kirilenko after they got engaged. (Photo: @Ovi8)

This morning, R-Sport announced that Alex Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko have parted ways and ended their engagement. Kirilenko gave an official statement and retweeted R-Sport’s article on Twitter around 10:30 AM.

“I have made a decision to break up our engagement. There are a lot of reasons, but I wouldn’t want to go in detail. I’ll say just that our relationship is over, but I respect Sasha as a person and an athlete and sincerely wish him athletic success in the future.

“I’m currently concentrating on preparing for my tennis tournaments and I hope that soon I’ll be able to please my fans with news about my success as an athlete and not just in my personal life.”

Over the summer, Ovechkin and Kirilenko were not spotted together much. Instead of carrying her bags at Wimbledon like in past years, Ovechkin went to Las Vegas for a week-long trip before the NHL Awards. A few weeks ago, he was the head judge at Miss Moscow 2014 before he traveled to France for some beach time with friends.

Ovechkin and Kirilenko met at the US Open in New York. The cute couple dated for three years and got engaged January 1, 2013.

Translation by RMNB’s Fedor Fedin.

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  • Rob W.

    Saw this one coming but hey look how Rory Mcilroy is doing after calling off his engagement

  • Jack Conness

    Dammit. I follow Ovi on Twitter, Instagram, etc. (I know, loser right?) and over the past couple of months, he has posted a ton of picks partying. With lots of other women. And no Maria. Bummer. I think she is gorgeous. I think Ovi might have dropped the ball here.

  • wiseguy

    nooooooooo!(((( their babies were going to be so powerful!

  • Dan Curry


  • Jack Conness

    That’s what I’m hoping for haha

  • :/

  • Alex Semin

    Well, does somebody have her number?

  • mommabear

    Was able to figure that out when he was in more pics lately with other women then with Maria.

  • Jeff Yoders

    What are we going to do without Maria’s beautiful face here at RMNB? All the plants will die!

  • Conan

    It’s a shame, given how they were a great couple. On the plus side, I’m glad I know enough Russian to ask for someone’s number, wink wink.

  • Alex

    If you Kiri lot about her, you must learn to lenko of her, Ovi.

    But seriously, though. This is sad 🙁

  • Rob Rixmann

    Heavy Ovi thoughts tonight…

  • sheena dunn

    With Ovi or Maria? HAH

  • Sam Rock

    It didn’t became a surprise or something. Ovi is a party-goer and always been that one. The men of that kind will marry at age of 40-45, not earlier.

  • Really this is so sad. Look at this stuff.

    Maria wearing his jersey:

    Ovechkin freaks out in the stands after getting tossed a souvenir from his favorite tennis player:

  • The writing was on the wall. This was pretty evident when he was asked a question during his trip to Russia about Maria and he got really salty and shut down the interview.

  • Shaun Phillips

    I’m worried about the opposite. She seemed to be a stabilizing mature force with him. Worried we’ll see “Party-time Ovi”™ return and, with it, less focus on and off the ice.

  • Guest


  • Michael

    love is a tough thing…

  • Brenna

    Is love even real anymore?

  • Myan

    I’m not entirely surprised to be honest. After their engagement she was up to #10 for a week or so but immediately lost in the first round of Wimbledon last year and that seemed to signal her tumbling down the rankings. She hardly played a tournament for nearly a year and while I can understand that she may have been injured, she didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get back on court. She was at the Olympics for 2 weeks in February instead of competing in Doha and preparing for Indian Wells & Miami which is a crucial juncture of the tour.

    Wish them both the best and I hope that they find success in their respective careers.

  • JH

    This is so weird. I was just thinking yesterday, I wonder what their relationship is like? It just came into my head. I read too much RMNB or something.

  • Chip

    The Russian Machine is broken…hearted. Poor Ovi 🙁

  • James Barrett Mcleod

    Now he can focus on the ‘cup’! I mean what else is there for him to accomplish? Love, marriage, kids, pffft….that’s harder than winning the Stanley cup! Hockey groupies are hot….right?

  • Red

    Eeeexcellent. The hunt is back on.

  • Ash

    Aww. I was looking forward to their adorable super-athlete babies who would dominate both the winter and summer Olympics.

  • Dan Curry

    I always wish I could appreciate this picture, but the misspelling of “sadness” prevents me.

  • Eddie

    Well, at least there’s no more awkward high-fiving…

  • VeggieTart

    Hopefully Coach Trotz can keep him in line.

  • Yo8

    I was wondering that too but I think that was way before. They took a few pictures together in Moscow after the season was over and suddenly no signs at all of both being together.

  • Luke Anthony

    God dammit. It’s really too bad. Hopefully Alex’s on ice performance won’t change because of this.

  • Semintheghost

    This is just too sad. I am going to pray for them.

  • Matt Lauer

    Yet another “my heart goes out to Ovi” moment. Rats.

  • Sarah

    It’s pretty good spelling for a burrito.

  • Hockey Mom

    Very sad for them. Going back to some of the my earlier thoughts (when Ovi was posting the pics of the Russian guys shopping just after they missed the playoffs), I do think that Ovi has some mental baggage that causes him to have some self destructive behaviors. I hope he can get things straightened out before it’s too late.

    Best wishes to both of them as I’m sure it’s painful enough to be going through this, but also even more pressure with a public audience.

  • Dan Curry

    This is true. Bravo, burrito.

  • Sarah

    So sad. I wish the best for both of them and really, really hope that our commenters and people in general remember, at a time like this, the all-important RMNB Rule Number Six. It’s hard enough to go through all this without people judging or mocking either party or otherwise violating Rule Number Six. I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that any Rule Number Six violators, if not outright banned by the guys, will be mercilessly trolled back for their behavior.
    Breaking up is hard to do.

  • Taz

    This is sad. They were such an adorable couple, from what we could see. But relationships are difficult enough w/out being long distance and both parties having to be constantly on the go and under an ever vigilant public eye. Wow, heartbreaking. Very sorry to hear this, but wishing the best for both of them.

  • EutawsFinest

    “I hope that soon I’ll be able to please my fans…”


    “…with news about my success as an athlete and not just in my personal life.”


  • Myan

    Throughout their relationship, I got the feeling that she was giving up an awful lot career-wise to be near him. Just based on her Twitter/Instagram, she didn’t seem to be spending a lot of time on the court compared to the other women on tour. You look at players like Azarenka and Radwanska and tennis is their entire life. Then you looked at Maria’s pics and she’s at the Olympics or going to watch Ovi play twice a week. I hope we see her back on tour and in the Top 20 again.

  • Freedoooom

    For the best…

    The way they posted crap on Twitter was for sure the signs of a on and off again relationship, better it end this way then with divorce.

  • Eric Jones

    “…More practice for you.” – (OVI’s CCM commercials)

  • Yo8

    Uh, she had an injury during all that time even before the Olympics she was spending a lot of time with Ovi because of that.

  • Owen Johnson

    I just told Charlie. He was so shocked, his jaw dropped.

  • Yo8

    What interview?

  • Lisa Sa

    So happy!!!!! Maria was annoying

  • Lisa Sa

    She wasnt giving up anything lol. Thank god shes out she was thought she was all that but really she was average

  • Yo8

    Yeah, after how bad I got for Arshavin’s (aka home wrecker) separation with the mother of his children I say it is better now then later. No children involve and all.

  • Sarah

    Maria was annoying? Comments like this over a broken engagement are… guess what

  • JoeA

    I picture Ovi sitting in a dark room, listening to a Russian house remix of REM’s “Everybody Hurts” on continuous loop.

  • JoeA

    “……sincerely wish him athletic success in the future” doesn’t scream to me as a sign of an amicable break-up.

  • Sarah

    Well, we can’t all be barely literate trolls. Some people have to settle for being super hot tennis players.

  • GraboviMyBozak

    I’m really sad that this happened and this may be harsh but it seemed like she was his babysitter. Maybe she thought he was immature so she wanted to move on. I really hope he finds someone right for him and also hope he still gets 50 next year with good defensive play. Go OVI!!!

  • sara

    I hope Ovi didn’t break it off as dickish-ly as Rory did.

  • dylan wheatley

    I officially nominate this amazing post for RMNB Comment Of The Year.

  • Sarah

    We need that gif of Peter slow clapping


    You can always find it at

  • Myan

    That’s a rather rude judgment to make. Fact is she missed over a season of tennis for an injury that typically takes players 3-4 months to recover from and plunged from 10 to 100 in the rankings.

  • Myan

    She went nearly 18 months without playing a tournament and did not get surgery in that time. Even in extreme injury cases, players rehab and try to get back on court ASAP. They don’t miss over a season through injury without having surgery. There was a lot of speculation amongst tennis fans that she was planning to retire.

  • Sean

    So now that he is single again, he will pull a Rory McIlroy and kill it this season. This is outstanding news for Caps fans

  • Are you trying to market your GIFs? I love this.

  • Lisa Sa

    Oh no how ever will she survive, being out all the time and not practicing, minus a few glamour shots full of makeup pretending to work out. You have to work hard for what you want, she always acted entitled in interviews and im happy shes gone 🙂

  • Sarah

    Hey, it’s okay to be jealous, sister. I’ll admit it: I always was! Come on now, it’s not so hard to say it.

  • Catherine__M

    :/ Better to end it now than get stuck in something that’s not working. Not good for the two individuals in question, or anyone around them, really. But it’s still a bummer when it happens. Hope they’re treating each other kindly.

  • Lisa Sa

    Lol ew

  • Lisa Sa

    Ovechkin has a new woman, he actually cheated on maria and ru sports has an article with the new one, shes a gymnast and hotter than maria

  • Lisa Sa

    Nope already has a new woman!

  • Sarah

    It’s also not that hard for most of us to speak in complete sentences.

  • Myan

    Her hatred of women (or at least hatred of Maria) makes me very uncomfortable. It’s sad to see someone so jubilant over a another person’s heartbreak.

  • Sarah

    Nah, he’s crying because he’ll never get to be with the wonderful Lisa Sa. No, really, I’m sure he and a lot of guys are totally broken down about that.

  • Sarah

    My guess is it’s the same idiot who was calling him/her/itself Patrick and saying disgusting things about Maria a couple weeks back. The guys deleted all his/her/its comments and probably banned that account, but what was he/she/it going to do, go out and get a life?

  • Sarah

    Agree that it’s disturbing, anyway.

  • Sarah

    And if ya can’t trust random internet rumors about people you’ve never met, then what can ya trust?

  • sheena dunn

    I heard that she broke it off….

  • sheena dunn

    hmm….well she DID break it off…….

  • Myan

    Nobody tears women down like other women do. Be a decent person and try not to find such jubilation in another person’s heartbreak. Have a good one.

  • Lisa Sa

    Thats actually revolting, I was eating … Plz refrain from comments like that

  • Lisa Sa here is the russian article everyone, he has moved on wit new girl and doesn’t give 2 f’s

  • Myan

    She’s in utter joy that it appears that Ovi cheated on Maria and has totally moved on. Women that find joy in other women being cheated on are very sad. I feel bad for them.

  • Bilal

    wait, what?

  • Sarah

    I repeat…
    (and yes, I read Russian)

  • Sarah

    One of us is being revolting here, but it ain’t me.

  • Sarah

    I agree women are awful to each other, although I have no idea if this troll is even female. Whatever gender it is, it has major issues, that much is certain.
    As for the cheating rumors, that’s all they are, a bunch of people playing connect the dots with instagram pictures of people they never met. I agree it’s sad. Even if he is in a relationship with that woman, which he may not be, when people announce a split is not necessarily when it happens. I can’t imagine either of them would want to face asinine internet trolls’ responses during/ right after a breakup, it may have happened weeks or months ago.
    Either way, I agree, it’s really disturbing to revel in it.

  • Lees Andrew

    Sad news I liked them as a couple, but maybe Ovi will bring the beard back? I miss shaggy unshaven Ovi.

  • Eric
  • Lees Andrew

    Oo didnt know that, sigh, no jersey tuck and now contractually obligated to shave except for movember. What has this world come to?

  • Yo8

    Maria and Ovechkin seem to have broken apart for a long time and not just now. So they have either been separated all this time and haven’t said anything or he cheated on her from the begging because again it looks like a month since they haven’t been together.

  • JenniferH

    Aww, not surprised after Wimbledon. 🙁

  • Sarah

    That’s what makes the most sense. That “article” is garbage, just crap clickbait which unfortunately shows up in every country’s media. I wouldn’t have submitted that to the student newspaper when I was twelve. I mean, anybody smarter than mayonnaise would say what you did and not jump to conclusions based on internet photos.
    Or even if somebody isn’t smarter than mayonnaise, you’d hope they’d be decent enough not to revel in this junk. But it seems some folks are neither of those…

  • bskillet

    Nothing 50 goals and a stanley cup can’t fix, or a tennis tournament win.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Por que no los dos?

  • Yo8

    I think this is the situation because I was getting a bit suspicious before this announcement since I follow their tweets accounts. Both of them only had like three pictures and a video together after the WC and that was it. After that vacations on separated ways which it would have been strange in the past three years. I thought they were either having their bachelors parties or it was over. Sad.

  • Isobel Moody

    …now there’s a claim she dumped him over an Instragram photo with another woman that seemed pretty innocent on the surface. If that’s true, assuming she’s not crazy(which she doesn’t seem to be), and of course the photo was ultimately innocent, we can make one of two assumptions: either it was simply the last straw, or they might reconcile. Sadly, the former seems more likely…

  • Diller M

    +1 for the ravenclaw banner

  • CapNMac

    So they break up right after Ovi goes to a party resort in France with her cousin? It doesn’t take a KGB agent to figure this one out. NEVER go to a party resort with lots of scantily clad hotties who adore your celebrity status with friends or family of your fiancé, guys! It is 101 level stuff.

  • Rhino40

    As I said…

  • Kačí Bartušková

    Ovechkin cheated on Maria with this young gymnast as someone previously mentioned. Those are probably not just rumors as most Russian media agree on this. AND he is on vacation with this new girl and some friends.

  • Lisa Sa
  • Le Connard Francais

    If anything, she seems to have helped him get back to form. He was terrible before he started dating her. Being with someone who can understand you goes a long way. Especially for a pro-athlete. She seems very strong mentally. Ovi seems immature.

  • Lisa Sa

    His d has officially been in 19 yrs old p, thats gross lol

  • OlietheGoalie

    That reminds me of that The Office episode from Season 2 where Dwight sits in his Camaro and just blares that all day because he is sad.

  • sweetbeaie09

    He is already at the beach and partying with friends… maybe that will calm down once the season starts??

  • Yo8

    Why? She is an adult and is not like he is 50 or older. I don’t hear people complaining over Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Shakira going out or having babies with way younger male partners.

  • SeminAllOverTheIce

    “I’m currently concentrating on preparing for my tennis tournaments and I hope that soon I’ll be able to please my fans with news about my success as an athlete”

    Well at least she’s keeping a joking attitude about the whole thing.

  • Sarah

    …and as has also been mentioned, there’s no credible evidence for this. In fact, if we’re going to speculate, it makes more sense that they broke up a while ago. In any case, I’ve yet to see a *credible* news source in English or Russian even imply this, because in the absence of evidence it is slander.
    Slander is legally actionable in a reputable outlet, and even here it’s not welcome.

  • Sarah

    To me that’s why it seems more likely this breakup happened a while ago, though. Who’s that dumb?

  • Sarah

    Yes, your comment is gross and absolutely not the way we talk around here.