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You’re bummed right now. I get it. Alex Ovechkin and Maria Kirilenko have broken up, Weezer is making new music (their new single is terrible), and the second Hercules movie of the year is about to drop and it’s got The Rock in a wig. It’s a bad time to be a human. Heavy Ovi thoughts tonight.

But there is some happy news on the romance beat. Brooks Laich used the L word in a happy birthday tweet to girlfriend Julianne Hough.

These two are adorable.

Dude’s clearly in deep.

This is RMNBTMZ, signing off not on location from Frederick, Maryland.

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  • So is Laich’s glass groin fixed yet or what?

  • GraboviMyBozak
  • I have to disagree. The new Weezer song compares favorably to their recent work and is trending in the right direction. If you’re looking for another Blue Album or Pinkerton I hate to break the news but that’ll never happen. This is much better than anything they’ve released probably since Make Believe.

  • Owen Johnson

    After today I no longer believe in this feeling you humans call “love.”

  • Yo8

    So they are saying Ovi cheated on Maria? For how long because it seems they broke apart for a month not just now when this girl starts posting pictures of them together.

  • “compares favorably to their recent work ”

    So what you’re saying is… it’s not very good.

  • As in its better than anything from Raditude, The Red Album and Hurley.

  • Owen Johnson

    I actually liked the Red Album. It gave off a “we don’t give a shit, we just want to have fun” vibe. The songs weren’t particularly great, but it was fun to listen to. Listening to Raditude compares favorably to, say, shoving ice picks in your ears, but that’s about it. Hurley was mostly boring.
    Blue Album and Pinkerton are up there with making love to a beautiful woman and eating at Chipotle for the first time in terms of awesome (also, Tired of Sex is one of my favorite songs to play on my bass)

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder at an on-screen death than this one…

  • Owen Johnson

    Sureeeeeee. I bet in 1994 you were all×300/52823810.jpg

  • VirginiaPatriot

    I am jealous.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Photo won’t show. 🙁 Bummer, it was a nice photo that I took.

  • Amykins

    She’s 19? Damn, I am old.

  • Sarah

    It’s been a bummer. And after some of the comments I’m not sure I believe in human intelligence, either.
    Thank God for animals, no?

  • Sarah

    Making love at Chipotle? You, too? I mean, I love their burritos and all, I just don’t get what’s so romantic about it.
    (DO NOT google “chipotle roof,” or at least don’t say I didn’t warn you if you do)

  • Owen Johnson

    Funny you mention that. Look at my comment from the last article.
    And for the most part, comments here are pretty intelligent, but I know what you’re referring to.

  • Owen Johnson

    Wow. Not what I meant at all. But thank you. I just added that to my f*ckit list.

  • Sarah

    I did see it, I knew you’d agree about that.
    Yeah, RMNB is great, that’s why I hate stuff like that happening here. I mean, people have the whole internet to go be jerks, so why let them invade one of the few decent places left? Besides, the players look at this site sometimes.
    You have to evict the trolls early, or they multiply like cockroaches.

  • Dawn

    “It’s Ovi from hockey” cracks me up every time!

  • RESmith

    “thanks Don for the tix!” I hope that is not in reference to Donald Sterling. Yikes!

  • Katryn

    I remember from around that time that the tix were from a Don from the Toyota Center. I can’t remember the last name, but it wasn’t Donald Sterling.

  • Georgia Painter

    I actually like this weezer song ok. I wanna party like it’s ’94 too! That was a great year. Saw them back then at a little place called the Boathouse in Norfolk, VA…They came out onstage to the Magnum P.I. theme song. One of the top 5 best shows ever!

  • RESmith

    Cool. That is good to hear.

  • Lisa Sa

    How cute, esp after ovechkins trainwreck

  • Lisa Sa

    So is ovechkin :/

  • selftitled85

    This may be one of the best descriptions I have heard in regards to the Blue Album and Pinkerton. I agree wholeheartedly.

    There is actually a cover EP of a bunch of the Blue Album by the band You Blew It…named “You Blue it” You can listen here.

    Not too shabby.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Me too. Eventhough I know what’s happening, I still lol everytime he hops off.

  • CapsPsycho

    I just Googled her. That’s cool. Good for him/them.

    I wonder if they are a match politically. If so, I’m glad he can’t vote here.

  • Pat Magee

    Didn’t even know people still listened to weezer??!?

  • VeggieTart

    You could get a sugar rush just reading their tweets to each other.

  • GetchaGrubbOn


  • Cyndi Funk Drye

    It won’t last. She’s just a gold digger.

  • InLv2

    Well tell you the truth Julianne has always been a perfect ten to me and I’m sure I’m not alone. Who wouldn’t fall in love with her I guess I just wish it was me!