Alex Ovechkin Has Favorited One Tweet; It Was His Own


Tampa’s Steven Stamkos set off a mini firestorm this week just by favoriting a tweet that wondered aloud if he might ever play in Toronto. One month earlier we saw the same thing with Winnipeg’s Evander Kane, who favorited a tweet requesting that he come play for the Flyers.

Social media is a wild and wacky world; one that we as a society don’t fully understand. I deal with this a lot in my day job. Stuff is just not clear. Twitter’s “favorites” feature in particular is kinda poorly designed. It means different things to different people, and the feature is not nearly as private as the name suggests.

But the point I really want to make is this: Alex Ovechkin has favorited just one tweet, and it was his own.

Back in the day, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser decided to call its bookmarks “favorites.” Favorites were a private list of the user’s preferred web pages, and thus everyone who used IE (which was 90% of web users 13 years ago) began to think of favorites as a private thing.

On Twitter, they mean lots of different things. When I favorite a tweet, it could mean that I intend to look at it later. Sometimes I’ll favorite a tweet mentioning me when I don’t have a response but I want the tweeter to know I saw it. I will often favorite tweets when I want to encourage the person who tweeted it to do more stuff like it. And then sometimes I just favorite pictures of Alex Morgan and Hayley Williams.

(Or, in Alex Ovechkin’s case, he favorited his own tweet because that’s just how he does things.)

While Twitter uses favorites to promote the most popular tweets, it’s still not clear to users what favorites are “for.” In the light of the last month’s news, it should at least be clear that they are public.

On that note, let’s run down the best of the Caps’ favorited tweets.

Alex Ovechkin

Boom. Solo-shot home run.

It translates like this: Jeanne, you are very strong person! We love you very much! We pray for you! We are all with you! So it’s actually pretty sweet. Still, I’m filing this next to the story about him entering a raffle to win a chance to meet himself.

Nick Backstrom

Sage advice from the guru:

I’ve got no idea what that means.

Marcus Johansson

No comment.

Eric Fehr

What’s in the blue cup?

Brooks Laich

Brooks favorited a bunch of people who wished him happy birthday last month, which is sweet, but if you were paying eerily close attention, you could have figured out the love connection way back in early February.

Michael Latta

Hiiiiii Emily Schmidt.

Nate Schmidt

I like that Nate and Michael favorite each other’s stuff, but I’ve gotta chime in on the grammar.

Joel Ward

This cracks me up. Not sure why.

Tom Wilson

So Tom is into the fancystats? Nerd!

Karl Alzner

Does this get more or less creepy because he faved it?

Mike Green

This one is kind of boring.

John Erskine

Pro athletes are just like us: spending way too much time on meaningless trivia!

John Carlson

Why you’d want evidence of this, I don’t know.

Braden Holtby

Braden and I agree.

Steve Oleksy

Steve is the organization’s most prolific favoriter by a mile.

Oh hell yeah. I knew I liked him for a reason.

Closing thought: If you’re famous, be careful what you favorite. Maybe you should go– like RIGHT NOW– and un-favorite some stuff. Maybe your agent should have probably told you this already.

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  • Freedoooom

    Selfish Russian enigma.

  • GraboviMyBozak

    Ward should have been him being stuck in the bathroom.

  • JenniferH

    Loved this post. Just loved it. And Binky favorited Bailomos? That’s just the best. Ever!

  • How great is that Weird Al song btw?

  • themav80

    I want to cop Carlson’s jacket.

  • Myan

    Wardo has very good taste!

  • Zhenia Oleynik

    Makes sense Ovi would favorite that one. His friend, famous Russian singer Zhanna Friske, had brain cancer (glioblastoma), and apparently has made somewhat of a recovery. It was also a big moment of sadness for Russia when the news broke of her illness.

  • Amykins

    I am a former English teacher (I student taught in Frederick and Thurmont!), and I dig the HELL out of that video. I still have many English teacher friends who plan on using it in the classroom. It’s like Schoolhouse Rocks on steroids.

    Also, the animation – perfection.

  • Amykins

    Not sure he wants (or needs) to remember that. Slightly off topic, I am donating blood tomorrow and picking up my bobble head. It WILL be placed in my bathroom.

  • Jon Farrell

    And sometimes Peter just favorites blackout drunk tweets that the tweeter doesn’t find out about until the following morning. I’m assuming it means in this case that you are encouraging said tweeter to do more stuff like it.

  • Connor

    Hey guys I found us a 2C and freed up space for willy baby on the RW.

    To St Louis: Troy Brouwer (3.3 cap hit) I think
    To Washington: Patrick Berglund (3.5 cap hit)

    To Anyone: MAJO for a pick


    2015-2016 after Burakovsky has played a year in Hershey at center.


  • Priscilla Kruper

    It’s my jam.

  • Yo8

    I really like what he said regarding some negative reactions to his tweet. He said “too much hatred in this country” or something like (sorry, I can’t remember very well.) The woman had cancer and people were talking shit. He didn’t like it.

  • Zhenia Oleynik

    Really? That’s terrible!! She is such a beautiful lady. Have always liked her work. She’s been through a lot, and I’m relieved to hear her treatment has thus far been successful.

  • Sarah

    Awesome idea! I just had to skeedaddle to Dallas on extremely short notice and cancel my appointment, or I would totally copy you. Anyway, good for you for donating! Hope everything goes well at the drive, easy blood draws all around and hopefully people meet their future spouses and all. 🙂

  • JenniferH

    Agreed, that kitchen is gorgeous.

  • OvechkinFiresAndScores08

    That Alzner picture is so creepy. The mustasche makes the picture haha

  • hey bud

  • SO_CAL_Brat

    I’d definitely hire Ward to redecorate my kitchen. That taste is impeccable and so original. LOVE that kitchen.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Several of the tracks on the new album are fantastic. I woke up 2 or 3 days in a row with “Foil” in my head after he released the video.