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RMNB’s been busy working on a special project, so we missed the Inova Blood Drive at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. Every few months, Inova holds a blood drive at the Caps practice rink and gives away bobbleheads and shirseys of certain Caps players. This past Saturday it was Joel Ward.

Unfortunately, the Wardo bobble heads got stuck in customs, but donators wound up getting a more special gift: meeting The Big Cheese himself. Ward signed autographs, took photos, and complimented people on their t-shirts.

And, of course, he donated blood.

New t-shirt idea: “Spills Blood On The Ice, Donates Blood Off Of It.”

Ward spoke to the media, but it was mostly zzzzzzz (minus this quote).

The real redeeming quality of Ward’s appearance was how many people he made happy.

Good stuff.

  • Chip

    I love Wardo. I do wish they’d made his bobblehead more like this though:

  • Casey Grenier

    Where was American Hero John Carlson to rescue those bubbleheads from customs?

  • Ash

    I met him at the double red station! He was super nice, and came around to meet everyone, giving out pictures he signed, shaking hands, and taking pictures. He tried to talk to everyone, and went out of his way to get another picture with some little kids who were hovering near by and too shy to approach.

    I got to rib him about the bobbleheads and the bathroom stall story, and he laughed and said, like, five or six of his teammates basically came into the bathroom just to point and laugh and leave, and Alzner was the only one who stood by him the whole time. (When I asked about RAHJC, he said, “Yeah, he showed up at the end.”)

  • Caroline

    Came right before he left, but he was still super nice with some capitals personnel women going “no pictures with him” loudly. Did get him to add his signature to my stuffed slapshot pillow pet ( adding to Carlson, & Olesky). I’d add a photo, but it says the file is too large, and unsure how to make smaller from iPhone.

  • Amykins

    I missed him (sorta). We were getting screened and giving blood at the same time, and by the time I was done, he was gone. I do feel the need to report, however, that he loaded up on lunch prior to donating (which was really the only time I could have had access, but dude was eating), AND HE HAD CHIPOTLE. The official lunch of the Big Cheese.

  • VeggieTart

    I went to the Kettler store after my recovery time (I wanted to pick up a couple of things) and crossed paths with Orlov. I was so surprised to see him that I could only say, nice to see you. He was with a woman I assume is his girlfriend.

  • Bart

    Article and pictures just made me smile all the way thru it.

  • Bracknaphobia

    Better T-Shirt idea:

    “Joel Ward Likes This Shirt”

  • Ash

    Heh. And we never did see exactly what it was he bought.

  • Grooven

    I hope they let him redeem his voucher.

  • hey so yeah if you want to see me do my best impression of a human trying to not pass out, i’m the red shirt behind joel in the top picture and the instavid. not my most photogenic. i had an ice pack on the back of my neck and one down my shirt at the time.

  • Guest

    I was there toooooo 🙂

  • Guest

    I was there tooooo 🙂

  • Pat Magee

    <3 this team

  • Sarah

    Hey good job donating Jen! You’re my hero, braving it with your gnarly veins and your (very understandable) fear of needles. Good for you!

  • beny485

    i wish someone was there in a free ward shirt

  • VeggieTart

    Glad you made it through.