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Beyond that, I have no idea what’s going on.

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  • Guest

    Don’t forget this.

  • “In a Lake”? No no, that’s a freaking Swimming Pool:

  • Guest

    Don’t forget..

  • Sarah

    Really disappointed that there was no German Shepherd involved. 🙁

  • Sarah

    Thanks! All better now. :))))))

  • Heavy Ovi thoughts tonight

  • Steve

    That hardly qualifies as a pond. Lake Michigan is a lake Ian…

  • Amykins
  • Bracknaphobia

    Looks like some sort of fraternity initiation.

  • troyerlaw

    There’s very little about this photo which says to me, ‘This is going to be the Caps’ year.’

  • JustinC71


  • W
  • Yo8

    Well, I guess he hasn’t replace Maria Kirilenko with the 19 year old Olympic rhythmic gymnast… this is bad T-T

  • OvechkinFiresAndScores08

    At least we know he’s in decent shape.

  • Vicki Albarano Blucher

    this is the first thing i thought of when i read “what is love?”

  • Dark Stranger

    It made me think of the old song from the musical “Oliver” called “Where is Love”. Anyway, thanks for sharing the “What is Love” songs.

  • Dark Stranger

    That particular relationship doesn’t sound like a relationship with a future. I had done a little research and found out, in addition to being a former rhythmic gymnast, she’s a college student (I believe at Moscow State University.) The lifestyle of a college student in Moscow is not exactly compatible with maintaining a relationship with someone in Washington, DC. Sounds like a summer fling to me.

  • Scott

    At first i thought alex was on the left, and we were going to have an in depth speculation on the offseason fitness level of alex ovechkin. then i realize ovi is the spartan warrior dude in the middle and all my worries were extinguished.

    Holy Shit that guy is in shape. Can’t wait for the season to start up. Hopefully we’ll see a great resurgence in Ovi’s hitting game too this season, I feel like this is the most under appreciated talking point of the off-season. Ovechkin’s physicality was noticeably toned down the last two seasons under Oates, he used to be so much more aggressive, I think this element of his game, this edge, is going to totally evolve his game and be the bridge and the balance between his consistent 5 on 5 goal/point output, and his hard back checking style that he’ll hopefully adopt under Trotz.

    It honestly seems like Trotz is the perfect coach for Ovechkin. In my humble opinion, Trotz would have already won a cup as a head coach by now if the Predators ever decided to have a halfway decent top-six in the post lock-out era minus Kariya and the boys for like 2 seasons out of 17.

    Just my opinions, and I think they’re pretty spot on.

  • Dan

    If I had to guess. This is a race.

  • Jonah

    is it me or does OV look a little less chubs? definitely a good sign if it means he’s shaped up a bit or gotten leaner (i think he could be faster if he was a little lighter.)

  • Priscilla Kruper

    That lake reminds me of that scene in Stand By Me where they get leeches stuck on their junk.

  • Yo8

    Yeah, but it seems like he will need a bunch of summer flings.

  • Yo8

    I don’t know about that… last night I did some 5 minute stalking on the accounts Ovi has been tagging and I have to say I didn’t like two shirtless pictures of him where he looks like he has gained weight. His arms and back are perfect (man, I love his back) but the stomach area not so much. But I wouldn’t worry so much since the pictures differ and he loses weight fast. Let’s hope he keeps in shape.

  • Jonah

    alright you need to tone it down a little bit. maybe get a summer hobby?

  • Yo8

    Hahahaha! No, I’m actually looking for another job because of class schedule change in the fall but like I said just five minutes (maybe even less). It is not really that hard because the tags are there and the accounts are public (so it isn’t technically stalking LOL) which it surprise me the RMNB guys haven’t done it especially when they are good investigators.

    To tell you the truth I kind of regret saying what I said because last time people made a lot of noise regarding Ovi’s shape because of a few pictures and at the end it was all false.

  • Sarah

    Pffft. What’s wrong with eye screwing NHLers for a hobby? I guess there’s no way for a guy to understand. 😉

  • Jonah

    well its the way he talked so detailed about OV’s musculature that was a little too far. also i know all about girls eye screwing nhlers, you should see my girlfriend’s face whenever someone mentions jonathan toews… :/

  • Sarah

    Oh, I thought Yo8 was another girl, my bad! Well, anyway, sorry about your gf’s misbehavior, yeesh, I’ll freely admit I ogle the players… but it’s just something I do when I’m bored and not dating anyone! Eye screwing anybody in front of your bf/gf is just bad manners. You have my sympathy!