Alex Ovechkin Involved in Minor Car Accident in Russia


On Monday, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin got in a minor car accident in Moscow’s northwestern suburb of Novogorsk, where Dynamo Moscow’s and Team Russia’s training facilities are located.

As first reported by, Ovechkin “lost control” (’s words) of his white Mercedes-Benz G-Class as he was trying to pass a Toyota Highlander. Then, allegedly, the two cars collided. The drivers were fine, but the cars suffered minor damage. reports that the drivers resolved the situation on their own, leaving the site minutes after the crash, and not involving the police.



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  • Bracknaphobia

    I’m sure Ovi was obeying all traffic laws :sarcasm:. Are there even traffic laws in Russia?

    Glad both parties are okay.

  • Shawn Donaghue

    Having Putin on the Facetime favorites list probably deters getting insurance companies involved…

  • Sarah

    I wonder if the guy in the Highlander asked for his autograph. “Hey, you’ll never guess who I ran into today!”

  • Clifford Snarlington

    Good ol Ovi, still confused on backchecking.

  • Joe

    I hope he had a dash cam….

  • Clayton Maxwell

    Shanahan will be reviewing the collision. Wonder if his skates left the ice before contact.

  • OvechkinFiresAndScores08

    literally lol

  • OvechkinFiresAndScores08

    From the pictures it looks like it could be a boarding suspension.

  • DJHike

    There is a traffic law in Russia. It’s called try to stay alive while driving.

  • VeggieTart

    Or he’ll have to travel to practice on Mike Green’s Vespa.

  • Yo8

    This is the year Alexander Ovechkin was supposed to shine not have the worst luck in the world!!! T-T

  • Cthulu’s Alarm Clock

    I bet if Mike Milbury talked about this, he’d manage to sneak a comment about Ovi’s plus/minus into the conversation at least 3 times…

  • Steve

    Try not to get hit by meteors and post your cool dashcam vids on youtube

  • Alex

    “… Not involving the police”

    No duh, lol, the only thing that involves the police in Russia is bribery

  • Andrew Merewitz

    “Hey, here’s a check for (insert some number much larger than the value of the damage), lets just leave it at that” – Alex Ovechkin

    That’s pretty much how I imagine this going

  • cltaylor

    I’m glad no one was hurt and even more glad to see the title of the article included the word ‘minor’ so I would not be terrified (Unlike the Puck Daddy abbreviated title which scared the crud out of me).

  • Lawrence
  • Vicki Albarano Blucher

    this wouldnt be the first time Shanahan has talked to alex about about traffic violations:

    Skip to 3 minute mark

  • JustinC71

    Bumber check.

  • Sage Confucius

    I’d have him sign the dent. Sasha checked me!

  • disqus_9v1KGYctgu

    They don’t write checks in Russia. Must have been a cash only transaction. Or an all-expense-paid trip to DC to see a Capitals game.

  • disqus_9v1KGYctgu

    That and Euro trash…

  • disqus_9v1KGYctgu

    I hope he puts it on YouTube.

  • stacyh13

    Traffic lights and lane dividers are just suggestions. . .

  • Kevin

    There is a 100% chance that they both had dash cams.

  • OvechkinFiresAndScores08

    Haha. I love those skits.

  • Vicki Albarano Blucher

    i forgot how funny they were until i watched them again

  • ranndino

    As usual, the media makes a big fuss of an Ovechkin love tap.