Pic via Oksana Zolotar

Earlier this morning, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin tweeted links to his Instagram, where he published video of himself training. Ovi shows off sprinting at the track and — if I’m measuring right here — his approximately 75-foot vertical leap.

Two hours later, new Caps goaltending coach Mitch Korn saw Ovechkin’s tweets and thought, hey, this is a good time to introduce myself. Korn says, “@Ovi8 I am the caps new goalie coach. Looking forward to meeting u.”

Ovi hasn’t responded yet, but this whole interaction is adorable for a few reasons:

  1. Korn responds to Ovechkin’s all-unperfectly-written Russian tweet in all-perfect-English.
  2. After careful review of his past work, it appears Korn tries to use nearly perfect grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation in all his tweets. That’s why the rando extra spaces after Ovechkin’s handle and the misspelling of you crack me up.
  3. The likelihood of a response from The Great Eight seems slim. Lately, Ovi has auto-tweeted everything from Instagram, so maybe this would have been better served as a text maybe?
  4. Korn’s effort on social media is tremendous. Even more so when comparing his tweets to Olie Kolzig’s, who is 12 years younger.

Yeah, Olie, you forgot the photo, bro.

The Capitals easily have the most eclectic tweeters in the NHL. Everyday’s a joy.

Thanks to Oksana for inspiring me to write this post.

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  • Mark Chaffer

    I see no evidence of Ovi practicing backchecking yet, so maybe it’s time to let Trotz go.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Ummmm, in what world is “I am the caps new goalie coach. Looking forward to meeting u.”” considered perfect English or perfect grammar?

  • Mark Chaffer

    Do u even tweeter, bro?

  • Myan

    I am SO happy to see Ovi training and preparing for camp 🙂 #isitOctoberyet

  • Stevarooni

    Well for all we know Korn tried calling, texting, email, skype and FTD flowers first before going the public route. Ovi’s talked to a lot of new coaches in recent years. Korn probably values back-checking forwards as an integral part of lowering GAA, but I’m not sure skaters traditionally interact a lot with goalie coaches.

  • Zank

    but I read Ovechkin was fat and lazy…what gives?

  • Boooo Ovi boooooo

    What a lazy bum, can’t even backcheck while jumping 3 feet into the air using and landing on his opposite leg. Trade him for a guy with real sweat effort.

  • Pat Magee

    I laughed my ass off when i saw that going through my feed this morning. This is one of many reasons to have a twitter.

  • PleaseKillMe

    In the same world that you put three extra m’s on the end of the word um.

  • PleaseKillMe

    The Capitals easily have the most eclectic tweeters in the NHL. Everyday’s a joy.

    I am going to miss Penner though.

  • VeggieTart

    I know. “Caps” should be capitalized and have the plural apostrophe. And since he wasn’t anywhere near the 140-character limit, he could have spelled out “you”.

  • yv

    Terrific “I can fly” video by Ovi . He can!

    By the way, in a review day devoted to Caps on nhl.com (couple days ago) their commentators predicting that Caps will miss playoffs again?? And this is despite they missed only by 3 points last season, big improvements in D, likely better goaltending by Holtby with new respected GT’s coach Korn and likely better team’s (and Ovi’s) plus/minus? Are they implying that all other EC teams also somehow become much better or Ovi will fall apart?

  • Larry E. Ramey

    I wonder if the “white puck” drills could help shooters nail one timers better. Could Korn make Ovi even better in the Ovi spot? That is a scary thought.

  • Andrew James Knutson

    I know Mitch personally and you guys have it wrong! He never uses perfect grammar! Especially in emails or texts. They are usually as short as possible because that’s just him. And I honestly didn’t know he had a Twitter. But yes, he is frequently active on his Facebook and takes time to reply to almost everyone who comments on things. He’s a really good guy.

  • Owen Johnson

    Tomorrow is Tweet Like Ovi day isn’t it?
    ))))))))))))Hhaahahahhahahhaha BEST ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • dylan wheatley

    this team, man.

  • Sarah

    Lol, thanks for the info! Still, by celebrity Twitter user standards, that was practically poetry just because it was coherent.
    I love this:

  • Andrew James Knutson

    Hahaha that’s great!

  • Superslav

    ovi is a Stud! i think this year there will some more hits from him. #anti-boychuk missile.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Why else would he get into a car accident? He always forgets to back check.

  • MuzzMuzzington

    The balance to do that second exercise. I faceplanted just thinking about trying it.