The caption from Wilson: Minor Midget GTHL All-Star Game #babyface #TeamWendel

On Monday morning, Washington Capitals forward and my personal video game daddy Tom Wilson posted a throwback team photo on Instagram from the Minor Midget GTHL All-Star game, in which he was a participant. Because it’s minor midget hockey, that’d make Wilson around 15 years old in this pic.

Now honestly, it’s a great photo and all, but from far away, it’s kind of meh. So lemme just fire up my enhancing software and zoom-in to quadrant Delta 7-G double-niner 3,000.


Here we go! Much better.

Now that’s some quality hair. Back in the late 00’s, you gotta have that kind of poof to get a prom date. Also quality: those eyebrows.

What a beauty.

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  • Graham Dumas
  • dylan wheatley

    welcome to august fellas

  • Shaun Phillips


  • Owen Johnson

    That’s what my hair always looks like.

  • Clifford Snarlington

    Tom Wilson is the Caps version of Justin Bieber. Except without all the dipshittery.

  • Graham Dumas

    “YOU TAKE THAT THE F%@$ BACK!” said TW’s angry, angry fists

  • Sarah

    Not sure what makes me scratch my head more: Bieber and Willie mentioned in the same breath, or trying to imagine a dipshittery-free version of Bieber.
    The first one makes me picture Willie vs Orlando Bloom, which makes me sad because I don’t like Legolas getting beat to a pulp. The second one just makes me draw a blank, like someone saying “steak, but without all the meat.”
    Either way, I dog-tilt my head in your general direction, sir.

  • Clifford Snarlington

    “…and that was the last that anyone ever saw or heard of Mr. Snarlington.” =)

  • Clifford Snarlington

    Touche Sarah, touche! I was merely referencing the fanaticism over Tom Wilson. Justin Bieber, before turning into the Mega-Voltron of asshattery, dipshittery, douchebagery, generalfuckery, and punkassery, had all the hearts of the masses. I never particularly understood it but to each their own.

    That said, I’m a fan of Willie myself, and I’m looking forward to seeing him get more minutes this season. =)

  • Sarah

    LOL! Thank you for the clarification, it all makes sense now. I was thinking back to seeing Bieber’s memoirs– yes, his memoirs, written at the age of sixteen and titled First Step 2 4ever— and it actually gave me the courage to admit my feelings for a guy I liked that very day. Because I realized that nothing I could possibly do for love could be counted dumb by comparison to that book occupying a large display in a popular bookstore.
    So anyway, Bieber, so douchey as to be a sort of inverse source of inspiration. And then Willie, who is awesome. Thank you for the clarification. Because while I sorely regret the outcome of this bet:–abc-news-celebrities.html
    …Canada cannot have Willie back.